Academies Handbook 2016-2017



Academies Handbook 2016-2017
2016 – 2017
Blended Programs Student Handbook
elcome to the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) Blended Program Handbook for students and
parents. SAIL is a blended interdisciplinary school where students learn through projects and inquiry using a
variety of digital tools. In a changing world, students need to be independent learners, critical thinkers,
collaborators, innovators & contributors. At SAIL students embrace this innovator mindset.
In this resource you will find general program information and answers to frequently asked questions. You
will also find some guidelines concerning the attitudes, knowledge and skills SAIL hopes to foster in our students.
Why Choose SAIL?
Currently, many post-secondary institutions and employers are seeking learners with diverse skill sets. SAIL helps young people
gain the necessary skills such as problem solving, leadership, and digital citizenship to be successful in all careers. Students learn
by face-to-face instruction and online with digital content that allows student choice and voice. Student learning is supported by
a collaborative team of educators and strong parent engagement.
For more information please visit our website (, email us at [email protected] or phone us at
604.592.4263 or 1.888.492.4263.
Learning without Limits!
SAIL values the individuality of all students. We believe that all learners can be successful. We are
committed to providing a caring learning community that fosters respect, integrity and personal
achievement in an open and innovative environment.
Tomorrow’s school today!
At Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) we provide learning that is blended, inquiry and
project based, technology enhanced and fosters students’ voice and choice.
We celebrate success in all forms of learning and believe all learners can achieve their goals.
We support each other within a caring and respectful community.
We combine the power of technology with caring, personalized instructional support
to create a rich, meaningful and innovative learning environment.
We provide the flexibility and accessibility of e-learning to support
the diverse needs of our students.
We create opportunities for students, parents and teachers to interact
in a variety of formats in order to work and learn together.
Principals’ Message
I am very excited about this 2016-2017 school year. Many changes are occurring within the British Columbian
educational system and you, as a student at SAIL, are fortunate the teaching staff at SAIL are some of the
educational leaders within this province-wide educational change.
It is our hope your learning here at SAIL has no limitations. If you put in the effort, our staff will happily guide you
in your learning and any other educational needs.
Regardless if you are a full-time student in STEMX or a STEAM student, or cross-enrolled student taking one
course, we are here to help you with your learning and prepare you for your life outside of school.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Peter Johnston,
Vice Principals’ Message
At Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) we use a model of blended, project-based, technology enhanced,
interdisciplinary learning. Online learning experiences are integrated with classroom face-to-face time to foster student strengths
and meet the needs of our diverse learners. We hope through this model of teaching and learning students develop the skills to
become independent learners, critical thinkers, collaborators and innovators in today’s ever-changing world.
We are extremely excited as we embark on innovative teaching and learning pathways at SAIL, offering several learning
academies including STEAM, STEMX and our Compass Program. These will allow for personal and individualized learning,
providing flexible schedule schooling for students with who are elite athletes, performing artists, or students wishing to learn in
an accelerated environment. In addition, with our grade 10-12 students we have a continuous entry approach allowing students
to take online courses in conjunction regular school courses.
Our dedicated and hardworking staff at SAIL are committed to making a student's blended and online learning experiences
successful. Please feel free to contact myself or if you require further information. We look forward to working with you over
the upcoming year and wish you great success at SAIL!
Welcome to SAIL – Learning Without Limits!
--- Ms. S. Symons
General Information
Office Location – SAIL Academy Programs - (STEM/STEAM/STEMX/APAX)
14033 – 92 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3V 0B7
(2nd floor of the Surrey District Education Centre)
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 604.592.4263 or 1.888.492.4263
Intake Semesters
New applications are accepted starting in January for upcoming September enrolment.
SAIL’s Academies run from September to June.
Hours of Instruction
Monday - Thursday
9:00am to 2:30pm for STEAM and STEM-X
SAIL Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Tuesday and Thursday
9:00am to 3:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
What We Offer…
SAIL is a blended interdisciplinary school where students learn through inquiry and project
based learning using a variety of digital tools. Educational research indicates that students learn
best when independent learning is deepened by face-to-face instruction.
Blended Learning Academies
STEMX (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - Accelerated)
SAIL’s STEMX Program is designed for gifted learners on an accelerated program. The students
will have the opportunity to meet regularly combined with online learning. Students will be taught
how to manage their time while they learn independently and in groups in a fast-paced, accelerated
environment. Students will also be expected to volunteer within their community to reinforce real
world skills.
