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Ramo - Mind Body Tribe
Train your
clients like
the Stars
Ramona Braganza is a global
fitness expert and celebrity
trainer responsible for shaping
the bodies of her world famous
clients which include Halle Berry,
Jessica Alba, Ryan Reynolds
and Zac Efron. Her highly
successful 321 Training Method,
the same workout formula used
for more than 20 years with her
Celebrity clients whilst on film shoots where time and equipment
was minimal, is now available worldwide on amazon.
This effective and efficient workout combines 3 Cardio, 2 Circuits of
Strength training and 1 Core to get your clients losing weight and
building lean muscle tissue like the stars!
For more information visit www.321fitnessuk.com or call 0845 838 1349
LEVEL 1: A back to basics approach that emphasizes cardio
intervals to torch calories, proper form and technique when
strength training with free-weights and effective core routines to
give your clients the abs they want. With multiple days of workouts
this program progresses you in a safe and effective way to reach
your goals.
LEVEL 2: Is a time-saving 45 minute workout that utilizes
compound exercises and unilateral training techniques to improve
symmetry, balance and core strength. Level 2 includes two total
body workouts along with a bonus partner workout designed for
people that want to train with their friend or partner.
The 321 Training Method Level 1 and Level 2 are
also accredited courses with the Register of Exercise
Professionals for Gym and Studio Instructors
and Personal Trainers who want to learn the
Hollywood workout.
Ramona lives by the 321 Philosophy
connecting a healthy body - to a
healthy mind - to a healthy spirit so
you can be at your personal best and
keep your edge as you age.
For more information visit www.321fitnessuk.com or call 0845 838 1349