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ciswo regional office news - Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation
January 2015 Issue 35
including gardening vouchers, an
engraved tankard and the obligatory
Miners’ lamp!
Dave will be keeping in touch though as
he has promised to volunteer at the
popular tea dances held throughout the
Clare, administration assistant for the
Thornycroft Centre, was married to
Tony Burton at Keswick in the Lake
Thornycroft Centre
CISWO Yorkshire Social Work Team
Top Honour for Clive
Lynwood Convalescent Home
CISWO Update continued
4 Charitable Benefits
Brodsworth Pantomime
Miners’ Welfare National Educational
Jennifer Davis
We are delighted to announce the
arrival of our new senior social worker,
Jennifer Davis, who joined the team on
5th January 2015.
We are also sad to report the retirement
of Dave Pickering, social work
our very
wishes to
Dave for
CISWO Regional Office News
Tony & Clare Burton
District on 8th November 2014. All the
staff offered their very best wishes to
the happy couple and made a gift of
cash towards Clare and Tony’s
garden improvements. Congratulations
to the happy couple.
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Dave Pickering
retirement. He had a good
send off from the staff, with a
retirement party held at the
Thornycroft Centre on 19th
December 2014, and gifts
‘Improving Lives in Coalfield Communities’
HEAD OFFICE: The Old Rectory, Rectory Drive, Whiston,
Rotherham S60 4JG
Registered Charity Number 1015581
The Yorkshire
Miner’s Welfare
Trust Fund
applications from
schemes of
lasting benefit to
people in mining
and former mining
Cricket Club for
equipment and
many others.
The Trust meets
four times per
year and the
secretary, Ian
Lally, can
provide advice on
Small grants were the criteria for
awarded in 2014 applications.
to various
For an
groups such as:
form or
advice please
Centre for toilet
telephone the
Kiveton Park
office on
Advice Centre
01977 703384
towards service
provision, Dearne
The Yorkshire Coalfield Resource Centre,
Halfpenny Lane, Pontefract,
West Yorkshire WF8 4AY
Telephone: 01977 703384
01977 700335
chairbased exercises, craft
making, knitting, board
games, cards, dominoes,
bingo, pool, snooker,
bowls, Boccia, singing and
listening to music..
The Yorkshire Coalfield
Resource Centre, Thornycroft,
Pontefract, held their annual
Christmas party week for
members and guests from 1st
December to 5th December
2014. The entertainment was
provided by Jane Tracie, an
excellent entertainer and singer,
and Father Christmas delivered
gifts to all in attendance. The
members and guests were
waited on by the CISWO staff
and joined in the singing and
dancing which made the
occasion very enjoyable.
The Centre provides a
Befriending Service
offering companionship
and support to older
people who feel lonely
and isolated by enabling
them to re-engage back
into the community. The efficient
door-to-door transport service
offers the opportunity for all older
people to visit the Centre, make
new friends, and enjoy a more
meaningful day.
The Centre offers a 2-course hot
meal, Monday to Friday,
including a healthy option menu
and tea and coffee, at a
subsidised cost of £5.50. As well
as a warm and welcoming
environment, the Centre offers
the opportunity to enjoy and
partake in activities including-
IT facilities will be on offer in the
near future.
If you would like
further information
regarding the Centre
please contact Janet
Lloyd on telephone
number 01977 703384
Top honour for Clive
Clive Cowell, exCISWO one-stop shop
officer, and former
Allerton Bywater
colliery electrician, has
been recognised in the
Queen’s New Year
Honours with a British
Empire medal for his 30
year service to the
Clive helped set up
Allerton Bywater parish
council following the
closure of the colliery in
1992. He also served
as branch secretary of
Allerton Silkstone
National Union of
Mineworkers’ and was
a governor at the
village primary school.
Are you a mineworker, an
ex-mineworker or an
immediate family member?
In 2012, after 19 years
of work with the
Among the services
Allerton Bywater
offered by CISWO are:
Regeneration Group,
Clive was involved in
Confidential home
the building of a
visiting service
miners’ memorial in the
village in memory of the
Support at times of
91 workers who lost
personal difficulty
their lives at the pit..
Clive was also involved
in the formation of the
Allerton Bywater
Communities Group.
Benefits advice and
Access to funds for
those facing
financial hardship
Help with
independent living
Information on
health and disability
Assistance with
convalescence and
To contact the
Yorkshire team and
arrange a free
confidential home
visit please
telephone 01977
706846 or call into the
office at Pontefract
January 2015
The Lynwood Convalescent Home
closed on Friday 11 December 2014
following the third tinsel and turkey
break after having enjoyed another
extremely successful season during
which 1482 beneficiaries enjoyed a
break at the home. Additionally, the
home hosted four special intakes,
organised in conjunction with the
CISWO social work department,
catering for 47 families comprising
125 dependents, carers and children.