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)
SAIL’s STEAM Program explores the STEM curriculum through the lens of the arts and design.
Students develop a designer and maker mindset through a MakerSpace - a creative synergy of tools
and projects at all levels of expertise. Through inquiry and project based learning, in an
interdisciplinary program, students explore real world topics that foster independent learning and
critical thought.
APAX (Athletes Performing Arts Extreme)
SAIL’s APAX Program allows athletes and performing artists a flexible schedule with an
interdisciplinary program that fosters independent learning and critical thought.
Contemporary Learning Spaces
Learning Commons
Our innovative Learning Commons meets learners’ needs with individual, collaborative and presentations
paces named: Pitch!, Make!, Collaborate! And Present!. The space is flexible and beyond the design of the
traditional school classroom reflecting a space where students construct their learning.
SAIL’s Makerspace, Make!, offers a space for students to create, invent, and tinker through a creative synergy
of tools at all levels of expertise. Students have access to tools such as 3D printers, iPads, robotics to deepen
their learning and explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thought.
Inquiry and Project Based Learning
Students focus on inquiry and project based learning, through an interdisciplinary program.
Students explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thought.
Why Choose SAIL Academies?
Motivation, Connection, Persistence
lended learning is different than traditional face-to-face learning. Students are given more flexibility
and freedom to follow their passions. The proven combination of face-to-face instruction combined
with meaningful online digital content allow your child choice and voice..
Successful Blended Learners:
1. Learning is engaging, motivating, and stimulates curiosity.
2. Solve real world problems using a designer mindset.
3. Learn through inquiry, experimentation, and reflection.
4. Think creatively and critically.
5. Learn in an open collaborative environment.
6. Have the opportunity to share their learning with an authentic and global audience.
7. Are provided a flexible schedule that provides them with time for their other pursuits.
Our Model
Through inquiry and project based learning, students reflect on their learning and deepen their understanding on
big ideas. SAIL will meet your child where they are and challenge them to push their learning forward. Students
meet the BC educational Core Competencies for each subject area.
Students can access their online course(s) through an Internet connection from anywhere in the world to allow
flexibility schooling for students with who are elite athletes, performing artists, or students wishing to learn in
an accelerated environment . Learners may contact instructors and support staff by email, phone or in person
at our SAIL office.
Quality People
Surrey Connect is a learning organization which focuses on the
continued renewal of its commitment to help students reach their
Offer orientation sessions for students and parents.
Deliver, monitor, and evaluate student work.
Ensure the quality and integrity of their courses.
Maintain open communication channels with parents and students.
Respond to student/parent communications in a timely manner.
Review teaching practices and strategies, seeking innovative ways to increase student achievement.
Support Staff:
Interview and counsel new full-time students and families.
Assist students as they register for their courses.
Assign textbooks (and other resources), student ID numbers and Moodle login passwords.
Provide LST support.
Provide Aboriginal support.
Facilitate communication between parents, students, and teachers.
Attend orientation sessions with their child.
Encourage and monitor their child’s progress.
Provide a computer and Internet access for their child.
Respond to SAIL staff communications in a timely manner.
Attend classes regularly and keep up with online components of the course
Complete coursework, assignments, tests, etc. in a timely manner.
Adhere to the School Code of Conduct and academic integrity policy.
All online courses follow British Columbia curriculum. Curriculum documents are available at the BC Ministry
of Education website
Surrey Connect staff assisted students achieve success by:
Providing strong student support services.
Ensuring course quality.
Maintaining a strong focus on program integrity.
10 | P a g e
Technical Requirements
Students need a computer that meets the following technical requirements:
Newer model PC or Mac (minimum: Pentium IV or PowerPC G3).
High speed Internet connection.
Sound & Microphone.
Windows XP (or newer); Mac OS9 (or newer).
Internet Explorer (Windows), Safari (Mac), Firefox (Windows or Mac) or Google Chrome (Windows or
JavaScript on; Cookies enabled; Pop-ups allowed.
Installed plug-ins (Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java Runtime Environment (v. 1.5), Shockwave Player,
Windows Media Player).
Software: Microsoft Office, Firewall, Virus Protection, Spyware Removal.
Help Desk
Technical Support
Ms. L. Somers
[email protected]
Technical support is available for a variety of issues, including:
Moodle pop-up blocker problems.
Login and course access
Technical support is NOT available for:
Installing operating systems.
Configuring Internet connections.
Setting up home networks.
