File - The Dirty Dancing Festival


File - The Dirty Dancing Festival
Booth Vendor Application for Dirty Dancing Festival
Saturday, August 15th 2015, 9am-5pm
(Also an option below to sell food Friday night as well)
Vendor Information
Contact Name:
Street Address:
Type of Business or Organization:
Description of Goods to be Sold or Materials to be Distributed:
Desired Booth Type
All spaces are 10x10 feet. You must provide your own tables, linens, and pop up tents. A deposit is required and will
be refunded within 10 business days after the event, provided all rules are followed (see below for deposit amount
based on booth type).
Booth Type Desired
q Food & Beverage Sales Booth
q Arts & Crafts Sales
q Informational Booth (distributing materials only)
q Non-Profit Informational (distributing materials only)
Add Ons
For electricity you must bring your own extension cords (at least 50 feet), and for water access you must bring your
own operating water hoses. Space for these add-ons is limited.
q Electricity
q Water access
If you are a food vendor and have a trailer, please indicate trailer dimensions and specific needs (i.e. 220
power hookup):
Food/Beverage Vendor Additional Information / Options
Please mark below if you are a food or beverage vendor that would like to offer your services at our Friday
Lakeside Screening from 7pm-10pm as well. Please note that space is limited.
q Yes, I would like to set up my booth at the Lakeside Screening, Friday August 15th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm for
an additional $125
q No thank you, I would only like to participate on Saturday at the DDF Daytime Festival from 9:00am – 5:00pm
Total Plus Security Deposit
q Security Deposit for Food & Beverage Sales (one payment per vendor) $100
q Security Deposit for All Other Booth Types (one payment per vendor)
Total Balance Due with this Application:
JNB Events — Phone: 310.372.4600 — Fax: 310.372.4660 — [email protected]
Submit Application: SCAN/E-MAIL this form to [email protected] OR
via FAX: 310.372.4660.
Submit Payment (please check method):
q BY CHECK: Make payment out to JNB Events, and mail to JNB Events, 929 Colorado Avenue, Suite 114, Santa
Monica CA 90401 (you can email the application first to have a spot held for you if you like)
q BY CREDIT CARD: Check this box and we will send a link to your email address, which will allow you to pay online
with your credit or debit card (you will be responsible for CC authorization fees).
I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by JNB Marketing and Events and any other regulations as may be
established hereinafter, including the rules and information on the following page (Vendor Rules & General Information). I understand and
agree that all decisions of JNB Marketing and Events are final. Further, I hereby release and forever discharge JNB Marketing and Events
and their agents and representatives, from any responsibility, personal liability, loss, claims, or damage arising out of or in conjunction with
this event.
Applicant Signature
Dirty Dancing Festival at Lake Lure 2015: Vendor Rules & General Information
(Please retain a copy for your records)
Event Date: Saturday, August 15th 2015, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Lake Lure Morse Park Meadows (2948 Memorial Hwy, Lake Lure NC 28746)
Vendor Set-Up Time: Between 7:00am-8:00am (no arrivals after 8:00am)
No Vehicles In Festival Area During Festival (on grass)
Event Committee: JNB Marketing and Events
Application Deadline is: August 1st, 2015. Application must be signed & completed in full. Submit with full payment.
No applications will be accepted without the complete application package, fees, security deposit, and electricity &
water fee (if applicable). Payment will only be processed once application is approved. If application is denied the
payment will be returned or destroyed. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone under 18 years of
age must be supervised by an adult.
The $100.00 or $40.00 Security Deposit (dependant on booth type) will be required from all Vendors at the time of
registration and payment of the space rental fee. Checks will be cashed and cards charged for this deposit. It will
be refunded to you the week following the event if all rules and regulations are followed.
There will be a $75 Returned Check Fee for any check returned (for any reason).
Cancellation Policy: (No Refunds Due To Inclement Weather)
Prior to July 3rd – Full Refund less $25 processing fee
July 3rd – July 20th – 50% refund less $25 processing fee
After July 20th – Absolutely No Refunds
No-Show Policy: There will be no refunds on booth fees and security deposit amount if you are unable to attend the
festival for any reason.
Vendors are responsible for supplying their own tables, chairs, tent(s), signage, garbage bags, etc. All tents must
comply with NFPA regulations for fire resistant quality of fabric (proof on label).
Signage for your booth identifying your organization, agency, or group is required. All vendors and workers must wear
festival or business identification. Your signage may only be displayed inside your own booth space.
Arts & Craft items should be handmade. Demonstrations of crafts are encouraged.
No partisan political groups or candidates will be allowed booths or space at the event
Booth location and entry/set up instructions will be sent with your acceptance confirmation.
The Event Committee will exercise diligence in making sure that all arts & crafts vendors sell only the items listed on
the application.
The sales of projectile shooting, toys, cracker balls, poppers, fireworks, etc. are prohibited. All decisions regarding this
category of items by the Lake Lure Police Dept. are final.
The Event Committee reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling similar items. Priority will be given based
on the order in which applications are received.
The Event Committee must approve all items, displays, literature, etc.. The committee reserves the right to remove
any work that has not been screened & approved, or is of poor quality or inappropriate in nature.
JNB Events — Phone: 310.372.4600 — Fax: 310.372.4660 — [email protected]
Vendor shall ensure that the spaces reserved for them are cleaned after the event and all garbage shall be
collected and removed from the premises. Your Security Deposit will be refunded to you the week following the
event if all rules are followed.
Electricity and water are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis but must be reserved ahead of
time. The fee for electricity or water is $25 each. You must supply your own portable water hose and making sure it is
free of holes and functions properly.
All food vendors must contact the Rutherford County Health Department for a temporary food permit. Please call the
Health Dept. at 828-287-6104 and ask for Susan Robinson. The Event Committee asks that you please notify us after
you speak with the Health Dept.
The fire department will conduct a safety check at each booth. Any freestanding objects (such as a helium and
propane tanks) must be properly secured for the safety of our festival participants.
The consumption of alcoholic beverages of all types is specifically prohibited. Tobacco products are specifically
prohibited inside of any building.
All Vendor spaces are reserved to that specific Vendor and shall not be transferred or assigned.
Vendor shall be fully and solely responsible for any and all damages to their allotted space(s) during or as a result of
their participation in the event.
Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Event Committee or the Town of Lake Lure from and against any and
all liability for personal injuries, property damage, or for loss of life or property resulting from, or in any way connected
with, the condition or use of the premises covered by this application/permit, or any means of ingress to or egress
from the premises.
JNB Events — Phone: 310.372.4600 — Fax: 310.372.4660 — [email protected]