Big Times - Doug Bradley Trucking


Big Times - Doug Bradley Trucking
June 2015
Welcome to Taylor Bradley
No Violation Winner
CSA scores
(Salina Shop), Wesley Hunter
(Salina Trainee), Steve Johnson
#106, Ryan Swanson #130 and
Kenny Bishop (Jackson 2nd shift
hostler). Glad to have you all as a
part of the Big B Crew.
This months No Violation winner is
Vernon Heald. Please stop into the
Salina office to pick your prize.
Unsafe Driving
Hours of Service
Vehicle Maintenance
9th John Bonilla
14th Dan Labat
Lori Collins
16 James Seifert
18th Terry Smith
20th Brooke Johnson
26th Marcus Craig
27th LeRoy Raatz
29th Rick Strayer
Condolences to Paul Jenniges on
35 (Pass)
the passing of his brother Charles
Jenniges of Lucan, MN on May 21,
2015 and to John Roberts on the
passing of his brother Arthur
Roberts of Dry Ridge, KY on May
15, 2015. Our thoughts and prayers
are with their families.
Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July
from Doug Bradley Trucking!!!!!
It’s HOT, check your tires
Summer heat is upon us. When it
gets hot, you need to pay even more
attention to your tires. Please check
them often and always make sure
you have a spare. – Just in case.
Company Anniversaries
7 yrs. Gene Owens
2 yrs. LeRoy Raatz
1 yr. Simon Miller
May & June
No Violation Inspections:
Marcus Craig-05/11/15-NE L3
Marcus Craig-05/12/15-SD L3
James Conway-05/14/15-MO L3
Marcus Craig-05/20/15-KS L2
Doug Loken-05/21/15-IL L3
James Conway-05/27/2015-ND L1
Leroy Raatz-06/01/2015-MO L3
Leroy Raatz-06/05/2015-MN L2
Vernon Heald-06/10/2015-KY L3
Nicholas McKenna-06/10/2015MO L3
Violation Inspections:
Jerry Bogart-05/07/15-WA-OOS
Loose pitman arm L2
Ryan Harris-05/14/15-WI-Seat
belt, No City/State for log L3
Daniel Labat-05/20/15-IA-OOS
falsifying logs
David Vessey-05/31/15-COWarning speeding
Drivers, when picking up cabinet
loads from MN or KS, make sure
to sign all BOL. This is a must.
Thanks, Wendy
Inspection Blitz-0 Inspections
Please turn in logs with every trip
envelope. Legally you are required
submit your logs to us within 13 days,
but we ask that you turn in logs with
every envelope.
June 2nd-4th was DOT’s annual
Inspection Blitz. Because of the
great job our drivers are doing
getting clean inspections and
avoiding violations, our scores are
good and not one single truck of
ours was even inspected.
Annual Reviews/Safety Bonus
All Drivers need to stop and see
Greg to complete your annual
review and receive your safety
bonus (after July 1st). All company
drivers and O/O must have this
complete by August 1st. If you are a
driver that does not come through
Salina on a regular basis, you will
need to contact Greg or your
dispatcher to make arrangements to
complete your review.
We have been seeing a lot of this
lately. We think we may be seeing
it happen more now because it is
harder to tell if the trailers tires
aren’t turning in our new automatic
trucks. Please take a little extra time
and make sure the tires are turning.
Inspection Account Balances ‖ Company Driver -$800 ‖ Owner Operator -$550