11 | P a g e
Methods of Communication
Web Site and News Blog
Our SAIL website contains timely and relevant information pertaining to all aspects of our school with links to
the Surrey School District and the rest of the world. This website is updated weekly and located at:
Monthly Emails
Our monthly emails inform parents and students about report card dates, PAC Meetings, fieldtrips, upcoming
and current events, and new initiatives.
Parent Advisory Council
Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) provides feedback and input on current school systems and initiatives and
helps develop communication systems between home and school.
Learning Management System (Moodle 2.9+)
Course-based and school-wide Announcements are regularly posted within students’ online courses.
Other ways Surrey Connect teachers communicate with students and parents, include meetings, parent-teacher
interviews, telephone, email, student and parent surveys and discussion boards. To reach any staff member by
email, please go to our Staff Directory at
12 | P a g e
Support Services
he Learning Support Team (LST) teachers and Surrey Connect Administrative Team provide a
number of important services for Surrey Connect students. The Learner Support Team (LST) works
with academic teachers to assess, identify, plan and provide instruction for students with diverse
learning needs. A variety of strategies are used to provide extra support to students, such as:
Working with individual or small groups of students
Providing specialized resources and technology
Suggesting adaptations, or modifications to instruction and curriculum
Arranging for peer tutoring
LST support is provided based on teacher recommendations, school based team referrals and student or
parent requests. Individual Education Plans will be developed as required. Every effort is made to meet the
unique needs of our students.
Surrey Connect Administrative and Counselling Team provide services for:
Program planning.
Facilitating interaction between teachers and students.
Personal counselling.
Academic counselling.
13 | P a g e
Policies and Procedures
AIL teachers are committed to helping students achieve their educational goals and encourage learners to
complete their self-paced course in a timely manner.
Frequent Log-In
Students are expected to login to their courses on a regular basis. For some students, this means logging on
every day; for some, once a week or so, depending on the nature of the course and whether a student is away
on a holiday. Unless you inform the office of an extended absence it is expected that students will log into their
course(s) a minimum of once a week. Learning online offers great flexibility, however it can leave some
students feeling quite alone. So please remember that your instructor is just a mouse click away!
Course Duration Policy
Normally, courses in Grades 8 take 100 to 125 hours to complete. Students are given up to 10 months to
complete a course, with the expectation that all courses are complete by early June (exact date to be
Planning a Holiday?
Please speak to your teacher(s) if you are planning on an extended absence and will not have access to a
computer and the Internet. You are also expected to complete an “Out of Province” form for an extended
absence, please contact us at [email protected] for a copy of the form. Please visit our website for
more information (
Student Progress
Each course has a Grade Book where students and parents can view progress. Report cards are available for
pick up or emailed upon request 4 times during the school year. If you have any questions concerning
evaluation and assessment please contact our office.
Student Evaluation
Each online course sets out the learning outcomes, as determined by the BC Ministry of Education, and
provides strategies to attain a level of competency which meets the outcome standard. A course outline is also
available in the course Introduction folder.
14 | P a g e
Letter Grades
SAIL Letter Grades are based on the following Ministry of Education
standards. Our grade 8 and 9 students are provided with letter
grades/percentages or both, depending on the course and its content.
“I” (In Progress) is a grade given when a 50% (or above) course
mark hasn’t been achieved, or the student hasn’t completed a
specified amount of work (e.g. Unit 1/Module 1)
49 and below
In Progress
Reporting Timelines
SAIL will provide report cards five (4) times a year. If you wish to receive a final mark on a specific report card you
must finish your course by the following dates listed below:
· November 11, 2016 (to get on the November Report Card)
· January 20, 2017 (to get on the January Report Card)
· April 3, 2017 (to get on the April Report Card)
· June 16, 2017 (to get on the June Report Card)
Students must have 90% of the course completed by June 14, 2017 and all assignments and exams are to
be completed no later than June 21st, 2017
Blended Learning Skills
In a changing world, students need to be independent learners, critical thinkers, collaborators, innovators, and
creators. SAIL students embrace the innovator mindset and these skills:
Problem solving
Interpersonal Skills
Digital Citizenship
Connecting with
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Celebrate the Process of
15 | P a g e
Helpful Links
LearnNowBC (for free online tutoring and practice tests)
Student Secure Web (to get your Provincial Exam results)
Acceptable Use Policy
WARNING: School District #36 expectations and policy No. 5780.2 regarding Information and
Communication Technology (ICT)
%20Regulation.pdf stipulates that student use of computers is to be courteous and responsible at all
times. Inappropriate use and/or unauthorized access to other student accounts is strictly prohibited and
will result in progressive discipline (No. 9412.2) which may involve notification of the RCMP.
