CUSL Roster Instructions


CUSL Roster Instructions
Building Your League Roster in CUSL
Enter the CUSL
website selecting the
version which works
best on your
NOTE: The CUSL system will be open for
Player/Team registration until July 14th, 2013.
Java Use Click On:
1. Navigation
2. Organization
3. Other
4. Team
Alternate Index Page:
1. Team
Select Kings Soccer Academy
from the Club Options, then
click Submit
1. Locate your team from the
pull down menu.
2. Enter the team Password
3. Click on submit
1. Verify OR enter Coach and Team
Information by Selecting
“Update/Modify Coach/Team Info”
2. Change as necessary. The email
address must be for the primary
team contact. This may be either the
coach or PA.
3. Arrow back to then add and delete
Click on Modify/Delete a
Player to delete any old
players from your previous
season’s roster.
1. Begin by entering the player’s information.
2. If the player is already in the CUSL database,
select the player by clicking on their name.
3. If the player is not located in the system, then
follow the prompts and enter required
4. Repeat for each player.
*After submitting each player arrow back to add
additional players