Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy: toward release in real


Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy: toward release in real
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy:
toward release in real time
Workshop directed by Dr. Fabien CHAUCHARD
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[email protected]
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy:
Theoretical and chemometrics implementation for PAT (May 6th - 9am to 11am)
EUROPACT 2014 - Barcelona – Spain
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy was developed in the 90’s for medical applications because it provided
better information for carcinoma cells. Several research centers have then demonstrated the interest for
industrial applications in order to provide both physical and chemical information. The technique is now
considered as a major technology breakthrough in real time released in the PAT. This webinar will be
divided into three main parts:
A - Theoretical aspect of spatially resolved spectroscopy and time for liquid and solid. This part
will explain what the basis of this technology are and how to build a spatially resolved system.
Analytical equation will be presented and compared to Beer’s Lambert Law. Simulation tool will
be presented so as to give an example.
B- Chemometrics approaches are dedicated to SRS signal. SRS provides a new way of extracting
information from the data (3 D data). Some approaches are even easier to use than with classical
spectroscopy. Several examples will be presented. Some exercises will be performed using
INDATECH data (blending validation, API concentration, Fermentation monitoring and even
Raman measurement).
C- Practical aspect on the hardware for implementing SRS in-line. Different configurations for
industry application are possible. This section will present how to analyse your needs by taking
into account the possibility of Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy.
The exercises will be performed using Eigenvector toolbox. Some equipment and SRS probes will be
available for practical hand-on.
Audience: Industrial people involved in process control of complex powder, liquid and release in real
time with first experience in classical VIS-NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics.
About: INDATECH provides Innovative Optical Solutions for Process Optimization, a new optical
measurements vision in real-time, flexible and sensitive, taking advantage of spectroscopy and
hyperspectral imaging. The technology is based on R and D project from Lund University, Birmigham
University and Irstea but also on other work from Reutling University and VTT.
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