16 | P a g e
10 Best Rules of Netiquette
1) The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. This rule is an oldie but a goodie and can
get you through just about any situation, online or off!
2) No “Flaming”: Flaming is a form of verbal abuse when you intentionally attack or disrespect somebody
for whatever reason. Maybe you didn’t agree with something they said, but there’s a nice way to share a
different point of view without name calling or attacking someone. Harassing or insulting someone will not
likely help you gain many online friends!
3) Respect Others’ Copyrights: There are wonderful things online, information for everyone on just about
any topic! However, these things have copyrights and licenses. Copying the works of someone else without
permission or saying it is your own will not only ruin your online reputation, but could land you with heft
fines and lawsuits!
4) DON’T TYPE IN ALL CAPS: It hurts our eyes. It makes people think you are shouting at them. It’s
okay to type in caps to accentuate a word or two, but please don’t do it all the time everywhere you go.
5) Don’t Spam: There’s a fine line between spam and self-promotion, do it very carefully!
6) Be Honest: Faking website statistics, pretending to be someone else, or trying to cheat people online will
not only hurt your reputation but can land you in a lot of hot water. You know the line “honestly is the best
policy”, it’s also one of the 10 best rules for netiquette.
7) Use Proper Grammar & Spelling: If u rite like this lol ppl might start 2 get mad lol. :) Spelling mistakes
will happen, but if it’s distracting from your message, it can be annoying. Using a browser with built in spell
check can be a life saver for bad spellers! Be careful not to use too much web jargon, seeing lol used more
than twice in a sentence or two is probably unnecessary and does not promote good internet etiquette.
8) Follow the TOS: Most sites have a “Terms of Service” policy that also lists rules of netiquette. Read it and
abide by it! Discussions are constantly deleted because what was posted did not meet the terms of the
9) Keep it Appropriate: Never write or say anything that you wouldn’t let your parents/kids read. It can
really come back to haunt you if you write something that’s not appropriate. Be aware that electronic
messages are archived, and the archives are available for a very long time. It is generally not possible to
retrieve messages once they have been sent.
10) Research Your Facts/Cite Sources: There is so much information online, it can be very difficult to
distinguish what is true and not true. Before posting something, forwarding emails, or going off on a tangent,
make sure it is factual and cite sources if possible to boost your credibility.
Chelle - Yahoo! Contributor Network
17 | P a g e
Calendar at a Glance: Important Dates
August 15-19
School Closed
September 5
September 6
September 7
September 13
September 14
September 26
September 29
Labor Day
Teacher Office Hours Begin
SAIL Academies Begin
PAC Mtg.
School Photo Day (PM)
Pro-D Day
Terry Fox Run
October 7
October 10
October 13
October 18
October 21
Interims & I-Reports Issued
Parent Teacher Conferences (4-6pm)
PAC Mtg.
Pro-D Day
November 2
November 4
November 9
November 10
November 11
November 22
November 24
Take Your Kids to Work Day (Gr 9)
Pro-D Day
Remembrance Day Assembly – 11am
Pro-D Day
Remembrance Day
PAC Mtg.
Report Card 1 Available
December 1-9
December 6
December 19-January 2
Food Drive
PAC Mtg.
Winter Break
January 17
PAC Mtg.
February 9
February 13
February 17
February 21
February 22
Report Cards Available
Family Day
Pro-D Day
PAC Mtg.
Anti-Bullying Day
18 | P a g e
March 2
March 13 – 24
March 27
March 30
Interims & I-Reports Issued
Spring Break & School Closure Days
Springboard Registration Begins
SAIL Open House
April 14
April 17
April 20
April 25
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Report Cards Available
PAC Mtg.
May 5
May 16
May 22
May 29
Pro-D Day
PAC Mtg.
