Art Journal Prompts for April.compressed


Art Journal Prompts for April.compressed
Art Journal
Prompts for
Draw a flower or tree in all four seasons – spring,
summer, fall and winter. Imagine yourself as the flower
or tree – how would you feel, look, sound in each of the
seasons of life?
Draw two masks or create them from clay. On one mask,
represent how you portray to others. On the other,
portray the “real” you. Why are they different? What
would happen if you allowed others to see the real you?
Write the word “growth” on your art journal spread. Fill
the page with words and images (drawn or collaged) that
define the meaning of growth to you.
Draw a boat, a storm and a lighthouse (or use collaged
materials). Journal or write a story about what happens
before, during and after the storm. Name three feelings
you had during the worst part of the storm. Who would
you have asked for help from? How would you have
liked to be helped? Did you think that a rescue would
occur? How would it have occurred?
Draw a stop sign. Draw or paste objects or figures in front
of the stop sign that represent the people or things that
are preventing you from advancing in life (personal,
career, money – whatever is on your mind and heart).
Why do you think that those things are blocking your
growth? How can you remove those objects (or go
around them)?