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The Spire - Hillsboro United Methodist Church
The Spire
Hillsboro United Methodist Church
A Word From Clay
Your Voice Matters
Where and how have we most often encountered God’s presence as a congregation? What values do we hold most dear? What
do you hope for HUMC’s future? What is the dream that God has
for us in this place, at this time?
As you know by now, we’re going to spend this summer speaking, listening and praying together to discern a vision for HUMC.
You’ve already heard a lot about our vision in worship and we’re
just about to have our town-hall style meeting. Then in June and
July we’ll have two rounds of small group conversations shared
over meals. Throughout the summer our worship themes will focus
on aspects of seeking God’s vision for HUMC. Our plan is to have a
clear statement of our vision by September.
I know summer is busy with vacation and travel, recreation opportunities, gardening and so much more. But I’m asking you to
make this process a priority. On those lovely Sunday mornings
when the sun is shining and the garden or a lovely hike is calling,
choose to spend a few hours with your church family. Sign up for
both rounds of the small group conversations.
But I hope that, more than just showing up, you will bring your
ideas, dreams and hopes and that you’ll speak about these honestly. I hope you’ll listen to your sisters and brothers as they share
what’s on their heart. And I hope you’ll be open to the movement of
God’s Holy Spirit as we move through this process together.
It takes the whole Body of Christ to do this vital work. The more
voices we have contributing to the conversation, the more fully we
can expect that God’s Spirit will be clearly heard.
What’s the Worst Job in the Church?
OK, maybe not the worst, but certainly the most challenging –
being the coordinator for our Sunday morning volunteers. It’s not
that the volunteers are unruly or rude, but that it takes so many
phone calls, emails and in-person conversations to get people
signed up. Once we sign up, people are GREAT! It’s just getting
their names on the dotted line that is a challenge.
So, we’re trying an experiment this summer. See inside for
more details!
Much peace, etc.
June 2015
Vol 48, No. 6
Sunday Worship Services
10:00 am
11:00 am
Music Ministries Leader
Communication Leader
Blast Off! Coordinator
Nursery Minister
Office Manager
Church Office
Clay Andrew
Betty Busch
Angie Kiblinger
Lisa Gamache
Amanda Cook
Laura Lillegard
9:00 am—2:00 pm
Pastor’s Hours
10:00 am—2:00 pm
Hillsboro United Methodist Church
168 NE 8th Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Information for United Methodist Church
Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Conference
The HUMC Board
Gann Clarkson (chair), Miriam Bolding,
Kathy Franklin, Kathy Hanna, Barbara
Lawrence, Amanda Martin, Ted Vacek,
Scott Vesecky & Lisa Webster
Next Board Meeting: Jun 7 - 6:00 pm
Save August 30th for the All Church Picnic
We have again reserved Rood Bridge Park, Shelter B (covered, handicapped accessible) for our all-church picnic. It will be August 30, right after church. We'll furnish the meat and ask you to bring a dish to share. We'll
have games for all, plus great fellowship. See you there! Bev Mohnkern
Communications Leader
We have a lot going on here at Hillsboro
United Methodist Church! Sometimes so much
that not even our own members are aware of all
of the opportunities. We also want to share
what we are doing with our community. These
are some of the things I plan to work on in my
new role as Communication Leader. One of the
most important parts of communicating is listening, so one of the first things I want to do is
listen to all of you. What is working well, what
do we need to change, what ideas do you
have? I am grateful to those of you who have
already reached out with answers to some of
these questions and I invite more of you to do
the same. Very soon we will be launching a
survey which you will be able to complete
online or on paper to help us gather feedback. Additionally, if there is anything you
would personally like to share with me, I welcome the conversation! You may reach me either by email or by phone. I tend to be in the
office on Thursdays, but would be happy to set
up an appointment to meet with you in person at
a time and place that works well for you!
Thank you for this opportunity to serve you
in this capacity. I am very excited to be putting
my skills to work for an organization I care so
deeply about!
Angie Kiblinger
The annual tradition of "Ladies Lunch
Out" will be held June 3 at Elmer’s Restaurant, at 390 SW Adams in Hillsboro.
All members of United Methodist
Women are invited to meet at 11:30
a.m. for this no-host event and a time
to enjoy each other's company.
Centering Prayer
Interested in deepening your spiritual and prayer
life? Ready to connect to God through an ancient prayer
practice? Hungering for more connection and centerdness in your life with Christ? Centering Prayer may
be what you’re looking for. And there are two opportunities for you to try it out:
On Tuesday evenings, from 6:30-7:30, a small group
meets to share some brief ‘soul conversation’ and silent
centering prayer. This group began earlier in the year,
but is restarting and re-reading the introductory book
Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening.
Clay will also be offering another introductory
group, following the same book. The day and time will
be determined by what fits best for those who are interested.
If you’re interested in either group, you can email
Clay to get connected.
Family Promise
Thank you to all the volunteers who opened their
hearts and provided a safe and loving place for our Family Promise guests. You helped one family meet their
goal by moving into a permanent house. Our next hosting week is July 26th.
Your Family Promise team,
Brenda, Helen and Gayle.