Victoria Day
Pro-D Day
June 7
June 14
June 22
June 23-27
June 29
June 30
Students must have 90% of course completed
Report Card 4 Marks Cut-Off for Students
Provincial Exams (June Session)
Report Card 4 Available
Administrative Day
August 11
Springboard Courses End
19 | P a g e
Keeping our schools safe
Reference: Safe and Caring Schools Policy 9410 and Regulations 9410.1 and 9410.2
The Surrey School District is committed to providing safe and caring environments in which all learners can achieve
academic excellence, personal growth and responsible citizenship. Safe and caring school environments are free of
acts of:
 Bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, threat and intimidation, violence in any form,
 Verbal, physical or sexual abuse/exploitation,
 Discrimination in any form,
 Theft and vandalism
Safe and caring schools do not tolerate the presence of:
 Intoxicating or banned substances,
 Weapons (or replica weapons) and explosives and
 Intruders or trespassers
It is expected that students will:
 Neither take part in, nor condone (provoke, encourage or make a spectacle of) any form of violence, including
bullying, harassment, threat and intimidation, verbal, physical or sexual abuse, discrimination in any form.
 Seek to prevent violence and potentially violent situations.
 Not use, possess or sell any intoxicating, banned or controlled substances.
 Demonstrate, when using electronic resources, appropriate on-line conduct including refraining from any
acts of cyberbullying.
 Show respect for the property of others by refraining from theft, vandalism, graffiti and other inappropriate
 Not use cell phones or cameras inappropriately.
 Be present at schools and school properties for school-authorized purposes only.
 Use respectful language and refrain from using obscenity or profanity while in a school building, on school
or district property and at school-sponsored activities.
 Demonstrate commitment to learning by coming to school prepared to learn and by contributing to a
positive, orderly, peaceful environment.
 Practice academic honesty and personal integrity by not participating in or encouraging plagiarism, cheating,
theft of evaluation instruments, use of unauthorized aids, or false representation of identity.
 Wear clothing that is discreet and appropriate. Slogans that depict, suggest, or promote drugs, sex,
violence, alcohol, racism, power groups or use or suggest profanities and the like are not permitted.
Behaviours cited in the code of conduct are examples only and not an all-inclusive list. There are rising
expectations for behaviour as students mature through successive grades.
Consequences of unacceptable behaviour will consider the student’s age, maturity and special needs (if any
– such as an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural disability), severity and frequency of
actions and whenever possible and appropriate, focus on being restorative rather than punitive in nature.
20 | P a g e
Reasonable steps will be taken to prevent retaliation against a student who has reported a breach of the code
of conduct and an explanation of the school’s responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches
Academic Integrity Policy
Surrey Connect sets high standards for its students and expects that all students maintain a high standard of
integrity. Student work must be original and sources referenced appropriately.
“Plagiarism is the passing off of another person's work as one's own, whether deliberate or accidental. Accidental plagiarism is
usually the result of poor citation or referencing or of poor preparation or a misunderstanding of plagiarism. Deliberate plagiarism is
an attempt to claim another person's work as one's own (”
At Surrey Connect, student work submitted for English, English Literature or Social Studies courses, is
routinely check by a plagiarism identification program called Turnitin. This highly successful program is
currently used by Simon Fraser University and secondary schools as well as many colleges around the
Surrey Connect expects all students to understand plagiarism and how to correctly cite another’s ideas
and words. Students are advised to take some time to visit the following internet sites for information
and instructions before starting to submit assignments in Surrey Connect courses.
To learn more about how to correctly cite another’s ideas or words be sure to check one or more of
these sites:
 MLA style:
 APA style :
In addition, students may want to learn how to identify a reputable internet resource :
To learn more about the Turn-it-in program visit:
21 | P a g e
Accidents happen!
Did you know . . . Surrey Schools does not insure expenses for student injuries that happen on school grounds or during school activities?
Also, the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is limited and does not cover some charges. Injury-related costs (not covered or limited under MSP
and group insurance plans) may include dental treatment, eyewear, rental of crutches or wheelchairs, splints and casts, physiotherapy and
private tutors. Please review the District Information Sheet on Accidents happen … what every parent should know in the Parents section at For information on inexpensive student accident insurance visit
Class cancellation information
Sometimes extreme weather conditions or other unusual circumstances can cause class cancellations at a school, or district-wide on short
notice. In the event of class cancellations, Surrey Schools will post information on its website at and provide
updates to the following radio stations.
CKNW (980 AM or
News 1130 (1130 AM or
CBC Radio (690 AM or
Red-FM (93.1 FM)
Radio India (1600 AM)
Radio Punjab (cable/satellite)
Fairchild Radio (1470 AM)
CHMB (1320 AM)
Please do not call the radio stations as staff is very busy receiving updates and preparing newscasts. Calling schools and district offices is also
impractical since staff members are generally not available to answer telephone calls far in advance of regular school opening time and phone
lines typically become congested in any event.
