Body Seam Selaers Quickseal


Body Seam Selaers Quickseal
Body Seam Selaers
A quality v ehicle body seam sealer/adhesiv e of f ering v ery f ast paint ov er.
Part Nº:
34501 (QSW) - white, 290ml cartridge
34502 (QSG) - grey, 290ml cartridge
34503 (QSB) - black, 290ml cartridge
83405 (QSW) White - 600ml foil pack
• No solvents
• No isocyanates
• Heavy bodied sealer
• Totally flexible
• Three sealers in one
• Does not string
• Wet/dry application
• Can be overpainted immediately
• Completely safe to use & can be spot welded through
• No slump or sag
• Will not shrink, crack or harden
• Saves inventory
• Neat application, quality finish
• Saves time
An environmentally friendly sealer and adhesive developed for
body seam sealing. Adheres to primed, painted and bare metal,
zinc coating, aluminium, wood and most plastics.
Automotive applications are for sealing door skins, roof and
bonnet struts, wings, boot floors, flitches, front and rear panels,
suspension turrets and all butt and overlap joins. Quickseal can
also be used for adhering Body Kits.
As an adhesive for bonding metal, glass, wood, most plastics,
fiberglass, rubber, ceramics, concrete, brick and polystyrene to
themselves and one another.
N.B Etch primers must not be applied OVER the top of this
1 Ensure surface is clean using KENT Acrysol or KENT
Speedy 500.
2 Apply Quick Seal as required once surface is dry.
3 Paint, if required, immediately after application. For best
results paint within 4 hours.
Hints & Tips
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Body Seam Selaers
Technical Information
Part Nº: 34501/34502/34503/83405
Smooth white paste,
medium to high viscosity
Description: Quick Seal White, Grey & Black
Tack Free:
7 - 8 mins
Shelf Life: 18 months
-Skin depth 1 Hour:
Selling Unit: EA
Shore A:
Hazard info: Non Hazardous
Initial Grab:
VOC: 0g/L
Tensile Strength:
Shear strength 2.6 Mpa
290ml; White Foil Pack, 600ml
Stock Code: QSW/QSG/QSB
DIN 53504
Customs Tarif Code: 3214 10 10
Slump Test:
Pack=Each: 1
Wet on Wet:
Cure Through:
2.5mm in 24 hours at 20ºC and 50% RH
Replacing Product: N/A
Basic Material:
MS polymer
Extrusion of Product:
120 PSI Reg 0.33 up
Quickfill (QFL), Acrysol (ABS/SAB), Proseal 202 (KPS202)
Health & Safety Information
This product is not subject to classification regulations under EC Directives
and the Ordinance on Hazardous Materials.
Safety data sheet available for professional user on request.
In order to provide you with the most appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when using our products, KENT advises that you follow
the guidelines on the packaging of the product before use. The guidelines are there for your protection and KENT provides a range of
Personal Protection Equipment such as clothing, eye glasses, goggles, face shields and breathing apparatus, complying with the latest
European legislation. If you require further advice then please phone our freephone number and we will be pleased to help you.
Telephone: 0800 136925
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