Step by step instructions for players registering for Pelada FA


Step by step instructions for players registering for Pelada FA
 Step by step instructions for players registering for Pelada FA programs 1. ​
If you do not already have it, contact the office of OYSA to get your login information: Desia Bramel, OYSA Registrar: 503­626­4625 Ext. 1/ ​
[email protected] 2.​
To log in, select ​
Spring 16 ​
and ​
Player Registration ​
and enter your Affinity ​
and ​
. 3.​
After logging into your personal account you should see all your players that have previously played and be able to register new players. If you have no edits to make, click ​
. 4. ​
Select the player you wish to register by clicking the ​
Register as Player ​
button next to his/her name. 5.​
Select the desired level of play from the drop down menu. This player has 2 options based on her age: Primary General U5 – U10 or Primary VAL U8‐U10. We will choose the first option for this example. 6. ​
Add or edit your player’s ​
Personal Information ​
as necessary. You can also upload a photo and/or birth certificate. We will need both to register your player and print his or her OYSA Player Card. 7. ​
Add ​
Emergency Contact ​
information. 8. ​
If you would like to make any friend requests for the Pelada FA staff to consider while forming teams, you can add it in the ​
Club Additional Information ​
section. You can also indicate your availability for Volunteer​
options. When you have completed all fields, choose ​
​ Next Page​
. 9. ​
You will be asked to accept Pelada FA’s ​
ELA (Electronic Legal Agreement) ​
page. All content must be read and boxes checked before clicking Agree & Continue​
. If you have questions about the ELA agreements, please contact Joey Garah at [email protected]. 10. ​
Choose a method of payment from the dropdown menu and click ​
continue >>​
. Follow the instructions for your preferred method of payment. There will be a 3% processing fee on credit card transactions. If paying by check, payments can be mailed to Pelada FA at 1430 Willamette Street #337, Eugene, OR 97401. You will also have the option to make a donation of any size you choose to Pelada’s Financial Aid program​
. 11. ​
If you are using a payment plan, select your preferred number of installments from the menu. You will be given a schedule of dates and amounts to be paid by installment, and you will receive reminder emails 7 days prior to each scheduled payment date. Payments made by card will be charged automatically on the scheduled dates. 12. ​
Click ​
Continue ​
when you have completed all fields. You will have the option to ​
Print Receipts & Forms ​
, and an email confirmation of your player’s registration will be sent to the address listed in your Affinity account profile. You’re all done!