Weather, power, road and safety conditions can change substantially within a few hours, therefore assessments and decisions must be made
as close to school opening as possible for the information to be reliable. However, the district will do its best to communicate the status of
schools by 7 a.m.
Even if all schools are open, many schools can face conditions and circumstances unique to a neighbourhood. Therefore, the district
encourages and respects the importance of parental decision-making regarding accessing a school, based on parents’ own location
and individual circumstances, their route to school and overall attention to safety.
Cover your losses!
The Surrey School District will not accept responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any student-owned property, including, but not
limited to clothing, schools supplies, equipment, electronics (e.g. cameras, iPads, notebook, tablet and laptop computers), vehicles
or cash. Items brought to, or left on school district premises are at the student’s risk. It is the responsibility of the student or parent
to arrange insurance to cover any loss or damage to personal property brought to school.
False fire alarms
 A false fire alarm is a criminal offence. Under section 437 of the Criminal Code of Canada, anyone who willfully, without reasonable cause,
circulates or causes to be made an alarm of fire is guilty of an indictable offence.
 Anyone caught pulling a false alarm will be charged with public mischief and initiating a false fire alarm.
 A fine will be issued to the student and his/her family.
 The student caught pulling a false alarm will be suspended until they and their family meet with school and fire officials to fulfill any
obligations associated with the false fire alarm.
Every time firefighters respond to a false fire alarm they are not available to help others in the city who may be experiencing a fire or those who
are in need of medical assistance. Putting the lives of others in jeopardy is not acceptable. Students should use the fire alarm pull stations in
schools only if they see a fire in the building.
22 | P a g e
(Reference: Safe and Caring Schools Policy 9410 and Regulations 9410.1 and 9410.2)
Surrey Schools is committed to providing safe and caring environments in which all learners can achieve academic excellence, personal
growth and responsible citizenship. Safe and caring school environments are free of acts of:
 bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, threat and intimidation, violence in any form;
 verbal, physical or sexual abuse/exploitation;
 discrimination in any form; and homophobic and/or transphobic behaviour such as
harassment, intimidation, discrimination or bullying, whether by commission or by failing
to act to end such behaviour;
 theft and vandalism.
Safe and caring schools do not tolerate the presence of:
 intoxicating or banned substances;
 weapons (or replica weapons) and explosives.
It is expected that students will:
 neither take part in, nor condone (provoke, encourage or make a spectacle of) any form of violence, including bullying, harassment, threat
and intimidation, verbal, physical or sexual abuse, discrimination in any form;
 seek to prevent violence and potentially violent situations;
 not use, possess or display any weapon, replica weapon or toy weapon on any school property or at any event that is organized or
sponsored by a school;
 not use, possess or sell any intoxicating, banned or controlled substances;
 demonstrate, when using electronic resources, appropriate online conduct including refraining from any acts of cyberbullying;
 show respect for the property of others by refraining from theft, vandalism, graffiti and other inappropriate behaviours;
 not use cellphones or cameras inappropriately;
 be present at schools and school properties for school-authorized purposes only;
 use respectful language and refrain from using obscenity or profanity while in a school building, on school or district property and at schoolsponsored activities;
 demonstrate commitment to learning by coming to school prepared and by contributing to a positive, orderly, peaceful environment; and
 practice academic honesty and personal integrity by not participating in or encouraging plagiarism, cheating, theft of evaluation
instruments, use of unauthorized aids, or false representation of identity.
School Safety Alert System
Surrey Schools has a School Safety Alert System to help keep students, staff and volunteers safe during a real or perceived
threat. School administrators are authorized to activate a safety alert, and drills take place at schools regularly to ensure
familiarity and compliance with safety protocols. Each level of alert requires specific actions.
A Lockdown is used in situations where there is a dangerous intruder on the school grounds or in the building.
A Lockout is used where there is concern about a dangerous individual identified in the immediate vicinity who might enter the
school grounds or building.
All Clear is announced when there is no longer a threat to the safety of students, staff and volunteers.
23 | P a g e
Student threat assessment protocol: Fair Notice
What behaviours initiate a student threat assessment?
A student threat assessment will be initiated when behaviours include, but are not limited to, serious violence or violence with intent to harm or
kill, verbal/written threats to harm/kill others, Internet website/social media threats to harm/kill others, possession of weapons (including
replicas), bomb threats and fire setting.
Duty to report
To keep school communities safe and caring, staff, parents, students and community members must report all threat-related behaviours.
What is a threat?
