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By Ben Miller
The NUS has remained virtually silent on its
relationship with Britain’s major retailers who use
child labour in Uzbekistan.
The NUS is working with clothing
retailers Matalan, plus Burton and
Topman - both part of the Arcadia
Group, who were identified in a
Newsnight programme on BBC2 on
30 October as using children to work
in cotton fields instead of going to
Classrooms are emptied across
Uzbekistan so the crop can be
harvested. The cotton industry is big
business - Uzbekistan is the second
largest exporter of cotton in the world
– and is controlled by the country’s
brutal authoritarian regime.
Having seen the programme,
barefacts sought a response from the NUS to
Newsnight’s investigation due to its relationship with
Matalan and Topshop. We asked how much money or
other offers do the clothing chains give the NUS to
be associated with the union and, in particular, NUS
barefacts also asked the NUS what actions it had
taken to find out what Matalan and Topshop are
doing to stop the use of child labour in their products
and what are their ethical criteria for
choosing companies to be associated
with the organisation.
This newspaper then further put to
the NUS that if Matalan and Topshop
are shown to use child labour in their
products, what measures does the NUS
require these companies to undertake
to ensure they meet the NUS’s ethical
standards? Also, how does the NUS
monitor these measures? What would
the NUS do if they fail to comply?
The NUS’s response was woeful. A
spokesman said: “NUS Services have
contacted Matalan for information, and
we are yet to hear back from them. We
will keep chasing this.”
“Topman and Topshop operate seperately, and while
we have an agreement with Topman, we do not have
one with Topshop.”
“The NUS
needs to
make a moral
about Uzbek
[email protected]
Issue 1114
However, barefacts received a response from
Newsnight and Simon Ostrovsky, the reporter who
broke the Uzbek cotton story. He said: “The NUS
needs to make a moral decision about Uzbek cotton,
the only ethical decision being that it does not use it
in its products. Even if the NUS says the retailers it
partners with are giving it vague responses, that is no
excuse for the union not to have a clear stance of its
own on the use of cotton produced with forced child
labour. It needs to pass this stance down to its partners
so that they know they will no longer be suppliers if
they continue to use Uzbek cotton.
“I think its important to keep in mind that cotton
in Uzbekistan is not just produced by children, it is
produced by children who are forced to do so by the
state. In Bangladesh and other poor countries, many
children work in factories because they need to help
feed their families and themselves. In Uzbekistan this
is not the case. The government buses them out of
schools and forces them to pick cotton for its own
profit, not theirs.”
Monday 5th November
Continued on page 4
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News In
----------------------------------------------------------------Over £4,000 was spent on the spectacular fireworks
display at the university on November 2, funded by the
University of Surrey Staff Club.
19th November 2007
It pays to study at Surrey
By Ben Miller
The University of Surrey has performed consistently
well on graduate employment, being named by The
Sunday Times as ‘The University for Jobs’.
Research by the Higher Education Statistics Agency has
shown that 74% of UK graduates are in full time jobs
three and a half years after finishing their degrees. Eight
out of 10 of these were classed as being in graduatelevel occupations. Of those not working full-time, 14%
were studying - 9% of whom were also working, 6%
worked part-time, 3% were unavailable for work and
2% unemployed.
Half of those quizzed (48%) were fairly satisfied
with their career to date, while another 37% were very
--------------------------------satisfied. The median salary of UK-based graduates was
Male Surrey students have been asked back to a casting in £23,000 and those with postgraduate qualifications had
London to become the face of Premier models.
the highest median salary of £28,000.
----------------------------------------------------------------Higher Education Minister Bill Rammell said: “The
--------------------------------------research also shows that the average salaries for graduates
A study by the University of Surrey found champagne
was more potent in the first 20 minutes when fizzy rather rise by about 37% in the first three years of their
than flat.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Guildford Christmas lights switch-on is at 7pm on
November 22, with the build up starting at 4pm with
music and fireworks. Oww-ahh.
debt to
be sold
By Kathryn Medien
Documents released from the Queen’s
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The University of Surrey is ranked 190th in this year’s
league table of the world’s top universities up from 258th
in 2006. Britain’s overall performance has improved, but
the US still dominates. Four of the top 10 are British and
the rest American. Harvard is top and Yale, Oxford and
Cambridge joint second.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mohammed Alnafea, who studied at the University
of Surrey had three penalty points slapped on his
driving licence when he was caught unsupervised with a
provisional licence. Alnafea said: “I am sorry for what
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Children in Surrey who are fighting cancer are to receive
a special charity award for their courage, backed by
celebrities. Cancer Research UK is launching its Little
Star Awards and inviting friends and relatives to nominate
a young cancer patient who is dear to them for special
recognition in the run up to Christmas. The Little Star
accolade is given to all under-17s who are nominated and
have undergone cancer treatment in the last five years.
speech have confirmed that student debt
is going to be sold off. The student loans
bill which is to be sold off applies to
England only and will allow the newly
appointed Student Secretary, Lord
Triesman, to follow his policy of selling
off the student loan portfolio. The
student loan book is currently worth
£18.1 billion and has been estimated
to increase to £55 billion over the next
When passed the bill will allow Triesman
to disclose personal information about
the loans to a third party and allow that
party to carry on the sale of the loans.
The President of the National Students
Union has expressed concerns and
hopes that these changes will not affect
individual students, and that confusion
dose not occur like the last time the
Government sold the loans company.
The Government has assured that the sale
will have no affect on individual students
as control over the loan regulations will
still be held at Government level.
“This, coupled with what we already know - that
graduates earn, on average, over their lifetimes about
£100,000 more after tax than those with only two Alevels - shows that going on to higher education is indeed
one of the best investments a young person can make.”
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19th November 2007
Surrey aims to be one of the best
universities in the world
By Ben Miller
The University of Surrey is planning to increase the
number of students attending the institution by more
than 5,000 in the next 10 years, a rise of 40% on current
numbers to 17,750 by 2017. The announcement was
made last week as part of plans to turn the university
into one of the world’s top academic institutions.
It is also hoped the University of Surrey’s financial
turnover will jump 150% to £500 million in the next
decade as a result of the expansion. Professor John
Turner, deputy vice-chancellor at the university, said
planning permission to build more student houses at
Manor Park has already been agreed.
Other new students will be attracted through more
spaces on existing courses, and the introduction of
new ventures such as the Surrey International Institute
in China. The University of Surrey has already secured
several agreements with Guildford Borough Council
for new buildings on its campuses. Along with new
accommodation, Manor Park will also be home to a
£30 million sports complex, while a multi-faith centre
is planned for Stag Hill.
The university has high hopes to become a world
renowned centre for learning. This includes plans to
introduce “lifelong learning” to its students, expand
the number of courses it offers, and use its expertise
to develop new businesses, like the successful Surrey
Satellite Technology Ltd.
Professor Christopher Snowden, vice-chancellor at
the University, said: “We will focus on continuing
to provide quality in everything that we do, while
continuing to build on the distinctiveness of Surrey,
which partly comes from our strong links to industry
and our very high levels of graduate employment.”
“These strategic partnerships will help develop our
Pissed Off
By Ben Miller
A man has been caught after
urinating through the letterbox
and doorway of a house on
Walnut Tree Close, Guildford.
The incident took place at
around 1.40am on November
6, and was reported to the
police where a description of
the offender was circulated.
He was found in the grounds
of the University of Surrey
and taken to Guildford police
station where he was cautioned
for criminal damage. A force
spokesman could not confirm
whether the teenager was a
University of Surrey student.
The event follows an
ongoing campaign run by the
university and students’ union
in conjunction with the police,
which aims to encourage all
late night revellers, including
students, to go home quietly.
Silent Students Happy Homes
(SSHH) partly focuses on
Walnut Tree Close, which has
seen a number of occurrences
of criminal damage and
antisocial behaviour.
Ashley Murray, VP for
welfare of the students’ union,
which is leading the campaign,
said: “The SSHH campaign is
going very well.
Incidents on Walnut Tree
Close have gone down a fair
amount, I believe. They’re not
always to do with students
from the university – it’s other
people around Guildford as
well. We can assure people that
we are working closely with
police and local authorities
to reduce the number of
By Ben Miller
research and enhance our teaching experience while
cementing the community in which we exist. This is an
exciting time for us as an institution as we set out to
become a leading 21st century university.”
Sleepy Surrey
The clocks going back an hour wouldn’t have
helped the 30 million Britons who could be
suffering from semi-somnia – chronic tiredness
caused by our hectic 24-hour lifestyle, a term
coined by leading sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley,
formerly of the University of Surrey.
Professor Derk-Jan Dijk, director of the Sleep
Research Centre at the University of Surrey,
says the clocks changing back to Greenwich
Mean Time affects both morning and evening
types: “I would expect that, because we get to
sleep that extra hour, the morning person would
be wide awake long before the alarm clock goes
off. The evening person will think they are
finally waking at a more or less a reasonable
While the structure of the traditional working
day suits morning types, evening types only start
functioning properly later on. “Our biological
clock is our internal time-keeper,” says Dijk. “It
gives us a system to know when it is time to
wake up or go to sleep.”
