Newsletter – 18th March 2016 - St Francis Catholic Primary School



Newsletter – 18th March 2016 - St Francis Catholic Primary School
St Francis Catholic Primary School Newsletter
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18th March 2016
Dear Parents,
This is the last newsletter of this term. It has been a short but very busy term with our Section 48 inspection,
Science Week, Parent Teacher consultations and pupil assessments. Thank you for your continued support; it is
through working together that we create a community growing in learning and life rooted in God’s love. May God
bless you and keep you safe and may you have a peaceful and Holy Easter
Courtesy Cup
Lucy Gray and Thomas Carpenter
Year 1: Katie Walker and Maisie McNelis
Attendance Ted
Attendance Ted goes to class St Anthony with 97.4%
attendance. Our whole school attendance was 95.5%.
Year 2: Imogen Baby and Daisy Walsh
Year 3: Yasmin Gowing and Tom Mills
Year 4: Alice Marshall and Ophelia Ward
Year 5: Bianca Manolache and Mollie McCoy
Year 6: Lani Noorullah and Rose Daniel
Buster Reading Club
Readers of the week:
EYFS – Chloe Allen and Olivia Mountain
Year 1 – Alexander Gray and Isaac Tayag
Year 2 – Naoise McCorry and George Delaney
Year 3 – Bethan Davis and Aran Noorullah
Year 4 – Davis Lalichan and Grace Brundish
Year 5 – Brogan Welfare and Isaiah Tayag
Year 6 – Albert Delaney and Harry Kelly
God our Father,
you sent Saint Patrick to preach your glory to
the people of Ireland.
By the help of his prayers,
may all Christians proclaim your love to all
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy
one God, for ever and ever.
Punctuality Pup
Punctuality Pup goes to class St Margaret with
0.7% lates. Our whole school lates were 1.2%.
On Tuesday 22nd March, The Mini Vinnies have
organised a
We would love you to come to school with the
craziest hair possible. You will also be able to wear
your own clothes on this day.
We will be charging £1.00 a family. All money
collected will go towards our ‘Year of Mercy’
venture to raise £4,000 to run a health centre for
This will be a fun and exciting day – please support
The Mini Vinnie Team
Using the school's drop off zone
•The school’s drop off zone is only a 1-2 minute parking spot.
•Volunteers open the doors from 8:45am. Anyone using this service is expected to be polite, respectful and
courteous at all times.
•When your car pulls alongside the footpath, this is when children need to get out of the car.
•Children are to get out of the car on the pavement side.
•Make sure your child has their bag ready so that they can get out of the car quickly. Stopping to get bags out of
the boot, put coats on etc. slows the traffic down and adds to congestion.
•Parking in the drop off zone through the day is not permitted.
Diary Dates
Tuesday 22nd March – Mini Vinnies ‘Crazy Hair Day’
Wednesday 23 March – Last day of term for children
Wednesday 23rd March – Easter Bonnet / Egg Decoration / Garden competition
Monday 11th April – Start of Term 5
Golden Ties:
Layla Speirs, Floyd De Villa, Liam Mateer, Matthew Cripps, Mattie Hughes, Thomas Carpenter, Joseph Arda,
Oliver Hick, Niamh Humphrey, Joseph Rutter, Sidney Hahnefeld, Faith Omo-Olofin, Kamile Brauklys,
Francis Dalisay, Ethan Moss, Ellie Ryan, Oscar Stockford, Jan Wolek, Ruby Maher, Chisom Mbadike, Mia Noble,
Elisa Rosina, Patryk Struzik, Kaithlyn Mercado, Jeswin Paulose, Sterling Stone, Ashton Wallace, Daniel Freyer,
Faith Musendo, Ruby Carter, Bruna Demelo, Tia Mountain, Joseph McBride, Kent Cordez, Lara Mayor,
Angelina Shaji, Edan Harvey, Gabby O’Reilly, Emily Creigh, Etienne Huie Miles, Daniel Ruth and Gilliane Vito.