20 May 2015 Dear Parents Tena koutou Many of you have asked


20 May 2015 Dear Parents Tena koutou Many of you have asked
20 May 2015
Dear Parents
Tena koutou
Many of you have asked about updates on the building programme. At the
moment: the plans have been accepted by the Ministry of Education. They
have now gone to a quantity surveyor for costing. The first part of the
building renovations will be in Kauri syndicate.
Yours sincerely
Nicola Girling
[email protected]
Hillsborough Netball
A team​
had 2 really close games today. They won 2-1 vs St Francis and lost
2-1 vs St Joseph's.
Player of the day was Lavinia Kavaliku.
The ​
B Team​
had another awesome week, winning 12–0 against Marshall
Laing B Team and then winning 7–0 against Christ the King B team.
Player of the day was Olivia Lyon.
The ​
C team​
won their game to Wesley B but lost their game to Halsey drive
A team.
The player of the day was Dori Wu.
D team​
Two close losses 4-3 and 6-2. Player of the day Celia Chanwong.
Hillsborough E​
had a great start to their season winning both games 5-0
on our first week of play. Well done girls, you all worked together
beautifully. Special congratulations to Karly Chen who was our Player of
the Day.
This week we had two tougher games, losing our first 1-7 and our second
1-8. The girls all played really well, with our Player of the Day going to
Paige Kemp - congratulations Paige.
Young Leaders Day
This week the school prefects will be going to the Young Leaders Day. This
is a special day for all the school leaders from Auckland Primary and
Intermediate schools.
They will develop their leadership skills.
Sincere thanks to ​
who have paid their entry for this event.
Teacher Only Day
Monday 20 July
The Board of Trustees have granted a Teacher Only Day
on Monday 20 July
School will be closed on this day for all children.
Term Two Calendar
22 May
FOHPS donuts
1 June
Queen’s Birthday
FOHPs disco
Dental screening week
Book Week
Zone Hockey
Girls Hockey
3 July
Reports issued
FOHPS Mufti, Donuts
Term 3 end
22 May
One per child
NOW 5 June
● news to follow soon
● please put some time aside to help out on this night – 30
minutes help will be wonderful!
On line lunches
Merit Certificates
Congratulations to:
Jassia Arif
Ilma Ismail
Chinna Johns
Working hard to improve in writing
Always trying hard to do her best
Displaying wonderful maturity and caring for her
classmates and younger children
Ollie Collins
Settling quickly into classroom and school routines
Kane Hiller Manson Wonderful progress in writing
Joseph MacDonald Working hard to achieve his learning goals
Dori Wu
Her great attitude towards learning
Joyce Deng
Thoughtful contributions during all class
Abhi Patel
Working hard to solve difficult problems in Maths
Lily Cameron
Making great progress with learning alphabet
Aidan Hennessy
For being a thoughtful, caring class mate
Alex Thomson
Asking questions to ensure he is on task
Daniel Mulipola
Being a curious kid and asking and answering
Esther Ngahe
Good progress in maths and talking about how she
solves problems
Lavinia Kavaliku
Becoming more confident in sharing ideas in
reading and making huge progress
Nataliya Faisal
Great progress in reading
Blake Hinds
Thinking about how to help himself learn