Win InterRail tickets
An online game aimed at
raising awareness of climate
change and offering students
the chance to win a pair of
InterRail tickets worth up
to £900, has been launched
at the University of Surrey
and 37 other universities in
The game is part of Friends
of the Earth’s climate
awareness-raising campaign,
The Big Ask. The campaign urges
‘protection against
climate change’, which includes a series
of posters showing condoms covering
a coal power station chimney, a car
exhaust and an aeroplane engine. The
campaign aims to show students that
climate change solutions do exist and
they have an important role to play in
tackling it.
Log on to to
find out more.
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Surrey’s plans to go global
By Kathryn Medien
Studying abroad would not be
compulsory as it would not suit all
students’ arrangements but will be an
option and will hopefully draw even
more high achievers to the institution.
Surrey also hopes to increase the number
of courses available and bridge out from
its traditional strengths of science and
The University has very high ambitions
in regards to applicants and is looking
to increase the student numbers by 40%
over the next 10 years as well as increasing
the University’s financial turnover by
over 150%. Although these targets
appear very ambitious, the university are
confident that they can be reached.
The University of Surrey has revealed
exciting new plans which would involve
students spending each year of their degree
in a different country, under plans to turn
the institution into one of the world’s top
The University’s 10 year plan was unveiled
on Tuesday 7th November and involves
plans to provide students with unique skills
accquired through experiencing different
cultures. Under the proposals students will
be able to choose to spend their first year in
Guildford, their second in China, the third
in industry abroad and their final year in the
US, but still come out with a Surrey degree.
Surrey is now looking to develop ties with
universities across the globe but with initial
focus on the US and China.
By Ben Miller
Students looking for ways to earn
cash and reduce their borrowings while
studying can turn to
a website designed to create a major
new employment market that matches
student skills against the demand
for one-off jobs from businesses or
Students post their profiles online
and list all their skills. Customers
search the database for someone who
has the skills they require, or if they
can’t find a match they can post their
job requirements.
The website acts as an interactive
jobs noticeboard, automatically putting
students and their potential clients in
touch with each other. Studentgems.
com operates an e-bay style ratings
system so that students and employers
can leave reviews about each other.
NUS drags feet on child labour
Continued from Front Page
Two years ago the army put an end to street protests in
the city of Andijan killing hundreds of demonstrators.
Scores of dissidents and journalists were thrown in jail, and
the BBC was denied permission to operate there.
To get into Uzbekistan, Newsnight posed as reporters
from a textile industry magazine. They filmed cotton fields
full of school children, some as young as nine, hard at work.
Police were seen marshalling hundreds of children onto
buses bound for the cotton fields.
One boy working in the fields told Newsnight he and his
friends would not go to school until November. He said he
picked up to 70 kilos of cotton a day. Human rights groups
estimate 450,000 children are shut out of schools and work
in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan every harvest.
The industry claims mixing materials from many sources
makes it impossible to trace cotton back to the field. But
Newsnight managed to trace cotton in garments worn in
the UK from the clothes rack to the cotton field.
The Delta Group, with a production capacity of 1.5
million garments per month, said Matalan was its major UK
client. Eighty per cent of its cotton comes from Uzbekistan
and other Central Asian countries.
The Radiance group, which said it used yarn supplied
to it by a company using Uzbek cotton, makes clothes for
Burton. At a trade fair Newsnight found a Topman hoodie
with “Made in Uzbekistan” on the label.
Matalan confirmed that Delta in Bangladesh was one
of its suppliers. In a statement it said: “Matalan does not
designate where its suppliers supply from ... we do not audit
the thousands of suppliers to our suppliers, as some simple
garments of clothing we take for granted, and wear each
day, contain up to 50 different components.”
In the case of Topman, its owner Sir Philip Green
confirmed his company had ordered a trial run of the
hoodie seen at the fair, but said they did no further business
with the supplier. Sir Philip, who also owns Burton, said:
“We rely on our suppliers to source all raw materials, and
to operate according to our detailed Code of Conduct
which includes the statement that ‘child labour must not
be used’ ... We would not be supportive of using cotton in
products where the cotton has been picked in the manner
you allege.... we are now conducting our own investigation
with our garment suppliers into the source of cotton fibres
used in our garments.”
The Uzbekistan Government told Newsnight they
adhere to international conventions on child labour and
“[forbid] any form of child labour on cotton fields and
other agricultural sectors” and that the “minimal age for
age for employment [is] from 16 years”.
barefacts will continue to hold the NUS to account over
its relationship with Matalan, Burton and Topman.
- Do you feel angered and annoyed by the NUS’s silence?
Let them know by contacting them at [email protected]
Watch Newsnight’s shocking film on the BBC website.
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Dear barefacts.......
Problems at the Manor.
When my friends and I were deciding where to live during our final year of university
the first requirements that came to our heads were that of wanting somewhere hassle
free to live. We didn’t want pesky landlords causing grief, or old boilers packing up as
soon as it gets cold. So we turned to living in university residences. All being final years
and wanting to live together, Manor Park was the obvious choice. Final year student
only flats with no freshers to get in the way of what is our most important year, degree
wise, at Surrey. So, 10 weeks into the semester are we enjoying stress free living? No,
is the answer. What do we get for our neat £94 a week rent? The answer is a nice new
room with an en-suite. That’s about it. The rest entails an internet service which is
worse then the dark ages of dial-up. When it takes 10 minutes to access university
emails you know there is something not quite right. You also get a heating system that
up until this week has not worked. It took four weeks of complaining and pestering to
the court reception that I had a problem and about 4 visits from ‘engineers’ to fix.
So, myself being the type to want some sort of value for my money I got in touch with
the accommodation office to see why the residences resnet is the way it is, why problems
take so long to fix and dare I ask, maybe some compensation for spending four weeks
in the cold and technological dark ages . The reply I get is one that states that resnet
only costs £43 per year per room and that giving students such small compensation
would be a waste when it can be put towards improving the resnet service. If it does
cost £43 per year room per room I find it very hard to believe that this is reflected in
the rent charged to the students! I am also told to answer some simple questions about
my problems and to send them to the head of IT services. Being helpful I do just this,
but receive nothing in reply apart from a week long out of office reply. Improving
the service is obviously a high priority! (Note my sarcasm there…)
If you have any opinions or issues
you want to talk about, why not
send us a letter, e-mail or carrier
We Love Post!
Now my purpose in writing this letter/moan is that I would like to know what the
university plans to do about the problems with resnet? I hear on the grapevine that
they are in the process of upgrading the service. If this is the case when will we see the
benefits? This kind of problem should have been foreseen. I mean if you build brand
new residences and install a new campus wide voice over IP phone system and just slap
it on top of the existent network, isn’t it obvious that performance is going to suffer?
Even I can see that, and I’m supposed to be a common sense devoid student! I mean
this is a University and an affluent one at that, not some budget stricken high school.
Some common sense please management. When trying to complete your final year the
internet is a necessity and to have all these constant problems causes nothing but stress
amongst us already frail 4th years. Residences at Surrey are one of the most expensive in
the country; surely we should be getting something for our money? Now lets see how
long it takes me to email this to Barefacts…
Yours Stressfully,
Disgruntled from Manor Park
The University will, of
course, have the right
of reply in the next
issue - if it so desires.
What a difference a day month makes!
Our regular column by Union President, Alex Collins
It appears that something has sparked off a democracy
virus in the last few weeks. In its first year of existence,
the Faculty Rep system has taken a while to gain
momentum. Now we have four faculty reps and progress
is being made to ensure they have the best possible
communication with students in their faculties. Having
said that, the turnout for candidates and the elections
was poor. It could have been the online voting system,
the constituency based voting, the lack of campaigning
or the general lack of understanding of what a faculty
rep actually is. Hopefully, we have managed to overcome
those hurdles, and the best way to judge that is through
the success or otherwise of the Exec elections.
It’s a cold Wednesday morning; it’s the day nominations
end for our exec elections. Our target was to have more
candidates than last year and then a few, so we settled
on an aim of 15 at the start of the planning. It was the
last day of nominations, and we had 9 candidates. “Oh
dear, is Alex about to explode?” I think was the thought
running through some heads. Yes, was the answer. I
rallied the Sabbs and staff and set us a new target of
20 nominations, knowing that there were a few routes
we hadn’t tapped into enough. Our relationship with
the Postgraduate Association (PGA) is currently really
good - we are seeing eye to eye - and Ash (VP Welfare)
and myself are dedicating a lot of time to working with
Ciaran (PGA President) to ensure Postgrads get what
they need. As a result, through Ciaran and his unashamed
advertising of the positions we got a big increase in
visibility within the Postgrad population. Also all the
Sabbs worked hard on campus to ensure the message was
clear - who are exec, what do they do, why should I do
It worked. The effort made by the union to realign staff
into more marketing/communication focussed roles
has worked. We had a team of Sabbs and staff working
in harmony to spread the message and the result was a
whopping 26 nominations. Even I was left speechless
come 5pm by the sheer amount of enthusiasm that had
seemingly come from nowhere.