A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something. Threats may be verbal, written, drawn, posted
on the Internet or made by gesture. Threats must be taken seriously, investigated and responded to.
What is a Threat Assessment Team?
Each school has a multi-disciplinary Threat Assessment Team. The team may include principal, vice-principal, district resource counsellor,
school counsellor and police.
What is the purpose of a student threat assessment?
 to ensure the safety of students, staff, parents and others;
 to ensure a full understanding of the context of the threat;
 to understand factors contributing to the threat-maker’s behaviour;
 to be proactive in developing an intervention plan that addresses the emotional and physical safety of the threat-maker; and
 to promote the emotional and physical safety of all.
What happens in a student threat assessment?
All threat-making behaviour by a student shall be reported to the principal who will activate the protocol for the initial response. Once the team
has been activated, interviews may be held with the student(s), the threat-maker, parents and staff to determine the level of risk and develop an
appropriate response to the incident. Intervention plans will be developed and shared with parents, staff and students as required.
Can I refuse to participate in a threat assessment process?
It is important for all parties to engage in the process. However, if for some reason there is a reluctance to participate in the process by the
threat maker or parent / guardian, the threat assessment process will continue in order to promote a safe and caring learning environment.
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Protecting Surrey Schools Together (PSST)
PSST is a website hosted by Surrey Schools with support from the Surrey
RCMP. The website provides:
 a respected, trusted and confidential resource for students to share or
obtain information about issues that concern them;
 an interactive forum for district students to discuss and share experiences;
 an opportunity for young writers to practise and post stories publicly;
 an avenue to promote student pride in their school and education; and
 a tool to communicate topical information to students.
Visit the PSST website at
Resources for students
The Surrey Schools website provides great resources for students on a variety of topics. There are many links to some of the most requested
student information, including:
 Summer school registration
 Post-secondary planning:
o Education planner
o Financial aid
o Post-secondary institutions in B.C.
o Scholarship opportunities
 Homework assistance:
o Online databases
o eBooks
o Video streaming
District programs:
Career education
Continuing education
Surrey Connect/online learning
 Graduation:
o B.C. Graduation Program
o Provincial exam support
o Career information
Visit the Surrey Schools website at
Scholarship opportunities
Partners36 scholarship program
Surrey Schools is pleased to offer a number of scholarship and bursary opportunities to its graduates through the Partners36 scholarship
program. This program is made possible through the generous contributions of individuals, corporations and community service organizations
that view scholarships as an investment in the future of our graduates. Surrey Schools is very grateful for their support.
Students attending a secondary school or learning centre in the district are eligible to apply. The application deadline for the Partners36
scholarship program is on or before April 15 of the current school year. Completed applications should be submitted to the scholarship contact
in your school.
All application forms and details about the Partners36 scholarship program are available online. Visit and type
“scholarships” into the search engine.
Provincial scholarships and awards
Grade 12 students completing secondary school may be eligible for scholarships and awards from the Ministry of Education. These include the
Graduation Program Examination Scholarships, the Dogwood District Awards and the Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarship. Monies
may be used to assist in tuition for attendance at designated post-secondary institutions.
Information about provincial scholarships and awards is available on the Ministry of Education website
Other scholarship opportunities
There are many other opportunities to access financial assistance for post-secondary education. Students should consult with school career
counselors for additional opportunities and information.
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Tobacco-free schools: It’s the law
In the interest of the health of students, staff and all others who use or visit schools and school district facilities,
changes to B.C.’s Tobacco Control Act, effective Sept. 2, 2007, make it illegal to use tobacco on school property. This
includes smoking, using tobacco, including chewing tobacco, and holding lighted tobacco.
Ban in effect at all times: The law makes tobacco use on school property illegal both during and outside of regular classroom hours.
The law applies to everyone: Students, staff, parents and the general public (including groups that rent school facilities outside of school
hours) are affected.
All school district facilities are included in the ban: Tobacco use is not permitted on any part of a property that is owned, leased or
operated by a school board, or any property that is used for the purpose of delivering educational programs.
All district employees are responsible for ensuring the law and board policy are followed – in the best interest of everyone’s health.
What is a transcript?
A transcript is the official document that indicates:
 successful completion of Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses;
 course achievement levels (with the exception of I, F & W);
 program participation (e.g. career preparation);
 whether a student has completed graduation requirements; and
 honours standing, if the student has a Grade Point Average (GPA) greater than 3.0 (a better than B average).
When are transcripts sent to students?
