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HERE - Islamabad Club
Sealed bids for supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of tropcalized Diesel
Generator Sets of following ratings and other allied equipment as specified in bid documents, are
invited from the eligible authorized Dealers/Suppliers of Manufactures of the brands listed in technical
02 No.
500KVA (Prime) -10°c +50°c suitable for 2000ft altitude with sound proof
400KVA (Prime) -10°c +50°c suitable for 2000ft altitude with sound proof
Synchronizing panel with 2no’s. 2000A, ACB for generators of item 1.
Manual change over panel with 1600A, 4P unit
01 No.
Auto Transfer Switch with 2000A 4pole ACB’s
01 No.
Fuel tank 6000 liter capacity
02 No.
2500 hours recommended manufacturers spare parts
01 No.
01 No.
01 No.
1. Only eligible bidders with the following key qualifications should participate in this bidding:1.1 The bidders should have successfully completed at least 04 contracts during the last 01 years
for the supply of specified quantities of above equipment within 02 months of the signing of
the contract.
1.2 The bidders (individual firm/JV) must have at least 05 years or more experience in Supply
/Manufacturing of above material. In case of JV at least any one partner should fulfill the said
manufacturing experience pertaining to the individual’s obligations in respect of manufacturing
as per JV agreement between the parties (JV agreement shall be provided with the bid).
1.3 The manufacturer should be in the business of manufacturing of the above items for at least
five years up to the deadline of submission of bid. These items should have been in successful
continuous operation for at least five years up to the deadline of submission of bids.
1.4 The bidder should have sound financial status. The difference between cash in hand and short
term liabilities should be adequate enough for smooth execution of this project.
2. Bids shall be received under “Single Stage – Two Envelope” procedure, The bids shall comprise a
single package containing two separate envelopes. Each envelop shall contain separately the
“Financial Proposal” and the “Technical Proposal” see para 24 of instructions to tenderer. The
envelope colour of Financial Proposal should be “White” while the Technical Proposal should be
“Khaki” containing the following documents / information noted against each:-
TECHNICAL PROPOSAL Bid security of Rs. 500,000/= in original together with company
information document(s) including organization and financial data,
auditors report(s), lists of similar projects executed and in hand
besides complete specifications details of respective offered item
on the firm’s letter head pad alongwith catalogues, authorization
certificate from the manufacturer(s), Sales Tax, and Income Tax
certificates etc.; all pages / sheets duly signed and stamped.
The Technical Proposal must be sufficiently detailed to convince
the Islamabad Club that the company has the experience as well as
the technical, administrative and financial qualification(s)
necessary for the execution of the job.
Duly filled in Bidding Document; all pages duly signed and stamped.
The envelopes should be marked in bold letters as “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” and “FINANCIAL
PROPOSAL” respectively with name of work and firm.
3. The bidders shall submit Bid Security (earnest money) for an amount of Rs. 500,000/= with their
Technical Proposals in the shape of Pay Order or Bank Draft of any Scheduled Bank in favour of
Secretary, Islamabad Club. Proposals without bid security with technical proposals will be rejected.
In case of non-acceptance of bids, the bid security will be refunded after finalization of the
4. Tenders having validity less than 90 days from the date of opening of tenders will not be
5. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased on submission of written application and
on payment of Rs. 5,000/= non refundable fee by Bank Draft/Pay-order of any scheduled Bank of
Pakistan in favor of Secretary, Islamabad Club from the office of the Secretary, Islamabad Club,
Islamabad w.e.f. 13-05-15 The documents may be collected in persons or if requested to be
airmailed (domestic delivery only) the same may be sent through courier service for an additional
fee of Rs. 2000/= but with the proviso that in such a case no liability will be accepted for loss or
late delivery. No tender documents shall be issued 03 days prior to the date of opening of tenders.
6. Bids are to be addressed and delivered to the Secretary, Islamabad Club, Islamabad not later than
1530 hours on 28-05-15 Technical proposals will be opened the same day at 1600 hours, in the
presence of the bidder who choose to be present while the Financial Proposals shall remain (in
sealed form) in the custody of the Islamabad Club and would be opened after receipt of the
technical evaluation report, in the presence of qualified bidders who would be duly informed of the
time, date and venue of opening of Financial Proposals. The technically qualified lowest bid would
be accepted. The financial proposals of bids found technically un-acceptable shall be returned unopened to the respective bidders under the rules.
7. Interested bidders may obtain further information from the office of the:The Secretary, Islamabad Club,
Islamabad Club, Islamabad
Tel: 051-9223631 Fax: 051-9223629