Brilliant barbecues can boost sales on sunny days


Brilliant barbecues can boost sales on sunny days
Brilliant barbecues can boost
sales on sunny days
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Unilever Food Solutions
Barbecue food and smoked flavours are becoming
increasing popular on menus1.
A BBQ can boost sales on sunny days, but being
well prepared is important as unpredictable
weather may mean running a BBQ at short notice.
Here is our guide to help you
• Run a great BBQ
• Create a great value experience
• Maximise profits through ingredients
• Plan ahead
• Promote your BBQ
• Get great ingredients
Source: Menu & Food Trends 2014, Allegra
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Unilever Food Solutions
Create a great value
BBQ experience
Home cooked BBQs are very popular. So your
pub needs to deliver a good value experience,
that customers want to stay at the pub for.
Better Burgers
• Be adventurous - use bold flavours that
won’t bore burger lovers
• Swap your buns - go for brioche, ciabatta or
artisan breads
• Great toppings - use a great quality real
• Build flavour - add spice with sauces and
dressings like on-trend BBQ, chilli, pepper or
honey flavours
• Hero your meat - shout about provenance,
locality, region or herd like Aberdeen Angus
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Create a great value BBQ experience
Beyond Burgers
• Add adventure with ribs - they’re relatively
cheap but exciting. Experiment with marinades,
seasonings and rubs
• Wrap a whole fish in foil - stuff with garlic,
lemon and fresh herbs and cook straight
on the BBQ
Smashing sides
• Try adding spices and seasonings to
revolutionise chips and fries
• A selection of salads, crunchy veg slaws, corn
on the cob and roasted veg
• Pre-bake jacket potatoes, cut in half and rub
with olive oil and garlic. Finish off on the BBQ
as needed. Try serving with crème fraiche and
Classic condiments
• Top it all off with a range of condiments and
sauces – mustards, pickles, dressings and
mayonnaise will go down a treat
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Maximise profit
through ingredients
• Cheaper cuts - like feather blade or brisket cost less
than steak. Slow cook first and finish on the BBQ to still
deliver that WOW without the high cost
• Potatoes and bread - are less expensive than meat,
so if it’s ‘all you can eat’, make them appealing for
customers fill up on them!
• Chicken wings and pork ribs - delicious, different and
relatively cheap. Pre-cook then BBQ for a crisp
smoky finish
A punch of profitability
Refreshing summer
punches or cocktails are
a BBQ crowd pleaser and
if made with the right
ingredients, can result in
a very nice profit
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Planning tips
• Pre-cook - it can make service quicker and
safer, especially with higher risk meats like
pork and chicken
• Don’t forget the kids – keep parents happy
by having kid-friendly food pitched at the
right price
• Have plenty of charcoal or gas - avoid a
lukewarm grill!
• Have a wet weather plan – consider an
outside shelter if the weather turns – you may
need heater lamps too
• Consider the best location - be wary of open
flames and where the smoke will go
• Do a HACCAP analysis - cross contamination
can be costly. Make sure the handler is fully
food safety trained
Unilever Food Solutions
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Unilever Food Solutions
Promote your BBQs
• Plan early - get posters, flyers and
menus out in time for the word to spread
• Use your website - let customers know
you are having a BBQ and families are
• Last minute BBQs - use social media to
get the word out fast
• Show sports events - but run BBQs
before or after so customers stay longer
• Cross promotions - consider meal deals.
Think about your customer demographic
and what would best suit them
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Our ingredients
for your BBQ
Barbecue tops the list as the most
popular sauce in pubs and restaurants2
KNORR Salsa Sauce 2.2L
KNORR Barbecue Sauce 2.2L
KNORR Blue Dragon Sweet
Chilli Dipping Sauce 2.2L
KNORR Barbecue Paste 1.1kg
Source: Main dishes on Technomic Menu Monitor, Q4 2014
Unilever Food Solutions
Marinades and
Mix into minced meat
to make koftas
Use in thai fish
cake mixes
KNORR Jamaican Jerk Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s™ Tikka
Masala Create More
Concentrated Sauce 1.1L
KNORR Blue Dragon Thai
Green Curry Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Barbecue Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s™ Madras Create More Concentrated
Sauce 1.1L
KNORR Blue Dragon Thai
Red Curry Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s™ Korma Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s™ Madras Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s™ Balti Create More Concentrated
Sauce 1.1L
KNORR Patak’s™ Tandoori Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s™ Tikka Paste 1.1kg
KNORR Patak’s Tikka™ Masala Paste 1.1kg
The Pub Barbecue Guide
Mustards & Condiments
Make the most of your meats
COLMAN’S English Mustard 2.25L
COLMAN’S Wholegrain Mustard
COLMAN’S Dijon Mustard 2.25L
COLMAN’S French Mustard 2.25L
COLMAN’S Tartare Sauce 2.25L
Unilever Food Solutions
Dressings & Mayonaise
Bring out the best in your salads and burgers
Dressing 1L
Vinaigrette Dressing 1L
Mustard Dressing1L
Real Mayonnaise 5L
Mayonnaise 10L
Mayonnaise Portions 430ml
Mayonnaise Portions 15ml
The Pub Barbecue Guide
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