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Salina Media Group Intern Program
The Salina Media Group makes every effort to have interns at our radio stations. The process
usually proceeds in this fashion:
Initial contact is made by the school. It can be a high school, Jr. College or four-year
colleges. Examples of schools that have had students intern at our stations include
Bethany College, Southwestern, McPherson College, Cloud County Community
College, Kansas State University and University of Kansas. We also have had high
school students from Salina Central, Salina South, and Sacred Heart High schools as
well as other high schools from our area.
\Ve invite the student to the station and have an introductory session with management.
After that, they are introduced to the staff and are given a tour of the station.
We will visit with the student's parents, teachers and counselors to be sure we all agree
on the specifics, including travel time, hours, and anything else that may concern the
We meet with the student and go over the plan for their internship. This is explained so
that they know it will be an "on the job" internship, not just with the area that they may
have a specific interest in, but with all departments.
5. After the plan is agreed upon, the student will report to the station and is expected to
follow the plan. No excuses for being late. They are expected to participate fully with
the staff in meetings and other activities.
There are evaluation periods v hich include checking on the student's progress, their
interest, and their involvement.
Nearing the end ofthe internship, we can put more emphasis on the department that
they are most interested in, whether it be news, sports, etc. This way, the student will
gain the most from their interning.
8. At the end of the internship, the student is graded and is given a critique. Also, a short
"test" is given to see if they have gained knowledge of the broadcasting internship
If students are interested, and if there is an interest by the station, they may become a
part-time employee, or in many instances, a full-time employee.
10. The student's internship and all that pertains to it become a part of the station's
permanent files.
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