East Cobb - Creme de la Creme


East Cobb - Creme de la Creme
Spring 2015
East Cobb
Volume 13 Number 1
Letter from the Executive Director
Dear Crème Families,
Jeannie Burdette
Spring is here and it’s time to play, play, play! Did you know when
children play they are also testing the world? They are beginning
to understand people and the importance of feelings, problem
solving, and self discipline. Crème de la Crème is the perfect
environment for your children to learn through play. From
the depths of the jungle in the Coconut Theatre to fun in
the sun in Catchecremer Creek, Creme children benefit from
our captivating building helping to expand their imaginations.
With Crème’s friendly and accepting staff, the children are
inspired to become more self assured and self disciplined. Play,
both directed and undirected, is a critical component of the learning
process. When children play together they are learning to socialize and make
friends. So, you see….playing is so much more than “just” playing. I hope
that you will be able to enjoy these precious playful moments with your child,
have a tea party, play dress up, put a few chairs together and go for a “ride” in
the car. Where will your child take you today?
You won’t want to miss some outstanding events planned for the upcoming
months! Mark your family calendars for special dress up days and Family
Night. Please check out the “Upcoming Events” portion of this newsletter for
Monday – Ballet/Tap with Kids in Motion
Tuesday – Playball
Wednesday – Tumblebus
Thursday – Tennis with Anklebiters and
Mandarin with Lingual Kids
Friday – Soccer with Happy Feet
As always, thank you so much for continuing to
support the East Cobb Crème. Our families are what
truly make our school special.
As always, please feel free to contact me regarding
your questions at, (770) 917-2205 or via email at,
[email protected].
Our theme-based curriculum is supported by developmentally appropriate practices and addresses physical,
social/emotional, cognitive and communication skills, as well as values and virtues.
Spotlight on
Team Memeber
Echo W.
Sienna A.
Sophia S.
Veera S.
Brady W.
Viaam A.
Koki N.
Teddy C.
Becca S.
Ethan G.
Hawk A.
Alexander B.
Mary Benton L.
Evie G.
Rowan W.
Lexi Mc.
Jack P.
Colin W.
Audrey T.
Sullivan T.
Kira B.
Ava H.
Nate P.
Daniel K.
Ace F.
Aoife W.
David E.
Caroline H.
Eren K.
Ozan K.
Saya K.
McCoy T.
Jacqueline F.
Devin S.
Madeline N.
Kevin Mc.
Evelyn T.
Hawthorne C-T
Catherine C.
Ann F.
Annie J.
Team member
Marcia Chou
13 years
Charlotte Potts
2 years
Meona Scovil
1 year
Lori Addison
11 years
Lyvonda Crumb
8 years
Benita Espinal
9 years
Leandra Goldson
21 years
Elijah Watts
Hi, I’m Elijah Watts but to make it easier
on the kids I’ve always been called EJ, less
syllables. I am originally from the beautiful
state of New Jersey in which I moved to
Georgia when I was about six years old. I
also lived in South Carolina as child for 2
years and in Florida for about 6 months.
I grew up in Cobb County and went to
schools all across the state. Those schools include Russell Elementary,
Smitha, Floyd and Cooper Middle schools then I attended South Cobb
and McEachern high schools in which I graduated in May of 2009 from
South Cobb. I wrestled all four years of my high school career, played
a bit of football and ran track for a year. Soon after, I started college at
Fort Valley State University in which I obtained my Bachelors in the art
of Psychology on 12-13-14 (Pretty cool right?). I aspire to be a counselor
to troubled teens and young men between the ages of 12 and 26 to
steer them towards college in aspirations. My favorite things to do are
watch movies, play different types of video games and whatever makes
a good laugh such as hanging out with friends and just sitting back
talking. I have a younger sister whom is just reaching six years old and
the experience I gained while watching her grow up I believe has helped
me to be ready for this new door that has opened for me. I believe I pay
attention to minor details, know what it takes to be a leader and am a
great influence because I am aware of the do’s and the do not’s. Thank
you so much for learning a bit about me!
April 7th – 9th
Spring Pictures
May 4th – 8th Teacher Appreciation Week
May 7th Summer Camp Orientation
May 8th Mother’s Day Breakfast
May 13th – 14th
Mother’s Day Teas
Harriet Cain
17 years
May 19th – 21st PreK Graduation
May 25th
Crème Closed for Memorial Day
June 19th
Donuts with Dad
Laura Nasoulinh
6 years
Vicki Speller
1 year
Betsy Green
20 years
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