Gre Your
en T
All Are Welcome
Garden Starts Growing
HUMC garden group is inviting you to join the
Planting Party on June 6, 10:00 am in the garden area. e
Yes, our church community vegetable garden needs H
your help!!!
If you have any suggestion or question, please
e-mail [email protected] Sha
re Yo
ur Id
eas s
Have Lo
ts of Fun
Sunday Morning Servers
It takes a number of volunteers to make our
Sunday morning worship go smoothly – a
building steward, greeters, ushers, nursery
shepherds and hosts for fellowship time. Getting those positions filled is a constant grind.
But we all know it needs to be done and
once you sign up you do a great job. So here’s
what we’re going to try for the summer:
No one is going to come and ask you, beg
you, cajole you, harangue you or plead with
you to sign up. The sign up sheets will be
available in the Fellowship Hall. We’ll also
have an online sign up process – if you get the
Spire by email, you’ll get an email this week
inviting you to use this new tool. We’ll also
send out periodic reminders about the slots
that are still open.
But when spots go unfilled, that job simply
won’t be done or someone will be asked to do
it at the last second.
If you’ve never done one of these jobs before, but are interested, we have people who
can help you learn! If you’ve been waiting for
someone to ask you to serve, you’ve been
So check your calendars, watch your email
inbox and get yourself signed up to make our
Sunday mornings continue to be great!
The Dirty Bible
Mark your calendars:
July 1, 8, 15 & 22, 6:30-7:30!
This four week Bible study will examine the
parts of the Bible we don’t often read – the
sex, violence and weirdness that your grandmother never told you about. This fast-paced,
laugh out loud Bible study will happen on
Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-7:30. Join us
for as Clay leads a fun and unforgettable exploration of the parts of the Bible you’ve never
read before!
Warning – this study will be rated PG-13 (at
least)! Material may not be suitable for younger children.
Dear HUMC Friends,
We are slowly getting settled in to our lovely new home
in Mennonite Village in Albany.
We are finding it even more
attractive and welcoming than
we had expected it to be. If
you can believe it, the move
was completed by 3 PM in the
afternoon- of course we had
two trucks and a seven man
The warmth and caring of
your wonderful sendoff still
warms our hearts and nurtures our spirits. We shall
very much miss our HUMC
church family where we have
been for more than 15 years.
Our new address is:
4729 Becker Circle SE
Albany, OR 97322
(541) 928-1325
[email protected]
We send along our love and
best wishes!
Lefty & Barbara Schultz
Coffee Klatch at 10:00 am
On June 13 at New Seasons
Helping Our Neighbors
Near and Far
Thank you for your
continued support.
$264 was given for
Native American Ministries
$1,489 was given to
Nepal Disaster Relief
JUNE 2015
10:00 am Worship
11:00 am Fellowship
6:00 pm Church
Board Meeting
6:30 pm Boy Scouts
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Main St A/A
6:30 pm Centering
7:30 pm Boy Scout
Planning Meeting
7:30 am Dental Van
8:45 am UMW Exec
11:00 Ladies Lunch
5:30 pm Worship
6:30 pm Blast Off!
6:30 pm ESL Classes
7:00 pm Main St A/A
7:00 pm Women's A/A
8:30 am TOPS
6:30 pm Blast Off!
6:30 pm ESL Classes
7:00 pm Hispanic
Music Ministry
7:00 pm N/A
2:15 pm Harvest
10:00 am Garden
Planning Party
10:00 am Gentry
5:30 pm Boy Scout
Court of Honor
6:30 pm Boy Scouts
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Main St A/A
6:30 pm Centering
9:30 am Miriam Circle
12:30 pm Love Circle
5:30 pm Worship
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Main St A/A
7:00 pm Women's A/A
8:30 am TOPS
10:00 am Le Leche
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Hispanic
Music Ministry
7:00 pm N/A
10:00 am Coffee
Oregon—Idaho Annual Conference
10:00 am Worship
11:00 am Fellowship
3:00 pm Food Co-op
6:00 pm 3M Dinner
6:30 pm Blast Off!
6:30 pm Boy Scouts
7:00 pm Main St A/A
6:30 pm Centering
7:30 pm Boy Scout
Planning Meeting
10:00 am Worship
11:00 am Fellowship
6:30 pm Blast Off!
6:30 pm Centering
6:30 pm Boy Scouts
7:00 pm Main St A/A
7:30 pm Women’s
Evening Fellowship
10:00 am Worship
11:00 am Fellowship
1:00 pm Prayer Shawl 7:30 pm Boy Scout
Planning Meeting
6:30 pm Blast Off!
6:30 pm Boy Scouts
7:00 pm Main St A/A
5:30 pm Worship
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Main St A/A
7:00 pm Women's A/A
8:30 am TOPS
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Hispanic
Music Ministry
7:00 pm N/A
2:00 pm Red Cross
Blood Drive
WFWA Anniversary
1:00 pm UMW
Reading Circle
5:30 pm Worship
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Main St A/A
7:00 pm Women's A/A
7:00 pm Boy Scout
Committee Meeting
8:30 am TOPS
10:00 am Le Leche
6:30 pm Blast Off!
7:00 pm Hispanic
Music Ministry
7:00 pm N/A
TBD Food Swap
Movie Group
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