Tivativa is a project created by cellist, singer, song
writer Daniel de Jesús. His education in musical
studies began in 1994. Soon after Daniel had entered The High School for the Creative and Performing Arts he was recommended to study with
Philomel cellist and basso de gamba musician Vivian Barton. Daniel studied with Barton for 8 years
and began to participate in local youth orchestras.
After his years of performing and studying of classical music, he began to follow his love for rock
and alternative music. inspired by cello alt bands
like Apocalyptica and Rasputina, Daniel began to
perform with local bands and create his own music.
Since 2005 he has worked with his own self titled
project and released his debut album “From the
Subconcsious” as “Dejesus” under Noisia records.
In 2008 he joined the band that had originally inspired him, Rasputina; an all cello rock band based
in New York. In 2010 his current project, TivaTiva
was born.
Tivativa is the combination of soaring vocals and lush arrangements that creates an other worldly sound that is symphonic
in quality and tone. The music is based on a powerful desire for escapism into an internal portrait that dwells within the
mind. Tivativa’s music and themes are influenced by stories of personal histories, biographies of saints, and childhood all
rolled into a sound that is raw and passionate in tune to the likes of Radiohead, Bjork, David Bowie, and Jeff Buckley.
List of published albums
2005 - Daughter Darling - Sweet Shadows - Released under Plain Jane Records
2006 - Dejesus - From the Subconscious - Released under Noisia Records
2008 - Melora Creager - Melora a la Basilica - Released under Filthy Bonnet Records
2010 - Rasputina live at The knitting Factory - The Pregnant Concert
Albums to be published
2010 - Rasputina - Sister Kinderhook - to be released under Filthy Bonnet Records
2010 - Tivativa - Hymns For The New Age - to be released on under Cedar Street Presents
2010 - Tivativa - The Mask - to be released on under Cedar Street Presents
MANAGEMENT: [email protected]
BOOKING: [email protected]
PRESS: [email protected]
THE BAND: [email protected]

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