Monday arrived: poster time! The usual problem with
overenthusiastic candidates meant we had to remove
some posters before the watershed, but then it was all
wagons roll. It was like a scene from Changing Rooms,
where the camera is sped up. You could see throughout
the day the campus transforming into a colourful meld
of campaigning, posters, stickers, banners and more!
The days of campaigning continued and then voting
day arrived. An early start for everyone involved in
setting up the voting, as this election we have gone back
to the paper based system over the online system. The
ballot boxes were manned all over campus by a team of
specially trained individuals from the union, run in SAS
style by the Deputy Returning Officer, Paul. Like all
elections, it seems, the weather was freezing cold, but the
candidates weren’t put off and there was a great show of
campaigning on the day.
The final showdown was in Chancellors at 7pm - the
suspense as I read out the results! There were tears and
joy like in all elections, but we now have a full executive
in place. The best thing? – Over 1000 votes in total,
compared to 212 last year. Well done everyone involved.
What a result!
So was this enthusiasm always there anyway? Well,
maybe, but the difference was that this time the Students’
Union went out and told people why they should listen
and what a difference it would make - and it worked!
Meet your new exec on the 4th December at Students’
Assembly and find out what their aims for their year in
office are. Enjoy the next two weeks before exams start!
[email protected]
barefacts’ food editor Verity dishes out some
tasty recipes and food tips
Inspired Salmon
Serves 2
250g noodles
50g baby vegetable mix
(sweetcorn/sugar-snap peas/
1 baby pak choi roughly chopped
4 spring onions trimmed and halved
2 tsp vegetable oil
2 x 150g salmon fillets
(can be brought frozen and defrosted)
2 tbsp teriyaki sauce
1 litre vegetable stock
Red miso soup powder
Cook noodles in a saucepan of boiling water for 2 minutes. Add baby
vegetables and pak choi and cook for a further 2 minutes. Drain and
set aside. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the spring onions. Add
the salmon and fry for 2 minutes on each side or until the fillets are
opaque and light pink throughout. Spread the teriyaki sauce over the
salmon. Bring the stock to the boil in a large saucepan and add the
miso powder. Divide the noodles and vegetables between two deep
bowls, spoon over the stock and top with the salmon.
Chicken and Wine
Pasta Sauce
19th November 2007
To get your recipe on the next barefacts food page
email it to
[email protected]
by the
23rd November!
Don’t forget next issue is the
Christmas barefacts ..
So get those winter day recipes in!
Fruity Flapjacks
250g rolled porridge oats
100g margarine
80g brown sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup
1 banana mashed
Pinch salt
(add a handful of either;
raisins, dried cranberries,
cherries or chocolate chips if
you fancy)
Preheat the oven to gas mark 5 (190°C). Melt the butter in a large
saucepan on the hob. Add the sugar and golden syrup and stir. Add
the oats gradually and the pinch of salt. Add the mashed banana (and
Serves 4
the extra fruit/chocolate if you fancy) and mix well. Grease a deep
baking tray and spread the mixture evenly over it. Bake in the middle
300g penne pasta
shelf of the oven for 15-20 minutes until mixture turns golden.
2tbsp olive oil
the mixture in to portions with a knife before it cools. Allow
250g skinless chicken breasts
1 garlic clove finely chopped to harden and cool. Enjoy as snacks to keep you going through your
1 onion finely chopped
3 celery sticks diced
2 carrots peeled and diced
2 tsp oregano
2 tsp parsley
400g tinned chopped tomatoes
125ml red wine
Salt and pepper
The Vegetable
Heat oil in a large saucepan. Add garlic. Chop chicken in to cubes and
fry until coloured. Add onion, celery and carrot and fry for 5 minutes.
Add the herbs, wine, tomatoes and salt and pepper. Simmer sauce
for 10 minutes. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions.
Serve the sauce over the penne with parmesan cheese.
Apologies to Tracey Plowman for
missing your name off the opinion
piece “A Vegans View” in the last
Vegetables that would look tasty
arranged on pizza:
peppers, mushrooms, aubergine,
artichoke hearts, olives, jalapeños,
red onions, spring onions, sweetcorn,
tomatoes, spinach and asparagus
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Random Facts
Certain millipedes give off cyanide gas
as a defensive mechanism.
Hoax Buster Case 3:
Sweeteners: Sugars ‘N’spice
Or Not So Nice?
By Emma Rogulska
The antibacterial components of
antibacterial soaps (usually triclosan
or, less commonly, triclocarbon) needs
to be left on a surface for about two
minutes in order to work. Most people
are not this patient, and end up washing
off the soap before the antibacterial
ingredients can do their job.
Aspirin and Heroin were created by
the same chemist 11 days apart.
No matter its size or thickness, no
piece of paper can be folded in half
more than 8 times.
Consumption of TNT produces black
Cranberries are sorted for ripeness
by bouncing them; a fully ripened
cranberry can be dribbled like a
The best recorded distance for
projectile vomiting is 27 feet.
A fear of long words is, ironically,
called “Hippopotomonstrosesquippe
What’s your weakness? Chocolate, cake, biscuits? Or do you
rely on a sweet cup of tea to get you through the day? Most of
us like sweet things; as one of the five basic tastes, sweetness is
generally regarded as pleasurable sensation and our bodies crave
the huge energy associated with sweet substances. The problem
being that if you don’t burn the energy consumed it soon gets
stored as fat.
In today’s culture we are all aware of the consequences of being
overweight, with constant publicity highlighting the many health
risks associated.
What we want is to be able to have our cake, eat it, but skip
some of the calories - and with the discovery of sweeteners, our
dreams of guilt free indulgence seemed to have come true.
around for a long time now
but very few people have an
understanding of what they
are and how they work. This
is particularly concerning
when you take into account
the quantity of sweeteners we
consume on a regular basis in
conjunction with the bad press
they’ve received over the years.
You’d think we’d question the safety of any consumable substance
which has at some point been linked to practically every disease
imaginable - from a variety of cancers all the way to lupus!
So are sweeteners safe? Well I’m afraid the answer is not a
simple as the question. For starters there are many different
“sweeteners” and they aren’t all alike. They can, however, be split
into two basic distinguishing groups – nutritive sweeteners and
non-nutritive sweeteners. As their names suggest, one set have an
associated calorie count, whereas the others do not seem to make
any calorific contribution.
Nutritive sweeteners can further be categorised into sugars and
sugar alcohols
Sugars are the natural small molecules that make up
carbohydrates. Examples of which are single unit sugars
(monosaccharide) like glucose, fructose and disaccharides made
of two monosaccharide molecules like sucrose which consists
of a fructose molecule and glucose molecule bonded together.
Sugar alcohols are molecules similar in structure to sugars and
alcohol, hence their name, which have less calories associated
with them than sugars.
This is due to the fact that
they cannot be broken down and
fully absorbed by the body.
Non-nutritive sweeteners tend
to be synthetic organic
compounds; large carbon
containing molecules which have
been manufactured via chemical
Hundreds of synthetic organic compounds are known to be
sweet. The number of these that are legally permitted as food
additives is, however, much smaller. For example, chloroform,
nitrobenzene, and Ethylene glycol are sweet, but also toxic.
It the safety of the non-nutritive group of sweeteners in
particular that is most questionable, as they are not something
we encounter in natural foodstuffs – so we know less about their
long term biological effects, if they have any.
Their are currently seven artificial sweeteners certified as safe
for widespread use by UK Food Standards Agency: saccharin,
cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, alitame,
and neotame.
This means that each of these sweeteners has been evaluated
based on their safety, sensory qualities (for example, clean sweet
taste, no bitterness, odourless), and stability in various food
environments. An Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) for each has
also been established. That is the amount of that sweetener that
can be consumed daily over a lifetime without appreciable health
risk to a person on the basis of all the known facts.
But how many of us know what the ADI is? Or are aware that
sweeteners have them? Many food stuffs have a label letting you
know that the product sugar free but I’ve never seen anything
detailing the amount of sweetener in it and stating the ADI for
that sweetener. Surely this is important as if we are surpassing
the annual recommended intake that would suggest there could
be biological consequences.
For example Aspartame’s ADI is set at 40 milligrams per
kilogram of body weight. This is equivalent to 2,800 milligrams
for an average British adult, but as the content of sweeteners is
not usually listed on the back of products there is no way of
knowing whether we are surpassing the ADI.
23% of all photocopier faults
worldwide are caused by people sitting
on them and photocopying their
Do you know about a cool science event going on? Why not write and tell me what
it was like. You can review science resources you’ve used; were they good or bad
and why?
Let me know about things you’d like explaining – anything from why do light bulbs
turn on if you put them in the microwave to why can’t the common cold be cured?
If you went out into space, you would
explode before you suffocated because
there’s no air pressure.
Contact: Emma e-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
5th November 2007
Planet Or Pocket :
Who’s Gonna Pay?
By Emma Rogulska
I make to help the environment will need to fit into
my lifestyle’.
Recycling is an idea that is well established, it is relatively
inconvenient due to council collections and recycling
points at supermarkets and alleviates the feelings of guilt
caused by peoples otherwise un-ecofriendly lifestyles.
