Sponsorship Form - Hartford County 4


Sponsorship Form - Hartford County 4
Hartford County 4-H Fair
Sponsorship Form
1. Sponsor’s Name _________________________________________
We are now planning and preparing for our 78th Annual Hartford
County 4-H Fair to be held August 14, 15 &16, 2015 at the Four Town
Fairgrounds in Somers, CT. We invite you to become a “sponsor” of our 2014
4-H Fair.
4-H is a non-profit organization for youth ages 7-19. The Hartford County
4-H Fair is a county fair, managed by 4-H members, under the guidance of
adult volunteers, advisors, and the Cooperative Extension Educator.
Attendance averages about 8,000 people. The number of exhibits continues to
represent over 3,000 projects, including arts and crafts, foods, small animals,
gardening, computer science, photography, livestock and much more.
The exhibits at the fair are made, grown or trained by 4-H members.
4-H members work all year to get ready for our fair. If you want to learn more
about 4-H or have any questions about the fair, call Laura Merek, Cooperative
Extension Educator at (860) 570-9074.
Our operating budget is over $55,000 per year. Last year’s fair was supported
by over 2,000 sponsors. Your sponsorship goes towards the expenses of
running our 2015 4-H Fair.
We appreciate your support of our youth and 4-H Fair. THANK YOU!
Hartford County 4-H Fair received $________ in payment for sponsorship
2. Mailing Address:
Street __________________________________________________
Town __________________________________________________
State __________ Zip Code __________
3. Sponsor’s email: __________________________
4. 4-H Member:____________________________________________
4-H Club(s):_____________________________________________
5. Circle Sponsorship:
½ PAGE AD **
Class Name
$400.00 or more
$200.00 or more
$100.00 or more
$50.00 or more
$40.00 or more
Other Donations or Gift Cards
$30.00 or more
$20.00 or more
$10.00 or more
of the 2015 4-H Fair from ______________________________________.
All sponsors will receive two tickets to the Hartford County 4-H Fair,
Your name or Ad will appear in the Premium Book and your name will
be listed on our Website, full and half page ads will receive additional
recognition: hartfordcounty4hfair.org . The fair is held at Four Town
Fairgrounds, Somers, CT on August 14, 15, & 16 2015.
**Donations of $150.00 or more will have a banner hanging at the 4-H Fair
with their name on it. How would you like the banner to read?
6. Signature of Sponsor __________________________ Date _______
7. Paid By: (Circle One) Cash or
4-H Member Name _______________________________
(Payable to Hartford County 4-H Fair)
8. Amount $___________
All sponsorships must be turned in by March 28, 2015
or mailed before then, directly to:
Hannah LeVasseur, 261 Plains Rd, Coventry, CT 06238