Smoke Signals Filmmaker brief


Smoke Signals Filmmaker brief
Smoke Signals Filmmaker brief
FutureEverything is looking for a filmmaker, or filmmakers, to produce a film documenting Smoke Signals an artwork commissioned by FutureEverything as part of the ArtsAPI project.
The successful applicant will have extensive experience in producing beautiful films which capture and
document artworks. Applicants with experience in producing films for high profile and respected art and
design projects, as well as artists are strongly encouraged.
ArtsAPI is a major collaborative R&D project led by ​
, the ​
University of Dundee​
and ​
The project will develop a new web application for arts organisations designed to show the value and
impact generated through their networks. It will aggregate, analyse and present their data, helping the arts
sector to create new and refined business models and propositions.
The Artwork: Smoke Signals
ArtsAPI have commissioned an artwork which will explore the themes of networks, relationships,
intermediaries and their impact, in the context of arts organisations. The artwork will be exhibited at
FutureEverything 2016 and it will also be filmed. The film will be hosted online.
The artwork is called Smoke Signals. The artists are Ed Carter and David Cranmer.
Digital interactions are essentially the smoke signals of our day. They are accessible, intangible,
long-distance communication tools. Furthermore, the nature of each means the original message may be
under constant transformation from the point of transmission.
Smoke Signals will demonstrate the intangible role of communication and interaction within creative
networks. All too often, data-inspired artworks simply reinterpret the content within its native state. By
keeping the data locked in the screen format, audiences may only see the work as a data representation,
without really engaging with the content itself - and therefore overlooking the real-world human narrative
that underpins any digital content.
The aim for this project is to take the data outside the confines of the screen, to reflect the fact that the
data is simply a method of storing records about the human interactions happening around us.
Online communication is a collaborative exercise - information is shared, altered and redirected, with the
shape of the content in constant flux. As such, the piece will use smoke rings and sound to create a
physical representation of this activity, presented in a manner that spatially demonstrates the distribution of
the contributors.
The rings will be produced using a technique whereby sub-sonic frequencies push smoke through a
circular column, creating the poloidal flow pattern of the ring. The frequencies will be part of a broader
evolving sound piece, with frequencies controlled by the communication activities of the ArtsAPI
contributors. A single central speaker will affect the smoke rings (or the ‘message’), each relating to the
activities of the contributing partners.
As such, turbulence affecting the smoke rings represents online interactions with the original message,
resulting in a constantly evolving visual and sonic experience.
Technical details
Smoke Signals will utilise 18” speaker cones creating 6” smoke rings, with rings travelling between 2 and 4
metres, depending on conditions.
Keeping the hardware at ground level, Smoke Signals will create a sculptural form with the smoke rings.
The piece consists of 12 smoke-ring cannons, and a 13th central cannon, which will interrupt the airflow in
response to the data, and disturb the smoke rings’ activity.
The Brief
We are looking for an experienced filmmaker who can produce a highly polished and engaging film of the
artwork, Smoke Signals. The filmmaker will work closely with the artists to ensure they create a film which
documents their artwork in a way the artists envisioned.
● A highly polished 2 - 3 minute film of Smoke Signals. Filming will take place over 1 day with a
phone meeting held in advance to confirm requirements.
● A second, 3 minute documentary edit featuring interviews with the artists, intercut with polished
footage of the final artwork as well as behind the scenes/’making of’ footage.
21st April
5th May
7th May
10th May
Brief advertised
Deadline for all applications
Successful filmmaker chosen
Phone meeting with artists and project manager to discuss the requirements
The filming will take place in Newcastle in May (likely to be either the 15th or 20th May 2015) please let us
know of any dates you are unable to do. The film will need to launch before 8th June.
The total budget is ​
£1,050 ​
including any VAT.
The budget needs to include all costs associated with this opportunity including travel and accommodation
and all equipment and time.
To Apply
Please send a short written statement (no longer than 500 words) on how you would approach the brief,
along with a relevant portfolio/showreel, to ​
[email protected].
About ArtsAPI
ArtsAPI is a year-long project by ​
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