Title: Common Core State Standards Classroom Implementation for



Title: Common Core State Standards Classroom Implementation for
Title: Common Core State Standards Classroom Implementation for English Literature Intended Audience: 6-­‐12th Grade English Teachers, Administrators, District and School Leaders Description: This workshop was held as part of a Summer Workshop Series facilitated by ISBE during the summer of 2012. This workshop consists of a PowerPoint presentation and is designed to provide participants with implementation ideas for 6-­‐12 English classes. Suggested Uses for this Presentation: 1. Professional Development Coordinators can use these materials to provide ideas for CCSS implementation. 2. Teachers may use this information to help them implement the CCSS. 3. School/district personnel may use the criteria to inform English teachers of important key points of CCSS implementation. Materials Necessary: 1.
PowerPoint: “Common Core State Standards Classroom Implementation for English Literature” PowerPoint notes (may be used as a guide for the presenter) Internet Sticky notes For further information/feedback: [email protected] Illinois State Board of Education
100 N. 1st Street • Springfield, IL 62777 100 W. Randolph, Suite 14-­‐300 • Chicago, IL 60601 Facilitator’s Guide CCSS Introduction PowerPoint Session Description The session is designed for a 45-­‐60 minute workshop. The length may vary depending upon pacing. The presenter may adjust the schedule below to fit their needs. Participants will receive information about English Literature CCSS Implementation. Goal of the Session Participants will leave the presentation having a better understanding of the challenges, changes and discoveries in implementing the CCSS. This presentation would be ideal for teachers or administrators who design and implement curriculum. Pre-­‐session Preparation Review the PP and slide notes. TIME 5 min. CONTENT/ACTIVITIES Introduction/Targets MATERIALS PowerPoint Present slides 1 & 2. (See notes.) 10 min. Presentation: Development and Purpose PowerPoint Present slides 3-­‐7. (See notes.) 5 min. Presentation: CCSS Integration PowerPoint Present slide 8. (See notes.) 10 min. Presentation & Think-­‐Pair-­‐Share Activity Present slide 9. (See notes.) 15 min. 5-­‐10 min. Present slide 10. (See notes.) PowerPoint Video clip – 9 minutes Sticky notes Presentation: Resources PowerPoint/websites Presentation & Individual Share Out Activity Present slide 11. (See notes.) PowerPoint Video clip – 7 minutes 

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