We may travel by car, buy over packaged goods and use
air travel for leisure but at least we recycle. But how is
recycling a few tins, some jam jars and the odd cardboard
box meant to offset the multitude of sins incorporated
in modern living?
In the words of Timothy Cooper “What the revival
of recycling has really done, like the myth of “ethical
consumerism”, is to give the impression that the
environmental crisis presented by global capitalism can be
indefinitely delayed if only we all do our bit”. But is this
the case? – Even if every person in the world minimised
their total consumption and we eradicated waste would
the world be able to support us?
It is the opinion of some, that a huge part of the strain we
are putting the world under is purely due to the fact that
the human population is constantly increasing and that
we have therefore surpassed the point up to which the
world’s resources were sustainable. “Unceasing economic
growth, increasing per capita resource consumption, and
global population growth have teamed with our reliance
on finite reserves of fossil energy to exceed the Earth’s
absorptive and regenerative capacities.” says John Feeney.
He believes that even abundant clean energy will not
The future of our planet will affect us all, if not directly
through environmental changes, through government
legislation regarding impacting factors such as waste,
travel, and prices of energy related products.
It is obvious that by using more energy efficient devices
and processes we can potentially reduce emissions and
consumption of resources, but this isn’t necessarily
what is happening. This is partially due to the fact
that commercially increased efficiency also results in
an increased profitability. This means that industrially
increased efficiency often results in company expansion
We all want to live our lives comfortably as possible
and consequently whether or not we do something is
increasingly governed by whether or not we can afford
to. This means that in many cases conservation in one
area leads to expenditure in another.
For example, insulated houses save energy and money
on heating but this is not of ecological benefit if the
money saved by efficient heat retention is then spent on
air travel.
A survey was recently conducted by BRMB in
conjunction with Defra, involving 3,618 participants
from 379 areas to establish Public Attitudes and
Behaviours toward the Environment.
Results of the survey indicated that the majority of
people appear to be both aware of and concerned about
the problems besetting the global environment, and to
believe that human behaviour has brought these about.
There was also widespread optimism that it was not too
and increased production capacities, increasing overall late to do something about climate change and that it
consumption! It’s a case of economical gain at the price would be possible to overcome the world’s environmental
of ecological loss.
However, while the majority subscribe to the need for
Lifestyle also seems to dictate the use of efficiency
increasingly in our day to day lives: Cars were once a individuals to change their behaviour, there are a whole
luxury, only affordable to a privileged minority, nowadays range of reasons which some people give to explain
most of us can afford a car but the question is that if we why they themselves do not do more. One of the most
make more efficient cars will we actually reduce emissions prevalent is the being their efforts would make very little
and petrol usage? Or will it just encourage people to use difference to climate change in the national and global
their cars further as they are cheaper to run? Will people context.
Other reasons included lack of information, lack of
buy the biggest car they can afford instead of buying a
time and finding it hard to change established habits.
more efficient version of the cars they already have?
The problem is that the environment is rarely a Certain individuals made no excuses and were quite frank
consideration in our day to day lives, whereas money and about their lack of motivation to change their lifestyle,
convenience are. So decisions made about the way we live saying that the environment was a low priority for them
are influenced by these factors primarily; how often do compared with a lot of other things in their life, or that end ecological deterioration of the earth. And the only
you base a lifestyle decision on its environmental impact? it would take too much effort to change. Most people achievable means of attaining truly sustainable existence
More frequently we are more concerned with a reduction are resistant to making radical changes to their current we must reduce the global population size.
lifestyle - almost half concurred that ‘any changes
in expense, than in emissions or use of materials.
Fast Food Fact
Takeru Kobayashi is the world’s fastest eater. He is the top ranked
eater in the world according to the ‘International Federation of
Competitive Eating’. He set his first record on July 4, 2001, when
he ate 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes at the Nathan’s Coney Island
hot dog-eating contest, shattering the previous record of 25.5.
The record was so unexpected that when Kobayashi got to the
later numbers, the organizers ran out of signs indicating how
many dogs Kobayashi had eaten and had to resort to handwritten
signs. In 2002 he beat his previous record by one half of a hot
dog, consuming 50.5 Nathan’s famous hot dogs in 12 minutes.
On July 4, 2004 he set a new record when he ate 53.5 in the same
amount of time. Kobayashi has a condition called gastroptosis, an
abnormal downward displacement of the stomach. It plays a role
in his eating ability because his stomach is able to expand below
the rib cage unlike most people, allowing him to take in large
portions of food.
[email protected]
19th November 2007
[email protected]
19th November 2007
F 7
ERS /11/200
FOAM /2007
N 07
I 11/20
OU 12/
We are Scientists, inverviewed by Barny
Leavers and Andy Vale from GU2
Thanks to all the
contributors! If you want to
send in your own pictures,
email [email protected]
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Dr Russ replies... Exams Looming...
Dr Russ Clark is our very own careers advisor,offering advice from placements to job
applications ...
Dr Russ answers all!
I’m worried that exams are looming and I still haven’t you graduate, you could decide to put off applying till then knowing that other
filled out all the application forms I intended. What opportunities should still be around.
should I do?
This is one of those questions for which there is no right or wrong answer. There are
all sorts of personal issues involved. For example, how important is it that you have a
definite job offer before you leave? It goes without saying that the more applications
you make, the more you increase your chances of finding a job. Mind you, it is
mainly the well-known graduate recruiters who set early closing dates for receipt of
application forms and they are also the ones who are the most difficult to get into.
Simply making lots of applications doesn’t guarantee you a job. Only you can decide
whether you want to make the extra effort required to meet their deadlines and keep
alive your chances of employment with them.
But aren’t they more likely to be smaller employers who
advertise in the summer?
Generally speaking this is true. Most of the employers who recruit graduates in
large numbers are likely to have filled their vacancies. However, they sometimes fail
to meet their target or perhaps their original target changes for some reason so you
can still pick up occasional vacancies with the popular recruiters. You could also
consider applying the following year. Of course, if your aim is to work for a smaller
organisation anyway then leaving it till nearer the time you graduate would work very
much in your favour.
I am wondering whether it might be better to concentrate
Any final tips?
on my degree. What do you think?
If you are you on a borderline at the moment e.g. First / 2.1 or 2.1 / 2.2 and you
think that spending too much time on application forms will interfere with your
chances of getting a higher degree class, then you might benefit from a strategic
decision to put your job-hunting on hold for the time being. It may also help you to
know that typically about 30% of Surrey graduates obtain their work by replying to
advertisements. Since these are more likely to be available nearer to the time
Just one. If you are someone who is good at getting on with things through careful
prioritisation and a well-organised lifestyle, then you might be able to squeeze a few
more application forms out of your busy schedule. If you decide to do that, you can
check closing dates in Vacancies for Finalists on the Careers Service website at
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Environment Officer
Ethics and Equal
Oppurtunities Officer
Events Officer
QUOTA: 323
QUOTA: 247
QUOTA: 356
QUOTA: 305
[email protected]
19th November 2007
nal Officer
S: 368
2 (and RON)
Post Graduate Research
Post Graduate Taught
QUOTA: 287
QUOTA: 249
QUOTA: 397
Union Chairperson
[email protected]
19th November 2007
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Almost Accurate Astrology
What Does Your Week Have In Store?
Aries (March 21 - April 20)
You’re going through an emotional slowdown at the moment, but that doesn’t mean
you can’t enjoy life. It’s just one of those days that calls attention to your deeper needs,
so pay attention and play along.
Lucky Colour: Green
Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
People aren’t fully forthcoming today, so don’t trust every last word you hear. They
aren’t necessarily lying, but context may be much more important than usual. Try to
play it cool and keep moving.
Lucky Colour: Blue
Scorpio (October 21 November 20)
Something that seems small to you is
a big deal to the world at large - and
your reputation is climbing steadily
as a result! You don’t need to set
anyone straight, because you can tell
that it’s all relative.
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Sagittarius (November
21 - December 20)
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Exams are nearing, and you should
It’s one of those days better spent alone or huddled up with someone close. Your probably concentrate on your studies
feelings are running deep and you may be able to get a better grip on them if you have now. You should not be up drinking
the time and energy to devote to reflection.
all night, pulling this and that in the
Lucky Colour: Cyan
union. But who am I to judge, party
on! But remember that you have
Cancer (June 21 - July 20)
exams early in the morning! You’ve been warned.
Now is a great time to speak up, no matter how unpopular you fear your views may Lucky Colour: Orange
be. Your way with words can help you to persuade some and the rest will at least
respect the power of your convictions.
Capricorn (December 21 - January 20)
Lucky Colur: Silver
Make an afternoon of it with a few close friends, having lunch, and catching up on
what’s going on with everyone. Then do something together, perhaps sports or an
artistic activity. Take advantage of any opportunity to meet new people. You could
Leo (July 21 - Aug 20)
meet a new friend or if unattached, you may find a new love interest.
You can tell that there is plenty you still don’t know -- the tricky part is figuring out Lucky Colour: Purple
how to learn where to begin learning. Take a stab and see what happens. The worst
that can happen is you have to move on.
