MSYSA Travel Team – Primary Team Contact Guide


MSYSA Travel Team – Primary Team Contact Guide
MSYSA Travel Team – Primary Team Contact Guide
2011-2012 (Version 2.0)
Contact Information:
Maryland State Youth Soccer Assoc.
221 5th Avenue, SE
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: 410-768-5401
Fax: 410-768-5406
E-mail: [email protected]
Start here (if Steps 1 and 2 have been completed).
Select your organization from the drop down menu
and click on the 'Online Travel Soccer Team
Registration Form' button to proceed. If you do not
see your organization and believe it should be listed
here, contact MSYSA to confirm your Membership
form and Labels forms were completed correctly.
Enter in your
Then choose up to 5 secondary leagues that your
team participates in, followed by your teams age
group. In the last part of Section I, you will indicate
the season(s) in which your team participates.
In Section II you will select your Primary Team Contact The
drop down will populate with the names of those who have
successfully registered via the MSYSA Adult Volunteer link
and chosen a team official position for your organization
and/or team. You may also enter an MSYSA ID directly
however this will only work with someone who has
successfully registered.
The Database log-in and URL will also be emailed
directly to the PTC.
Section III will
allow you to
enter in
contacts for
your team.
When you are done with Section III, you can finalize
(or submit) the Travel Team form.
Your confirmation page will be similar to this. Print this page
out for your records. The ID and PW are case sensitive.
You can log directly into the database to manage your team by
clicking on the link at the bottom of the page now.
When you log into the database, your name should
be displayed at the top of the screen. For security
reasons, do not share your log-in with others.
Select 'Access Team Management' and click the
'Continue' button to proceed.
If you are the PTC for multiple teams they will all be listed
here. There are also query options on the left to help sort
and find team information.
Click the button next to the team you want to work with and
then click the 'Select Team' button below.
There are 3 work pages from this screen. One each for:
Team, Players, and Officials.
Passes, Rosters, & Game Card printing
options are to your right.
Print Pass Feature: Select
the passes you wish to
print and then select the
print format and the card
stock type (Blank or with
Then once selected a popup will appear in a printable
PDF format (this example is
PDF vs. the other types).
Print Player Registration Form feature: This will work
similarly to player passes where you select which records
to print. A sample form is shown above.
Game Day Card feature: Make your selections first (similar
to player passes and registration forms) then the game day
card will appear in a pop-up window on your screen. A
sample is show below.
Print Roster feature: If applicable select your roster type
and then the roster will appear in a pop-up window. Sample
shown below.
Several administrative reports are to your left. These
include: View/Edit Team, Approve Birth Documentation and
two informational reports.
View/Edit Team feature: This will allow you to make certain edits
to your team profile as well as view your team audit report (the
audit report is also available from the main team page). Be sure
to 'Save Changes' if you make any alterations.
Approve Birth
feature: This will
appear in a popup box.
Check the box for the player(s) after verifying proof of
age. Once done click on the 'Mark Selected Players
Verified' button.
Audit Report feature: This report allows you to view your
teams compliance to the MSYSA audit rules. If there is a
rule failure or warning, information will be provided to assist
you in correcting the issue.
Several different options appear on the Player work
page. Some are duplicate reports like Player Passes
and Registration form. Others are unique to this page,
such as Add New Player and Transfer A Player.
Teams will not have to manually re-enter returning players. Use the 'Add Returning Players
by Teams' button (from the PLAYERS tab). This will allow you to pick and choose returning
players from a 2010-11 roster. Then you can use the regular process for adding any new
Add Player Feature:
This allows you to
manually enter
travel player
information for your
team roster.
Enter all of the information and then click on the 'Submit
Application' button at the bottom of the page.
Transfer A Player feature: This will open in a pop-up
window and display a list of 'Released' players. If one of
these players is to be added to your roster you select their
name and then click on the 'Add Selected Released Player
to Team' button.
View/Edit Players feature: Certain information can be edited
for players using this report. Also, a player can be removed
at any time prior to the Approval process. After the approval
process is done a player must officially be 'Released.' This
function will appear as an option only when the Associate
State Registrar (ASR) has approved your team.
Lastly, you can also print rosters from the main log-in page.
If you have questions on any Team Management function,
please use the contact information from the 2nd page of the
user's guide.