Newsletter 1st May 2015 - Hanham Abbots Junior School


Newsletter 1st May 2015 - Hanham Abbots Junior School
1st May 2015
On Friday afternoon we have invited some friends
from a local residential home to join us. The
children will be singing songs from the 1940s and
then we will have a tea party to celebrate 70 years
Girls Football
since VE day. We will be holding a minutes silence
The HAJ girls’ football team played in the ESFA at 3 pm. School will end at the usual time.
South West of England Primary finals on Saturday
18th April. This took place at the Fry Club, Reminder - school is closed as follows
Keynsham. We were drawn in a difficult group but Monday 4th May - Bank Holiday
after 2 draws and 2 wins we finished second and Tuesday 5th May - Inset Day
qualified for the semi-final. This was a tight match
against the winners of the other group – fortunately Y4 Class Assemblies
Mia scored an excellent free kick and with some Class Assemblies are held on Fridays at 9.05 for
outstanding defending from Lucy and Alex as well approx. 25 minutes and you are very welcome to
as some world class saves from Leila we held on join us.
to win. We then had to face the team who won our This terms dates are as follows:group in the final – although we were on top for 4W - Friday 15th May
most of the match we couldn’t manage to find the 4C - Friday 12th June
back of the net and drew 0-0. However, this 4B - Friday 26th June
outstanding performance meant that we finished as
joint winners and qualified for the national finals! End of Summer term – Friday 17th July 2015
The school will finish at 1.30 pm for children in Y3,
The squad will be travelling up to Lilleshall National 4 & 5 on Friday 17th July 2015. This is to allow
Sports Centre, Shropshire, to take part in the ESFA staff to spend the afternoon with the children in Y6.
Danone Nations Cup Finals, which will be held on Y6 children will finish school at 3.45pm
Saturday 13 June 2015. As one of only eight teams
in the whole country to qualify for this I am
obviously exceptionaly proud of all the girls who
played – well done to : Leila Russell, Alex Titcomb
(c), Lucy Withey, Edie Hopton, Lydia Hall, Isabelle
Strawford, Mia Brain, Teah Theophilus, Grace
VE Day Celebrations - Friday 8th May
Friday 8th will be a non uniform day - we are
asking children to wear red, white & blue - or they
can wear 1940s clothes if they wish. In exchange
for non uniform we are asking the children to bring
a plate of cakes for the tea party in the afternoon you should receive a plate today.
Attendance Housepoints.
We give out attendance
Y3/4 Brunel
30 points
40 points
50 points
Y5/6 Brunel
50 points
30 points
40 points
Mike Weenink - Junior Headteacher
1st May 2015
Due to the positive feedback from the last coffee morning we are hosting a drop-in session with our
school nurse.
So our next session will be led by Tracey Baker and is a chance to bring along any questions you may
have around the role of the school nurse or the anxiety workshop she presented at our last session.
We look forward to seeing you on.
Wednesday 3rd June at 9am in Hanham Abbots Juniors
ALL parents and younger siblings welcome.
SUMMER FESTIVAL - Friday 5th June 2015
Thank you to all those who came to our friends
meeting on Wednesday, we appreciate your help,
especially to Progressive Sports who are giving
the Friends their time and experience to be a huge
part of our summer festival and will be running our
Abbots Olympics on Friday 5th June.
We can't leave it to the teachers it's not their thing
so we also ask for an hours help on any stall, you
choose the time and the stall, the friends will show
you the ropes and help is always with you.
They will let you experience radar races, hoola
hooping, obstacle courses and of course can you
beat the teach!!!! Any size any age, prizes worth
We are in need of a few cooks to work the Barby,
all the food is precooked to make it easier and we
will look after you. Anyone can volunteer, you don’t
have to have a food licence. Please see us in the
hut if you would like to help.
To give you a small peak into the evening
entertainment we have our traditional barby, beer
hut, ice creams, tuck shop, Frozen and bottle
Tombola, guest stalls, friends stalls and the music
for us all of course the Hanham home bands
followed by Desperado !!!
PLEASE help your child to help their class, 1 hour
is all we ask. Lists can be found outside Y4, on the
reception board, and by the friends hut.
If you can help with wrapping Tombola prizes,
lucky dip, any sweet bags and our famous raffle
books, please come to the hut and ask any of the
friends, Donna, Jo, and Rachel are always around.
We appreciate all you do to help us and the
upcoming events. If any of your older siblings
would like to help on a stall we too would love to
hear from you. Face painting , nail glamouring, ice
cream selling to coconut slamming!
Our famous raffle this year is £150:00 cash first
prize, kindly donated by vibe properties, also a
lawnmower donated by Wickes, food vouchers,
cash winnings, dog goodies, haircuts, a generous
selection of complimentary prizes from the local
Hanham traders and many more.
If you or someone you know would like a stall
selling home made or unique items please see any
Kick off at five til 8:30. Everyone welcome (apart of the friends in the hut. Tables are £15:00 the rest
from four legged friends)
is yours to keep.
As always our once a year spectacular event can
not happen without a little support from you.
First and most importantly add this to your diary it's
a must!!!!!
Second we need to shout it to the rooftops and to
do this we post over 5000 flyers through doors.
Please put your name down to post in your road
and if you can post a couple more, every road
counts. The list will be scattered around the
school, any list will do.
If you can help with setting up and not on the stalls
we need you by 1pm. Thank you.
Only one thing left to add - LET IT SHINE !!!!!!