Aquarius (January 21 - February 20)
Lucky Colour: White
You’ve got more power than you may realize and now is the best time to exert it. Try
not to step on too many toes -- you may need the people they’re attached to at some
Virgo (August 21 - September 20)
later date! Your brain is a big help. Get going!!
You were born feeling incredibly conscientious and today brings that quality out in Lucky Colour: Brown
the open for all to see. You may feel forced to decline something fun that gets in the
way of your responsibilities.
Pisces (Feb 21 - March 20)
Lucky Colour: Red
Your mood is a bit out of sync with those of the people around you, but you shouldn’t
let that affect you too deeply. It’s a temporary situation and if you just slow down for
Libra (September 21 - October 20)
a while, things should pick up soon.
Try not to resist the flow of activity today -- there’s not much you can do to direct it Lucky Colour: Teal
and you should actually have a blast if you let go and enjoy the ride. Your people are
delighted to have you along.
Lucky Colour: Black
Voice Your Opinion!
Is Our University too
Last week, barefacts revealed that the University of Surrey is the 53rd most
expenisve university in the UK, Agree/Disagree? Send you views, opinions, and
comments to [email protected]
[email protected]
Beat the
5th November 2007
With exams approaching ..take some time out
and try out puzzlelord’s brain teasers
Clues Down:
1) Reposition; reorder. (9)
2) -------- da Vinci: Italian painter and
inventor; former Brazillian football
player and BBC football pundit. (8)
3) The day of the week on which New
Year’s Day 2008 will fall. (7)
4) Freak occurrence that isn’t covered
by your insurance policy. (3, 2, 3)
5) Five-hundred and four years - French
beds. (Cryptic) (6)
6) Attach; stick. (5)
Clues Across:
7) and 8. Yorkshire Ripper fades gradually before Uma Therman’s initials note after rock-face. (Cryptic) (5, 9)
10) See 28.
11) Irregular; intermittent. (8)
12) Processed cheese for which kids will do anything. (8)
13) Pre-sixteen secondary school qualification that was indubitably more difficult when I took it. (1, 1, 1, 1)
15) Dispicable; dishonourble. (7)
17) Proceed; development. (7)
20) See 28.
22) The point of a planet’s orbit where it is furthest from the Sun. (8)
26) Biblical prophet who really annoyed Jezebel. (6)
25) Winter flower with white petals, grown from bulbs. (8)
27) Laboriously; arduously. (9)
28) and 10 and 20. What my true love gave to me on the third day of Christmas. (5, 6, 4)
page 21
[email protected]
5th November 2007
Send your submissions to
Arts Editor : Jake South
[email protected]
Foo Fighters
Echoes, Silence, Patience &
The Foo Fighters are back
with their sixth studio album,
which sees them rocking hard
(but not too hard) and showing
occasional soft (but not too
soft) touches. Opening with
the album’s leading single
The Pretender, they follow
their successful blueprint of
brooding opening which builds into a belting rocker. It’s
the same as their last few album’s leading singles, but it’s
a genuine case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ It works; its
solid rock and they win points for it.
There are many high points such as second single ‘Long Road
to Ruin’ and ‘Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)’
both which maintain some solid rhythm and show that Dave
Grohl still has the magic to write a great hard rock song, its
what he knows and he does it well. ‘Ballad of Beaconsfield
Miners’ has an interesting story behind it and is an acoustic
instrumental that adds another string to the bow of Grohl’s
musical dexterity. However including it in the final album is
maybe a step too far as it would have been fine as B-side/
Unfortunately there is some frustratingly nondescript songs
on here, such as ‘Erase/Replace.’ It’s the inclusion of so
much of this type of nod-along-and-forget standards that
have prevented them joining Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and
Grohl’s former band Nirvana on the highest mantle of Rock
Gods. Luckily there isn’t quite as much on this album as
their other recent efforts. After a few little slumps it really
picks up towards the end with ‘But, Honestly’ and ‘Home’
upholding the high standards that a band of this calibre
and reputation should always be aiming for.
This will no doubt sell millions, storm the charts and win
them a handful of awards. They will play to thousands
of fans in sold out concerts where many of these will be
played in the format they were intended (they are a better
live band by far), but I could have told you all that before
listening to it. However I can’t help thinking that they missed
an opportunity to make a truly stunning album and settled
for a very good one. In fairness this is probably their best
album since ‘The Colour and The Shape’ and at the very
least suggests that they are heading in the right direction.
Andy Vale
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (12A)
Universal Studios
In George Orwell’s 1984 the question was raised that if everyone
tells you 4+4=5 and you believed it to be so, was it true? One could
also question that if many factors of key historical events are
blurred (or totally made up) in a film, while most people don’t
know it, does it eventually
become history?
Intellectual snobbery aside,
up to 1998’s Oscar winning
masterpiece Elizabeth is a
fair attempt that perhaps
tries too hard. The use of an
epic musical score seemingly
longer than ten seconds began
to feel almost intrusive and
the effect had long worn off
by the time anything worthy
of such grandeur was upon us. Also many of the supporting
cast were criminally underdeveloped, worst of which were some
of her opponents who were kept at the level of cartoon villain
throughout. We are never quite sure about the role of Rhys Ifans’
Robert Reston, other than that he is a bad catholic who wants to
kill the queen.
However the role of the queen herself is handled with the finest
skill by Cate Blanchett, who makes this an enjoyable film when
it easily could have been a disastrous one. With a commanding
presence she plays the entire spectrum of her character, from
regal dignity to entirely human irrational emotion during her
(entirely fictional) affectionate asides with Sir Walter Raleigh.
It is an example of an actress truly bringing to life a character
many have only seen in old paintings and archaic text books.
The cinematography was often breathtaking, the costumes were
of the highest Tudor order and the actors mostly did all that
was asked of them. Geoffrey Rush was sterling as Walsingham
but had to part of some ludicrous side-plot involving his brother,
which was unnecessarily created and added little to the film.
Meanwhile Clive Owen’s Walter Raleigh was captivating and
Samantha Morton was woefully underused in the role of Mary
Queen of Scots. We also saw how people can misuse religion
in order to manipulate others to do their own bloody deeds, a
point which could have been made a bit better than with the
occasionally caricatured Spaniards
As sequels go this was no Speed 2, but it certainly wasn’t Empire
Strikes Back either. There was patriotism of the highest order
on display at times, I half felt this was a good thing as it was a
period in history where we can be proud of. We often moan at
the over-patriotic, biased and ‘you would be speaking German…’
type historical American films; it’s almost as if the idea to make
our own never cropped up in our bitter mindset. However we shot
ourselves in the foot here as history itself told a great English
story, but bafflingly (and falsely) the script writers thought they
could do a better job of it.’
Andy Vale
Don’t miss the new series
of The Mighty Boosh,
Thursdays, BBC3.
[email protected]
19th November 2007
An Interview with We Are Scientists
As many of you will be fully aware, Saturday 10th November hosted an evening of live music
featuring what can be easily classed as the finest band to perform upon the union stage in
many a moon. Yes of course it is the prestigious We Are Scientists that I am reminiscing about
in this text format. Due to this being such a momentous event for the University of Surrey
I felt it was fully required to grab a pew and have an interview with the band members
themselves. And so, only two hours after the sun was at its highest point in the sky on that
fair Saturday, my co-conspirator Jake Howell and I moved at haste towards the union for one
extraordinary conversation.
Upon arrival, it was the handsome bassist Chris Cain that greeted us. Chris was looking well,
boasting slinky smart trous, a long-sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled up (fashion), and what
appeared to be a tweed waistcoat. We liked it. Not only this but Chris was half way through
a cup of tetleys tea; refreshing. Our conversation began with a discussion about cheap
products from Hong Kong, before I moved on to what could have been the touchy subject of
Michael Tapper (the original W.A.S dummer) departing from the band earlier that week. This
is something that had left the nation in a state of shock and concern, fear of tour cancellation
was on every human’s mind, Chris however was well prepared to calm our thoughts;
“Its true, it’s true, Michael Tapper has left the band. But it wasn’t sudden at all; it was
something that we had been talking about as a group for a few months, so not nearly as
sudden as the announcement may have led one to believe. Michael just had a bunch of other things he wanted to do”.
We agreed that this was fair, before moving on to the topic of “Brain Thrust Mastery”, the possible title of their new album (“first
official announcement”) and title of the seminars that Chris and Keith (vocals/guitar) have been giving.
“Well on the last album [With Love and Squalor] we wanted to make something that sounded like three people could easily be
playing it. On the new album the type of songs we were writing really seemed to call for a fourth part, so we needed Max (keys
and guitars).
South: Are we going to see a more electronic side to W.A.S with this new record then?
Chris: Most of the keyboard stuff on it is organ so it’s not necessarily super synthy. There’s a couple of drum machines used
throughout but that’s about as electronic as it gets. It definitely isn’t like dance rock, there aren’t any dance disco beats; there
are some very danceable beats but no disco beats.
S: Can you tell us a bit about your Brain Thrust Mastery Seminars then, kind sir?