Feedback from all attendees at the
home remained extremely positive
and guests provided many favourable
comments on all aspects of their stay
at the Lynwood.
Currently, during the closed winter
period, the Home is benefitting from
general routine cleaning and the
re-decoration of several areas.
Additionally, new bedroom doors are
being fitted and the bar lounge chairs
are being recovered.
The Lynwood is scheduled to reopen
on Monday 9
February 2015 with
two themed country
and western weeks
followed by a special
intake week. A
further two special
intakes are also due
to take place later in
the year and the
2015 season will end
with the traditional
tinsel and turkey
The long-awaited
purchase of a piece
of land adjacent to the Lynwood home
is now nearing conclusion. The
YMWCH trustees plan to build a muchneeded dedicated scooter housing and
recharging facility on the land which
should be completed during the early
part of 2015 and thus enable guests
whose mobility problems necessitate
the use of electrically-powered
vehicles to attend the home.
Applications are currently
being processed for 2015
and initial demand is
proving extremely high.
Trustees, at their meeting
in September 2014,
changed the way in which
entitlement to convalescence is calculated. Ex
-employees of the
Yorkshire coalfield receive
one admission for each five
years of employment
however the admission of a
Continued from the front page
Congratulations to Malc Wright who
celebrated his 60th birthday on 6th
January. Malc is now working parttime as a CISWO social worker after
passing the senior social worker
mantle to Jennifer Davis!
Photograph: Malc — obviously very
happy to celebrate his 60th birthday!
couple together now leads to the
deduction of one entitlement and not
two as previously. Furthermore,
widows are now allowed two
admissions instead of one.
The next trustee meeting is scheduled
to take place on Tuesday 10 March
The convalescent home provides
convalescent breaks for mineworkers/
former mineworkers and their wives/
widows who are in need of a
recuperative break as a result of an
illness or operation. Eligibility for
admission is based on the number of
years’ service within the Yorkshire
If you should require an
application form or any
further information
please ring 01977 703384
and ask for Barbara or
See our Website
January 2015
provided pop, hot dogs and a
selection box from Santa, a disco and
games. Everyone had a fantastic time
and really enjoyed it and are already
As always December has
wanting tickets for the next event they
been a busy month for the
hold, probably an Easter disco when
trustees at Brodsworth Miners’ they hope to get their latest purchase,
Welfare. In addition to all the
a bouncy castle, out and used.
normal activities bingo,
football, bowls and drama they Following the Christmas parties Santa
also had to squeeze in and
visited the Woodlands community and
make welcome three keep-fit toured the local area in his
classes from the nearby
custom-built sleigh surrounded by
Leisure Centre whilst it was
hard working elves much to the
undergoing refurbishment.
delight of local children and parents.
Thanks to Joe and Willy for all
their hard work.
A great time was had by all and the
volunteers who made this all happen
finally retired for their Christmas break
Trustees of smaller
worn-out but happy.
registered charities which
have an income below
leaving just enough
£500,000 must include a
time for the
brief description of the
volunteers to
If your charity’s income is charity’s main activities
decorate the main
which carry out its
over £25,000 in the
hall, put up a
accounting year, a copy of charitable purposes for the superb Christmas
public benefit. A statement tree and Santa’s
the accounts and annual
report must be sent to the should also be included as Grotto for the first of
to whether due regard has two children’s
Charity Commission. In
been given to public
parties. Each party
this trustees must report
attracted in excess
on how they have carried benefit guidance when
of 140 people,
out their charity’s
adults and children
purposes for public
and at a cost of £2
per child the welfare
Benefits must
be made clear
The purpose of the education fund is Great Britain (including any activity
to make grants that will assist
previously conducted by the British
applicants to take advantage of
Coal Corporation) and persons who
opportunities to extend their
have ceased to be so employed by
knowledge and life experiences
reason of age or disability and have
through full-time courses in higher
not subsequently taken up other
and further education.
employment and, in certain
circumstances, persons who have
ceased to be so employed.
Persons who are employed in
the coal mining industry of
The dependant sons and
daughters or other dependants
of any employees or (in certain
circumstances) former employees of
the coal mining industry.
Applications are still being taken for
the 2014/2015 academic year but
must be received fully completed by
31 March 2015.
For further details
contact CISWO
Headquarters on
01709 728115
If you would like us to include any news in the next
issue please send or email information to: Gail Walker
at the Yorkshire office (contact details on the front
page) Email: gail.wa[email protected]