Three full days of
relevant content for
healthcare information
Build relationships through
sponsorship and participation:
• Educational sessions
• Networking receptions
• Charitable activities
CHIME’s Fall CIO Forum has strengthened the
partnership between healthcare CIOs and our
Foundation firm representatives for over two decades. Catching up with existing clients, developing new
relationships, enhancing your global image—
all lead to the professional development of your
representatives and more business opportunities for
your firm.
Choose from sponsorship packages to fit any business
development strategy: from Marketing Message
Panels to the top tier—taking the main stage to
introduce a speaker or hosting a reception.
85% of attendees
come from
Hospital, IDN, or
Ambulatory Care
4.5% Health Insurer/Managed
3.5% Group Practice/Cilnic
2.3% Nursing Home/Hospice/
Home Health
1.1% Lab/Behavioral Health
92% of attendees
are CIOs
2% Corporate IT Executives
CHIME15 attendees know they can count on
face-time with C-suite healthcare executives—
CIOs looking to learn from their colleagues
and CHIME Foundation representatives.
Your CHIME15 sponsorship support not
only strengthens the partnership between
healthcare executives by making events
such as the Fall CIO Forum possible, it
also sets your company apart as an industry
leader—showcasing your commitment to
improving the healthcare industry.
Sponsorships range from charitable
events, to educational sessions, to informal
networking events. Foundation firms that
purchase sponsorship packages of more
than $15,000 are eligible for an extra
registration to the CIO Forum. Securing your sponsorship package early gives you more flexibility and is
critical, as we have nearly sold-out of all events/items in recent years.
After years of sharing best
practices informally, more than 700
CHIME15 attendees also share
real-life solutions to the
difficult IT challenges in the
CHIME Best Practices Institute
(BPI) Solutions Showcase.
This learning environment features
collaborations between healthcare
providers and their vendor partners,
based upon white papers that
illustrate the solution.
The top three best practices, voted
on by Forum attendees, will be
announced during the CHIME15
Awards and Recognition Ceremony.
One great idea captured here by
a CIO can make the ROI for
CHIME15 immeasurable!
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Participate in the
CHIME Best Practices
Institute Solutions
Highlight your show
participation in your
own marketing and
PR efforts.
Take advantage of
low-cost sponsorship
Benefit from the
targeted print, online,
mobile and social
media marketing of the
Registering for CHIME15 is just the beginning…let the CHIME
staff show you how to make the most of your partnership with
CHIME, before, during and after the show.
For complete details on how to maximize your presence at CHIME15,
please contact:
Kevin Cleary
Vice President Foundation
& Education Foundation
Let the CHIME team show you how to make the most of your
sponsorship opportunities, before, during and after CHIME15. Contact
us at [email protected] or call 734-665-0000 for a
complete list of available sponsorships.
Jessica Hadley
Director CHIME
Alaina Gullett
Membership Associate