C: Brain Thrust Mastery, yes. This is something that Keith and I have developed somewhat separately from the music; there’s
no musical element to it. We decided that because we’ve taken so much from our fans we thought it was just time for us to give
something back. We really open up your brain, give it a vigorous massage, wash it out in the sink and pop it back in there and
suddenly it’s working better that you’ve ever known it to work. I like to think of it as the modernist humanist version of an old
religious revival where a preacher would actually be healing people, like casting Satan out, that’s kind of what we’re doing but
minus all the hocus-pocus. Its rational, it works”.
[We share much laughter]
S: “Has there ever been an occasion during any of these seminars where a “student” has asked you a question that has massaged
your brain. Such as; if you saw a horse ride by with a horse riding it, so there are two horses, one of them carrying a spear,
would you feel like these horses would be an ally or an annoyance?
C: With Brain Thrust Mastery I know that I would be able to make an ally out of those horses.
Howell: That would be a damn good ally to have.
C: Yeah absolutely.
The following part of the interview turned towards the topic of raccoons, based upon a short study of the life of raccoons posted
on the W.A.S website ( An insightful and rewarding conversation I am sure you will agree, however it was
only a diminutive period before Chris veered the subject back towards Brain Thrust Mastery.
H: Are raccoons your favourite animal?
C: No, I just think they are one of the less understood animals. It seems to me an analysis like that was long overdue. I consider
it to be an introduction to raccoons and I would encourage further research, I think you will be surprised and delighted.
H: On the topic of mammals, if you were stuck in the jungle with only a biro as a defence, what do think would be the largest
mammal that you could probably kill?
C: Me specifically? I could kill any animal; using the techniques from Brain Thrust Mastery.
[Many shared amusements]
C: It would be no problem at all to convince an elephant, or a blue whale to terminate its own existence by using the biro. I
would just shove it into the dirt and it would take care of the rest. I could easily convince an elephant to asphyxiate the biro to
produce an emphysemic death.
[Nervous laughter, Chris excluded]
S: Chris tell me what is your favourite month?
C: December. It is approaching fast, I’m not prepared.
S: Thanks.
So there we have it, a brief but informative slither of the interview conducted with We Are Scientists very own bassist, Chris
Cain. Of course W.A.S went on that evening to perform a far-fetched show, rich in mirth. If you weren’t there you missed each
band member dressed in mule skins, wearing goat horns as shoes and small men as hats. If you were there you will know that
none of the above is true.
Jake South
[email protected]
19th November 2007
The Rumble Strips
Taken from their muchadmired debut album ‘Girls and
Weather’; ‘Time’ encompasses
all that is The Rumble Strips.
The intro physically reaches
out and pulls you in with
the vigorous drum beat and
quirky saxophone rifts; from
then on you can’t help but
keep listening. If you’re feeling
down, if all those assignments
are asking you to question how you actually get through each
day, then slip this into your CD player, update your iPod,
and remember, ‘it’s only time, let it pass away’. Inspiring and
creative, The Rumble Stripes are destined for an exciting
Ben Pook
New Young Pony Club
Get Lucky
This Electro-pop outfit has
amazed everyone with their
Playroom’. The latest release
and opening track ‘Get Lucky’,
is a sparkling showcase of
their bright and colourful
talent. The different sounds,
guitar, drums, sexy vocals
and electric keys, all join in
an amazingly simple formula, a five piece band named New
Young Pony Club. The energy of vocalist Tahita Bulmer is
incredible to watch live and will have you hooked on every
track, if not for her crazy hair. If you haven’t heard of New
Young Pony Club before this single is a great place to start,
but be warned, there’s no going back.
Ben Pook
Gorillaz –
D-Sides [PROMO]
Released 05/10/07
D-Sides is a collection of B-sides
from the Gorillaz multi-platinum
album Demon Days and features
previously unreleased material
from early demo sessions. The
release will also include a bonus
disc of remixes by artists such
as Junior Sanchez and Hot Chip.
The Promo showcases the jittery
electro hit ‘Rockit’ and ‘Hong Kong’, a dreamy eastern ballad
originally written for the War Child album Help: A Day In
The Life (now with lush new string arrangements) which had
tremendous audience response as an encore at their Demon
Days Live Concert at the Manchester Opera House.
The full album includes collaborations with the psychedelic
indie rock band The Bees (‘Bill Murray’) and Einar Orn,
the former lead singer of The Sugarcubes, along with the
Mandarin version of the chart-topping ‘Dirty Harry’ (TV
Airplay Chart No.1).
Following on from the success of its preceding model G-Sides
(a similar collection of rarities from the band’s self titled
debut album), D-Sides is clearly a must-own for any big
Gorillaz follower and certainly worth a listen by anyone who
was a fan of Demon Days.
Jamie Buchanan
This is it, this is why you are alive, TO ENTER THIS
COMPETITION. Behold, this very barearts section is
throwing you a chance to win a signed Mark Ronson Frisbee
AND the recent live Fratellis dvd “Edgy in Brixton”. This is
implausible I know BUT, in order to catch this crazy prize you
must answer the following question correctly:
What is Mark Daniel Ronson’s real name?
A: Ronson Mark Ronson
B: Mark Mark Mark Mark
C: Mark Daniel Ronson
Please send your answers in English to [email protected]
with the subject “Competition”.
May the coolest person in the world win.
Oh yes, these could be
[email protected]
5th November 2007
Tryfan, Snowdonia
By Simon, MWS Treasurer
On the sunny weekend we had in October 18 walkers journeyed to Snowdonia in
North Wales for another popular weekend escape away from the coursework and
revision stresses of University life. Walkers both casual and hardcore set off on the
Saturday morning for two different peaks, Snowdon and Tryfan, both a challenge in
their own right. The first group set sights on the peak of Snowdon, at 3560ft it is the
tallest mountain in Wales and one of the infamous British ‘Three Peaks’. This left the
hardcore walkers with Tryfan, shorter at 3002ft but no less of a challenge due to the
steep ascent and scrambling routes.
The day greeted both groups with
beautiful weather, a rarity in Snowdonia;
revealing stretching horizons and
cloudless skies. Planning trips weeks
in advance always leaves weather as an
unpredictable feature, but this weekend
there were no complaints.
The walk up Tryfan itself was quite
a relaxed affair; heading up the North
face gave us good exposure to the Sun
allowing for light clothing and light
walking. The lower slope presented no
challenge with simple paths and easy
walking but the steep ascent quickly
revealed the hard rock below the gentle
surfaces of earlier. The safe conditions
allowed our group to bring along
members of the group less used to steep
terrain, which is where we introduced
them to the concept of ‘scrambling’.
Scrambling is basically getting up
the mountain by a method that ranges in between hill walking and rock climbing.
As a general rule when you use your hands to help you get up the mountain, you’re
By Chris Pittock
scrambling. For Tryfan, routes can vary in difficulty from light scrambling to harder
options requiring rope work. Our routes sat in the middle, allowing us to reach the
summit with newer members and ignite a new excitement for them in their hiking
experience whilst providing older members with the element of challenge they
The summit rewarded us with a view of endless rolling mountain ranges, providing
a beautiful background for lunch and snacks. The top also provides the spectacle of
Adam and Eve for all to see. Two tall rocks separated by a metre or two. Seemingly an
easy jump, but from atop either rock the drop down the mountain side is easily seen,
turning this into a leap of faith. Many jump, and just as many bottle out.
After all the jumping and lunch, we carried on our walk. The good time we had made
up to this point allowed for a roaming exploration of the ridge and sights on offer
before a calm descent back into the valley, by a much gentler route.
If you are interested in joining in, check us out on or
‘Mountain Walking Society’ on facebook.
Surrey LINKS
care of anything from the
simplest of small cuts, to
the most complicated nearmisses, but fear not! All
members are fully trained
to be able to perform
under the most demanding
situations, so you can rest
assured that we’re not
going to chuck you in the
deep end too soon.
No prior experience
is necessary, and it’s not
necessary to have been a
St John member in the
past – in fact, most of our
group didn’t give a second
St John Ambulance LINKS is the section of the thought about St John before starting university. When
major voluntary organisation tailored to student needs. you join, we can get you started by providing you with
However, when you hear the words ‘St John Ambulance’, free first-aid training to a national standard, which only
it’s common to conjure up images of directing people needs to be renewed every three years – easy on the wallet
to the toilet or helping people down the stairs. Even and your time. Plus, with essential training under your
though that still happens outside the university, we have belt, it could help you gain the upper hand in your future
many more opportunities that you may not be aware of. job interview (speaking from personal experience)!
First aid events are not just limited to the university;
LINKS at the University of Surrey provide first aid
cover for both Citrus and Flirt! in the union, situated opportunities to provide cover for events like Guilfest
downstairs in the Activities Centre. This involves taking and Notting Hill Carnival have been the highlight of our
past year, as well as the filming of Top Gear at Dunsfold
Park. Larger duties have seen members at events such as
Live8 and the Download festival.
If socials are more your thing, then most of our
informal gatherings are more along the lines of getting
to know each other a bit better at Spoons or somewhere
on campus, but there’s often the chance to have fun at
Thorpe Park, or start a beach party in an isolated section
of West Sussex - all ideas are welcome.
