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by abby klass, ghevont panosian and daniel quigley
Abby Marasigan:
“This year I struggled quite a bit with contentment. I frequently compared myself with others and in turn affected my relationship with them. I’m still growing, but in all this God has reminded me that the only place I
can find self-confidence and satisfaction is in Him.”
Katherine Ring:
“I got saved Tuesday, April 14.”
Justin Woodham:
“One big thing was that my brother, Karl, was saved in January.”
Rachel Matesevac:
“I went through something really hard first semester, but I came out knowing God loved me, which I had been
doubting. Also at the beginning of April I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip and share the Gospel.”
Sean Jefferson:
“My grandmother was sick at the beginning of the year, but she is doing better now.”
Simon Wilkie:
“I’m still passing school!”
Josh Bradstreet:
“My mom is successfully making it through cancer treatments.”
Angelina Martin:
“Over the course of this year, I have noticed some changes in my life. The most dramatic change I have seen
in my life is where I place my focus. At the beginning of the year, if you asked me what I was worried about I
would have probably said that I didn’t get enough “likes” on my Instagram picture. I was so concerned with
how the world saw me that I lost sight of what truly matters. I now have realized that my eyes should be fixed
on Jesus and the Word of God.”
Andy AnTake it easy; enjoy life
Karen BalintMake sure you have friends that will point you to God for any trouble that
you are in.
Josh BradstreetHave fun your senior year
Seth BrownGet to know your entire class sooner than the Wilds trip
Abe CrowFinish strong; make an impact
Elise FarleyEnjoy your senior year because it goes by fast, but it’s worth taking your
time to enjoy
Elizabeth FranklinStart getting into God’s Word now; don’t wait
Grace FrymlDon’t underestimate the power of being the adult. Everyone will be watching
you and following your lead. Make sure you’re careful to influence people
for the glory of God.
Jamie GelzleichterWhen you are getting ready to start college applications, pray for what God
will have you to do and seek godly counsel
Jordan GillespieStay focused; senior year isn’t easy
Stephanie GrimbleDon’t worry too much; it just makes simple things more difficult
Katie HaertleinPay attention … the school year goes by much faster than you think
Mary HarreldThink about college early and have a plan. Also, try to have a light load
senior year in classes and extracurricular activities. This is probably the last
year you will have a lot of free time and minimal responsibilities for the
rest of your life.
Jennie HudsonGet to know your class now and invest in people. Work hard, pay attention
and enjoy every moment. It all goes so fast. Don’t waste the time you have left.
Ashlyn HuffmanAlways give more, give nothing less
Abi JacksonStudy for the ACT
Pascale KawasStudy hard; get the best grades possible, and when you decide what career
you want, make sure it can maintain you economically and that you are
passionate about it.
Cristina KielmeyerDon’t be so busy that you don’t have time to really know your friends.
Daniel KimEnjoy speech class
Katie KimPlan ahead and enjoy your life.
James KuzmicAlways consult God! Even in the small things.
Michael LeungBe strong in the Lord! You guys are an amazingly spirited and motivated
class. Encourage each other with God’s promises. Grow as friends and peers,
leading the freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Love God and serve others.
Seren MarleyWhen a teacher says that you shouldn’t start a project the night before it’s
due, sometimes it’s okay to take that teacher seriously.
Jenna MooreNever be more concerned about people’s opinions of you more than God’s
opinion of you.
Maggie NanneyNo matter how hard things get, look to God.
Karissa ObermanDo not lean on yourself to get through life. Think of others and their problems, even if you think your situation might be worse, still show heart-felt
Melanie O’BrienStay focused on God and enjoy your last year of high school!
Julie PageShow kindness to everyone despite your mood … you don’t know who around
you is struggling.
Parth PatelCherish the time you have; it’s going to run away from you faster than you
Richard PetersonBuild some solid relationships with your friends; also have some fun next
year, but don’t do anything stupid.
Matt QuantrilleEnjoy everything as much as you can. It goes fast.
Jessie SatterfieldDon’t worry about the drama, it isn’t worth it. Nor are your friends who
create it.
Brooke SchmidtGet very involved in school activities and the community
Ashlyn StephensDon’t waste your senior year. Cherish every moment and live it completely
sold out for Christ.
Kim StuberFocus on your schoolwork, but also have fun.
Carolyn SummerlinEnjoy your senior year and always keep God first in everything you do.
Brady TaylorBe on fire for God.
Ann ThaiGet stuff done early. We often do homework the night before but pushing
yourself to do it early will help you be less stressed later on.
Charlene ThomasTry to make friends with everyone because no one needs to be seen sitting
alone because they have no one.
Karis TompkinsTrust God in every area of your life and let Him have complete control. This
applies to all areas of your life especially with friends, academics and most
importantly your spiritual life.
Brandon VazquezEnjoy your senior year and get to know the people in your class.
Karl WalkerTake life seriously. Don’t do everything for the reason “You like it.”
William WalkerDon’t pick up squirrels.
Karyn WetzelDon’t give up on schoolwork, but also make sure you enjoy this time with
your friends.
Nathan Abdo
Evan Becker
Peem Bhumipol
Everett Bryan
Nathan Collins
Kara Daulton
Lauren Elizabeth Franklin
Grace Fryml
Ashley Gillespie
Jordan Gillespie
Lyndsie Gray
Ranna Harley
Ali Hermetz
Madysen Hotchkin
Daniel Hudson
Jennie Hudson
Kerri Illsley
Daniel Leedy
Michael Leung
Abby Marasigan
Moira Marley
Seren Marley
Bailey Martin
Brendan McNeely
Anita Minka
Christen Moore
Alexander Moreno
Ellie Myers
Matthew Myers
Anne Nguyen
Emma Pait
Jon Pridgeon
Jacie Pridgeon
Daniel Quigley
Kendra Schmidt
Judah Smith
Moriah Smith
Daniel Steeves
Ashlyn Stephens
Ann Thai
Ethan Thompson
Jackie Brooks
Ethan Case
Anna Grace Casillas
Josh Casillas
Blythe Coss
Abe Crow
Bethany Daulton
Lauren Gray
Stephanie Grimble
Lindsay Hoffner
Leo Huang
Eliza Isgett
Emmaline Johnson
Sandeep Kattepogu
Pascale Kawas
Donovan Lewis
Katherine Matesevac
Kenzie McGregor
Jenna Moore
Brooke Schmidt
Benjamin Teruel
Karis Tompkins
Emma Walker
Kristen Ward
Andrew Weier
Karyn Wetzel
Riley Yeomans
Emma Younce
GOLD = 3.91 - 4.0
SILVER = 3.75 - 3.90
BRONZE = 3.50- 3.74
Andy An
Audrey Chase
Nadan Cho
Kathryn Christmas
Kirstin Christmas
Andrew Clater
Eliot Coss
Lydia Dersch
Noah Dersch
Mikayla Feusse
William He
Abby Klass
Christopher Koons
Hannah Kuzmic
James Kuzmic
Kimberly Leone
Griffin Lewis
Elliott Martin
Emma Martin
Rachel Matesevac
Colin McNeely
Reagan Musselman
Callie Parker
Hannah Perkins
Michael Pettit
Matt Quantrille
Katherine Ring
RJ Ring
Elisabeth Scroggins
Rebecca Snyder
Cole Stegall
Brooklyn Summerlin
Carolyn Summerlin
Jessica Teruel
Suzanna Thompson
Ellie Weier
Ashelyn Wigginton
Eli Williams
Suzie Yoon
Billy Zhang