The Ministry of Education sends transcripts to all Grade 12 students at the end of July, regardless of graduation status. Schools also receive an
official printed copy. Electronic copies are sent to post-secondary institutions if requested by the student.
Transcript responsibilities of the Surrey School District
Even though the ministry provides a transcript service, school districts are the official holders of student records. Copies of ministry-produced
transcripts must be maintained by the school district for 55 years after a student graduates (or normally would have graduated) as a part of the
students' permanent record. Schools or the district may issue transcripts upon request, and are authorized to correct errors or omissions.
Obtaining copies of a transcript or permanent record card
 Students still in Grade 12 may obtain copies of their transcript from their school.
 Former students who graduated/attended in the last five years can obtain copies from the last school they attended or were registered at.
 Former students who graduated/attended more than five years ago should contact the Surrey Schools’ Records Management Services at
604-595-5314 or by email at [email protected]
The service fee is $10 for the first official copy and $5 for subsequent copies. Tax is included in the fee.
All requests must include the student's full legal name (maiden name if applicable), birth date, the last school registered at, authorization and
current contact information. All copies are officially certified and sealed.
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The Surrey Board of Education
Back row (from left): Terry Allen, Garry Thind, Shawn Wilson (chairperson).
Front row (from left): Gary Tymoschuk, Laurie Larsen (vice-chairperson),
Laurae McNally, Bob Holmes.
A message from the chairperson of the Surrey Board of Education:
If you have been a student or parent in the Surrey School District for more than a few years, you’ll
know our students consistently earn provincial and national awards, scholarships and recognitions
in a great variety of endeavours; from academics and athletics, to fine arts, environmental
initiatives and more. For just a couple of examples, in the last school year, a Frank Hurt Secondary
student was one of only 20 students nationally recognized for “outstanding youth leadership and
service” by The Vimy Foundation. At the elementary level, a Cedar Hills student was awarded an
all-expense paid trip to New York to compete internationally in a poetry slam contest after winning
the regional competition here.
District-wide, the proportion of Surrey School District students graduating within six years of
starting secondary school—a Ministry of Education district performance measurement known as
the “completion rate”—has risen yet again, continuing to outperform the provincial average
(including private schools) by a considerable margin. So, the success of our students continues to
make them, their parents, their teachers and our board very proud.
And, your school district has also garnered some significant provincial and national recognitions in
the last year. Surrey Schools has been named one of BC’s Top Employers by Mediacorp Canada
Inc. that uses a variety of criteria to evaluate submissions. The competition recognizes employers
“that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work.” The district has also been named
one of Canada’s Greenest Employers; an honour given to just 65 employers nationally. There’s
much to be proud of in learning and working in the Surrey School District. We all look forward to
the accomplishments and successes of the coming school year.
Shawn Wilson Chairperson, Surrey Board of Education
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Blended Learning?
Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face interactions and online learning experiences.
Is an online course equivalent to a course offered in a ‘brick and mortar’ school?
Yes. Our secondary (grades 8-12 courses) satisfy the B.C. Ministry of Education graduation requirements.
Students taking our online courses can, and do, graduate from the B.C. school system to go on to take
post-secondary degrees at colleges and universities.
3. How many online courses can I take at one time?
In most of the Academies you will typically register for 6 courses including the following:
Science 8
• Mathematics 8
• Applied Design, Skills and Technologies 8
• Science 8
• Physical Education 8
• Humanities 8
• French 8 (non interdisciplinary)
In the accelerated program you will register for the above courses and progressively move into equivalent
courses at the Grade 9 level.
How much does it cost?
Our no cost registration is open to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents residing in the Lower
Mainland, whom are accepted into the program. Students are strongly encouraged to have their own
learning devices and computer access with an Internet connection. Individual course enhancement costs
may be requested based on program needs. (Please contact an administrator if there is a financial hardship.)
Do the online courses follow a textbook?
Some courses may follow a prescribed textbook. Many courses, however, are “textbookless.”
How long does it take to complete an online course?
While there is no direct correlation between hours of study and course completion, we have found that
most students adhere to the following completion time spans:
Grades 8-9 ~100 hours
Students are required to provide the same commitment to their online course as their traditional courses.
What equipment is needed to take blended courses?
Students will need a computer (Pentium III or Mac OS9) with high-speed Internet access and a printer.
Minimum software requirements include Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Flash 7, and Internet Explorer
6 (or Firefox or Safari). Any advertisement blocker (pop-up blocker) needs turning off as the online quizzes
and tests are “pop-ups”.
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