Meetings are every Tuesday at 7.30pm in TB12a. They
generally last around 90 minutes and tend to involve
learning a topic relevant to first aid - come along and
check out what we do in more detail. If you’re interested
in the potential to save someone’s life but not in the
voluntary work, come along anyway and we can provide
you with first-aid qualification at a more student friendly
St John LINKS - who would have thought that
helping people, making friends, learning new skills and
the bonus of adding to your CV could be achieved by
attending one society? Think no more!
[email protected]
19th November 2007
GU2 Radio
Attention all societies
If you would like an opportunity to come
on GU2 radio and promote what you do and
how you do it then email [email protected] to arrange the details. Every union
registered society is welcome to take one 20minute slot between 4 and 6pm on a Tuesday
or Thursday.
All you have to do is send a committee
member down armed with the necessary
details and GU2 will then interview them
live on air. We may even let you pick a song
or two.
Attention all students
Tune in to GU2 between 4 and 6pm
every Tuesday and Thursday to find out all
the information you need on what various
societies do and how you can join them.
You can listen anywhere on campus on 1350AM
or online at
The Christmas edition is now only two weeks aways and we are looking to fill
our pages with articles to hold you over until January, so please send in articles or
adverts by November 23rd.
Please send any articles, queries, and/or adverts for societies into us at:
[email protected]
An article should aim to be from 200-400 words. Any general societies enquiries
should be directed to Simon Moore (Societies Editor).
If you are interested in forming your own Society or have any questions related to
you society’s interaction with the union please contat VP Societies & ID at
[email protected]
Did Puzzlelord beat you again?....
maybe you should re-think your degree!
7)The most expensive player is Juan
Sebastian Veron.
To stop you from ‘accidentally’ reading the answers,
substitute each letter in the answer with the next one
in the alphabet. So RSZQS would become START.
6)Marcello Lippi - in 1996, 1997, 1998
and 2003 (all Juventus).
11)Brazil’s Cafu, with 16 wins.
10)Germany with 202
4)Teddy Sheringham at 40 years and
268 days (for West Ham v. Portsmouth,
December 26, 2006)
3)Frank Lampard, with 164 (having played
all Premier League games from October 13
2001 to December 28 2005).
2)Fernando Hierro, 36 years and 151 days
(for Bolton Wanderers v. Fulham, August
21, 2004)
1)Barcelona’s Camp Nou, with a capacity
of 98,772.
9)Germany, with 92
8)Raul, with 112 at present
Sampdoria signed him for £3m from Boca
Parma signed him for £13m.
Then Lazio got him for £18.1m.
Then Man Utd spent £28.1m for his
Lastly Chelsea spent £15m on him.
That puts his overall cost at around £77m
Football Trivia Answers
5)Filippo Inzaghi with 62 in all European
club competitions.
Clues Down:
1) Qdzqqzmfd. 2) Kdnmzqcn.
3) Stdrczx. 4) Zbs ne Fnc.
5) Chuzmr. 6) Zeehw. 9) Rgtk.
14) Zbbnkzcdr.
16) Ktrsqntr. 18) Zkk qhfgs.
19) Jzlozkz. 21) Dcvzqc.
23) Gddk.
24) Hmzmd.
12)Brazil’s Ronaldo, with 15
Clues Across:
7 and 8) Odsdq Stsbkheed.
11) Ronqzchb. 12) Czhqxkdz.
13) FBRE. 15) Hfmnakd. 17) Zcuzmbd.
22) Zogdkhnm.
26) Dkhizg. 25) Rmnvcqno.
27) Nmdqntrkx.
28 and 10 and
20) Sgqdd Eqdmbg Gdmr.
[email protected]
19th November 2007
Surrey magic proves just too much for
brave Guildford!!!
By Peter Reid
Surrey produced the game of their life last night to maintain their unbeaten record in
the surrey league. In a match tipped by Guildford skipper Timmy Goodman to be the
game of the season, neither team disappointed. It was a duel worthy of the history books
as Surrey produced a stag petronas charm that harry potter himself would have been
proud of. Guildford too showed tremendous
courage to come within 2 tantalising runs of
Surrey’s mammoth target of 234.
After losing the toss and being put into
bat, ‘Captain Fantastic’ Chris Coombs was
determined to set a good target for the bowlers.
Coombs combined intelligent stroke play with
some blistering shots to reach yet another 25*
and maintain his fantastic vein of form in
indoor cricket. Vice captain Reid said ‘I mean
what can you say about the guy he’s just a class
act, I think he’s scored over a hundred runs
without getting out in his last four games, I
mean his record speaks for itself ’. Down
the other end a different kind of innings was
required from Reid this time as he was given
little by the bowlers and put under pressure by
a good off-side field. However, Reid showed
that he is not only a fluent stroke maker but a tough character as well. He fought hard
for his 27* combining solid defence with some elegant cover drives. Manager Ferdenzi
said ‘He’s such a cool customer; he’s got the perfect temperament for these situations,
never flustered by anything’. Once Coombs had reached 25 it was wicketkeeper Al
Short’s time in the limelight. He played brilliantly under pressure with some trademark
flicks of his pads and some good running between the wickets with Reid. When Reid
retired it was Banger time who took it upon himself to hammer the advantage home
with some powerful strokes and solid running between the wickets. Much pressure was
the shoulders of young talent Matt Peacock when he finally made his way to the
wicket. The young all rounder did not disappoint however and constructed a solid
13* and a good partnership with senior all rounder Bancroft.
The bowling however did not begin with the desired effect as surrey failed to have
their radar screwed on. Too many extras and bad
lines allowed Guildford to get off to a flyer and start
to put the pressure back on the stags. If it wasn’t
for Al Shorts excellent glove work and some great
athletic fielding from Ryan Gregory the deficit might
have been too much for the stags to contain. Some
uncharacteristically bad fielding from Reid also didn’t
help the cause. Captain Coombs eventually turned to
himself and his trusty friend Reid to try and make
something happen. Coombs bowled expertly and
economically given the situation and kept the pressure
gauge firmly in the balance. Reid’s first two over’s
contained too many balls that were full of a length,
allowing the classy Guildford batsman to hoist him
over his head for six. At this point the pressure was
on Coombs to make something happen and he did,
he kept faith in Reid who produced a heroic over
of 4 dot balls which changed the whole feel of the
occasion. Finally Coombs turned to his Pacey Ace card Banger for the last over. At this
point no one could quite believe how close it was, but banger kept his nerve until a
six and a wide put the ball back in the Guildford court, however a brilliant catch from
Peacock off the wall meant that the Guildford batsman needed 6 off the last ball to
win the match. It was game on as Coombs moved everyone to the back wall. Banger was
canny under pressure and bowled it short outside off stump which restricted them to
three and the game was won, the stags had pulled off a historic win!!! There’s even talk
of an open bus top ride through Trafalgar square but we’ll have to talk to Al Collins
about that one!!!
Football Trivia
Record Breakers – Test your knowledge
1) What is the biggest football stadium
in Europe?
9) Which country has played the most
World Cup matches?
2) Who is the oldest debutant in the
English Premier League?
10) Which country has scored the most
World Cup goals?
3) Which player has the most
consecutive Premier League
11) Which player has won the most
matches in World Cup competition?
4) Who is the oldest goal scorer in the
English Premier League?
12) Who has scored the most World
Cup goals
5) Which current player has scored the
most goals in European club football?
6) Who is the only manager to have
competed in 4 Champions league finals?
7) Which player has the biggest
accumulated transfer fee?
8) Which player has the most European
club appearances?
Answers On
Tickets are on sale
NOW from the
Union Shop
Price: £5
Includes bus from
uni or town to
the Spectrum.
Next home game:
Sunday 25th
Tip-Off 3pm
[email protected]
19th November 2007
By Matt Cheetam
Sports Editor
Football Talk
Welcome once again to barefacts’ interactive Football Talk
section. The past fortnight saw a tactical tussle between
the older masters Ferguson and Wenger, the conflict
ended in a 2-2 draw, keeping tensions high at the top of
the Premiership. England’s rather sizeable hopes invested
in Israel halting Russia suffered a stressful week. Israel’s
star player, the inspirational Yossi Benayoun, showed
impressive form for Liverpool scoring a hat-trick against
Besiktas. However, after demonstrating such rampant
form in front of goal, the slender midfielder promptly
developed a torn groin, ruling him out of the crucial
tie and further quelling English hopes of reaching Euro
2008. Let’s hope Israel cope well enough without him
and England still have a chance of qualifying when you
read this.
prospects be introduced earlier? The top ten most capped
England under 21 internationals are: Milner, Carson,
Carragher, Prutton, Pennant, Defoe, Reo-Coker, Garry
Owen, Steven Taylor and Huddlestone.
What Can be Done…
Surely the right people are not spotting talent early
enough. Despite entering the Argentina national side
at amazingly early ages, both Tevez and Messi both had
decent stints in the Argentine under 20 side at very young
ages. Is 21 too old, should we drop to under 20 level?
