Seminar 4: March 23, 2015 - High School Business Heroes



Seminar 4: March 23, 2015 - High School Business Heroes
High School
Business Heroes
Seminar 4:
Presentation Skills
March 23, 2015
›  Business
Report Feedback
›  Advancing
›  Presentation
›  Group
›  Powerpoint
›  Powerpoint
& Photo & Quote Submission
›  Upcoming
›  Questions
& Answers
Business Report Feedback
›  Feedback
was e-mailed to each team’s lead
›  Pricing
Strategy – listed prices without support.
›  Focused
›  Provide
on using RBG more for space
more concepts to support your ideas (i.e
4 P’s of marketing, SWOT analysis, financial
Business Report Feedback
›  The
more details, the better!
Support your idea and prove that it will be
successful for the Royal Botanical Gardens.
Teams Advancing to the
Final Stage
Business Gurus
Cloud 10
Team IdeasRUs
Team Rocket
Team Storm
Team Symposium
Team Voltage
The Lyons
Presentation Tips
Informative Introduction
›  Firstly,
introduce yourselves and
go through your Agenda
Ø  This
will orientate your audience
and gives them an idea of what to
expect in your presentation
Know Your Content
› Learn
your presentation content
Ø  Allows
for more eye contact with
audience and an engaging
Ø  "Practice makes perfect”
Ø  Say it in your own words
Ø  If you forget what you're supposed to
say, try to improvise and keep the
presentation going
Eliminate Bad Habits
› Pick
up on any distracting habits
you or your partners may have
and try to eliminate them
Ø  Avoid
swaying, excessive hand
gestures, saying “um” or “like” too
much, etc.
Ø  Watch videos of presentations and
keynote speeches and make note of
the good, the bad, and the better
Connect with your Audience
› Be
comfortable when speaking to
the audience
Ø Treat it as a conversation with friends
Ø Smile, make eye contact, add humour!
Ø Consider including interactivity with the
audience—e.g. trivia questions
Ø Let the audience participate
in your presentation
Use Visual Aids
› Include
visual aids—e.g. show a short
video; include pictures, graphs, tables,
sample survey/ interview questions
Ø  Connect
these to your topic, organization,
and marketing strategies
Ø  Provides relief from reading text, and it will
show your audience another perspective of
your proposals
Don't overdo it
› Don't
use too many colours or have
too much text in your PowerPoint or
other visual aids, let yourselves do the
are the main presenter of the
Ø  Keep the design of visual aids clean,
simple, consistent and easy to follow
Work as a Group
› Presentations
are two-way; you see
the audience and the audience
sees you
Ø  Maintain
eye contact, smile at the
audience while partner is speaking
Ø  Occasionally nod and look over at your
partner (support them)
Make Smooth Transitions
› Have
transitions when changing
Ø  Introduce
the name of the next speaker
and what they’ll be talking about
Ø  Thank your group member after they’ve
introduced you
Wrapping Up
›  Practice
makes perfect
›  Be aware of the time allotted to your
presentation and the Q&A period
Presentation: 10 minutes
Q&A: 5 minutes
›  Options
if you run out of time
Do not read everything off your slides
State that you cannot cover the remaining
content during presentation but you can
answer any questions about the topic during
the Q&A period
Group Activity Time!
› Brainstorm
a creative presentation to
promote High School Business Heroes!
Teams can perform a skit, create a
slogan or create an event that will
promote HSBH
› Use
the tips we just mentioned
Powerpoint Example
› Will
not be posted online
› Please
do not use your phones to
Powerpoint & Photo & Quote
› Deadline:
Friday March 27, 2015 by
› This
is so we can ensure you included
relevant and appropriate information in
your powerpoint
› Send
a team/individual photo and your
favourite quote to [email protected] This
will be used for a powerpoint at the closing
ceremonies. Both mentors & participants.
Upcoming Events:
Closing Ceremonies
› When:
Saturday April 04, 2015
› Where:
› Time:
DeGroote School of Business
› Will
include: Top 10 teams presenting in the
first round, Top 3 teams will present in the
second round. Guest speakers. Food!
› Dress
Code: Business Formal
Examples of Business Formal
Questions, comments,