Job profile - CO2 Monitor


Job profile - CO2 Monitor
VENTURE: CO2-monitor AG
CO2-monitor makes private citizens aware of their personal climate and energy impact and motivates them
to set a personal goal and take action. Participants are employees of partner organizations such as
Swisscom, Credit Suisse, Piguet Galland, Axpo, Telekom Austria, SAM, Eawag, WWF, Canton of Zug,
Umweltbundesamt Austria, in Switzerland, as well as Austria, Belgium, France and Hong Kong.
CO2-monitor is auto-financed and cash-flow positive, reaching excellent employee engagement metrics
and general customer satisfaction. However the company remains small, winning one client at a time - no
acceleration levers have been successfully implemented yet. Currently, our team is six people, mostly
Finding a way to accelerate development, including new collaboration business models, partnerships,
company and sector focus etc. will be the focus of this internship. If successful, a permanent position will
be created to implement and scale the new approach.
This will be a highly interesting project and excellent learning opportunity, possibly (and hopefully) leading
to a permanent position - and chance to make a significant sustainability impact! Raising awareness and
motivating people to act sustainably is one of the biggest and most interesting challenges today - and CO2monitor has a proven track record at a small scale and potential to achieve much more.
While the detailed action plan will be defined together
during the first week of the internship, the objective of this
internship will be to:
• understand at which stage in their sustainable
development do organizations seek to involve
actively their employees, and which hurdles they
encounter, and
• explore partnerships and business models to
overcome these hurdles
The work will mostly consist of contacts with clients and
partners, actual and potential, and brainstorming with the
CO2-monitor team, to develop and try new approaches.
general understanding of and passion
for sustainability
good communication skills
ability to work independently
fluent in English and either French or
a bachelor degree is required, a
master degree would be a big plus
work experience in sustainability
would be appreciated, but is not a
This is a full-time (or almost full-time) internship position. As part of the contacts are expected to lead
to client projects, these will be compensated at the rate of 20% (first CHF 10k cumulative) or 10%
(thereafter). Also, all work-related expenses will be reimbursed.

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