Are there too many 21 year olds, who probably won’t
become focal to our countries future hopes, clogging
up the system from promising 17, 18 and 19 year olds.
witnessed continued signs of nerves in defence. It is Many of our stars from the tournament cannot get a
worth remembering how Marcus Bent alone upfront for game for their club now, yet these were our best hopes
Wigan, the Blackpool strikers, and Aliadiere playing up at under 21 level, what does that say about our national
front for Middlesbrough (scorer of 2 Premiership goals hopes for the future, and possibly the level of foreigners
- ever - in just under 40 appearances) hardly pose the in the Premier League. After the performances in the
threat that most teams competing against Spurs will cause summer, the likes of at least Taylor, Nugent, Lita, Baines,
Brief Round Up…
Domestically numerous derbies were contested, in that department. In coming weeks, when they travel Ferdinand and Reo-Coker should all be key players for
Newcastle and Sunderland played out a draw, whilst Liam to West Hams, Portsmouth, Arsenal and Chelsea their their sides, and knocking on the door for the national
Rigdewell may well need to relocate from the Midlands defence will be more vigorously tested. However, results team, particularly the strikers, since England have such
after his nightmare performance in the ‘Second City’ have improved, and clean sheets have been obtained, a short list to pick from. What is the consensus about
derby. The former Villa defender, and now Birmingham certainly in January we will understand more Ramos’s our young national side? Is there a cause for concern
captain scored an avoidable own goal, and missed two ability when the transfer market. I maintain my opinion here? This debate can continue next issue with more
glorious chances in an end to end game that Villa edged that Martin Jol was not given enough time to steady the response.
2-1. Tim Cahill stalled Chelsea’s recent impressive ship at Tottenham - after two successful top five finishes
league form with a spectacular overhead kick. Everton’s surely most would agree his demise was premature?
Sinking Fast…
key man, absent for the best part of 2007 due to injury,
At the bottom of the table, Wigan and Derby are
stated he had forgotten what number he wore for the
showing limited signs of Premiership class, Wigan
Toffees. His return has brought goals for himself, and Last summer the England U21s stole the hearts of without Heskey, have severely lost their way. The, now
sparked an impressive run for Everton, their five match many, performing fantastically well at the European manager-less side, were top of the table after 3 games
winning streak (2 in the Premiership, 2 in the Uefa Cup Championships and reaching the Semi Finals. Barely with 6 points, they now have 8 points after 13 games. 2
and 1 in the League Cup), prior to their draw at Stamford a player in the squad went amiss, contributing fully to points out of a possible 30, a remarkable decline. Derby
Bridge, was their best for over 15 years. Over in the their countries impressive run, the likes of Ashley Young, simply cannot score, they have not at all away from
ever controversial Italian league more pandemonium has James Milner, and Scott Carson have certainly grown in home and have only mustered a meagre 5 goals at home.
ensued when a fan tragically lost his life in an encounter stature since the event, however many important players; Add to that the fact they have conceded 31 goals already
with the police. Chaotic scenes permeated the games Steven Taylor, Nedum Onuoha, David Nugent, Leroy and the severity of their situation is plainly highlighted,
last weekend, hopefully the consequences can be sought Lita, Nigel Reo-Coker, Leighton Baines and Anton scoring 0.4 goals a game, and conceding 2.4 goals a
out sooner rather than later. The Italian Sports Minister Ferdinand surely should be more household names. Is game is not a good ratio. Both these two were tipped by
has called for a suspension of Italian football for the the under 21 game respected enough in this country? many, including barefacts sport, to go down this season,
‘next few weeks’. This follows previous controversy in Is enough done to help the players progress? Stuart and without drastic improvement many seem to have
Italy involving match fixing, drugs, fans rioting, the Pearce was adamant his players would learn invaluable drawn the right conclusions. Is there any hope for these
experience from these encounters and progress quicker, two? Tactically can they play their way out or are drastic
Dida episode and further shenanigans.
but have they? Personally I do not feel we take this signings required in January? Who would sign for these
level of football seriously enough. Of England’s recent struggling sides?
Thank you for the response received. I have had a squads, none of Owen, Rooney, Beckham, Gerrard,
particular intense debate with a Spurs fan who believes Ashley Cole, Joe Cole, Hargreaves, Micah Richards, and Send your responses to these topics and any topics you
Martin Jol had to leave Tottenham, saying he had lost others reached double figures in under 21 caps, some want brought up in future columns, as well as any sports
the respect of the dressing room and tactically he was were not even chosen at that age group. Surely the related articles to
inept. This ambitious fan also believes Tottenham have wrong people are in charge of spotting talent, the ratio
shown in their past four performances (since Ramos has of talent spotted at that age, and what is done with that
been in charge) that they have overcome their calamitous talent in terms of development does not work. Last
[email protected]
start to the season. True Ramos has overseen some issue I covered the fantastic work of Argentine youth
decent displays in his short time in charge of Tottenham, coach Hugo Tocalli, and the way his youth team players If you enjoy reading this column tune into GU2 on
and yes they have continued to score many goals, but are now the core of the Argentina squad. Many of our Thursdays at 3-4 and check out Matt and Tony’s Sports
anyone who saw their displays against Blackpool, Wigan top ten capped under 21 internationals have not and will Show, get in touch on MSN during the show and talk
and Middlesbrough (I missed their victory in Europe) never dominate on the international scene, yet they are over anything sport with us…
along with Spurs’ impressive scoring spree, will have persisted with at this level. Shouldn’t younger, better
[email protected]
By Dan Evans
19th November 2007
Yellow and blue fall just short
At the start of a run of two away games, USRFC’s 2nd XV travelled to the Chelsea
FC training ground at Cobham to play a St Georges Medical side who had beaten us
narrowly in dwindling light last season. With a makeshift pack, with players returning
from a 2-year absence from the game and players resuming positions they haven’t
played for 8 years, this was always going to be a tough game for the forwards.
The match started with typical vigour in which penalties were slotted over from
both sides, including a cracking goal from Jon. After conceding a try, Surrey began
a sublime period of phase play, with the ball moving across the width of the pitch
before St Georges gave away a penalty on their own 5-metre line. A quick tap from
skipper Jack and pass to prop Dan, who took the crash ball and extended his arm,
under intense pressure from the St Georges defence, to put down on the line for a
try, much to the delight of team mates and supporters.
After giving away a penalty try late in the last move of the first half, Surrey came
out with renewed effort in the second half and quickly started a brilliant passing
display through the well-drilled backs. This pressure paid off quickly with centre
Will spotting the gap and breaking the line like an international, for a try under the
posts, again converted by the increasingly trusty boot of Jon.
Surrey again troubled the line with runs from the forwards, marshalled by the
increasingly improving Chundercat and ever spectacular Jack at 10, leading to a last
gasp St Georges tackle denying Rob Leigh from a try. Other highlights included a
catch from a St Georges kick off in which Dan gathered the ball, took contact and
executed a fantastic hand-off and offload to the supporting players. The game got
away from Surrey here, defending after injuries in the already depleted forwards, St
Georges scored two hard won tries, including one very debatable, where the ball
appeared to be dropped over the line. Once again, a hard fought game in which
Surrey dominated for large spells, with increasingly cynical tactics being employed
by St Georges to disrupt the flow, ended in defeat for the yellow and blues by a
score of 25 – 12.
Surrey University 2nd XV vs. St Georges Medical
By Andy Macfarlane
Surrey Scorpions dominate at
indoor regionals
At the beginning of November the Surrey Scorpions travelled to London to represent
the University of Surrey in the South East Regional Indoor Ultimate Frisbee
Tournament. This year’s squad consisted three teams, ranging from hardened veterans
of the sports to a team
made up almost entirely of
some of this year’s fresher
intake. Surrey was one
of eleven south east and
London institutions that
entered this tournament
and out of the twentyfour teams taking part
the first team managed
to finish the weekend in
the enviable position of
second place, four places
higher than last years
result and guaranteeing them a place in nationals along with the first teams from
Brunnel and University of Sussex. Another victory for the squad was the second
team who came seventh, the highest second team overall, placing higher than 5 first
teams but frustratingly missing out on a place in division 2 nationals by one position
and an infuriatingly frustrating five minute long sudden death point! The third team
came twenty-second overall but showed a huge improvement over the weekend and
seriously shook up some very good teams, including a draw against Imperial colleges
of London’s seconds.
The whole weekend was a thrilling experience for everyone involved, I’m sure
some of the others will agree with me when I say it was the most enjoyable weekend of
the year. Every team at the weekend played with enthusiasm and good spirit which is
vitally important for everyone’s enjoyment at these tournaments since Ultimate is
a self-refereed sport. On behalf of the committee I would like to thank all three team
captains, David ‘Whitey’ Whitehouse, Matt ‘Betty’ Galbraith, and Roxy ‘The Stinger’
Pope and wish the first team the best of luck at nationals in two weeks. Also we would
like to extend the best wishes of the entire team to our top point scorer, Peter Wigfield,
a.k.a. Special, who injured his knee this week.
If you are interested in being part of the squad then visit our website for more information.

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