Data Request Form



Data Request Form
Data Upload
The most important service Steren can provide to the Dealer/Franchise Network is a quality source
of product supply.
In order to do this effectively, we are asking Dealers or Franchises interested in working with
Steren to share your history to help us develop a forecast for products that you will need for your
store on a go-forward basis.
In order to have a controlled sample, we’re asking each of you to send one year of data – specifically
from 1/1/2014 through 12/31/2014.
Data Upload Process
IMPORTANT: Please temporarily reset your PC’s date to 12/31/14. *
(In the bottom right hand corner of your computer, right click on the time. From the list select “Adjust Date/Time” option. Select the
“Change Date and Time” button. You can then set the date back to 12/31/2014. Don’t forget to set it back once you are done with the
Inventory Reports Audit/Adjust
SKU Sales History and Profit/Loss (4th option in upper right)
Report All Vendors (lower center area)
Export Report (when naming your report, please refer to your store name)
Please upload your report to the Doc Upload feature (top right corner) of the website
Please don’t hesitate to call the NewTek staff at 866-672-5233 with any questions you may have.
Thank you for your interest in Steren!
Due to erratic supply during 2015 a report based on this time period would not provide an
accurate summary of store sales. This is why it is very important to temporarily reset your PC’s
calendar to 12/31/2014. Resetting the date will enable the POS system to retrieve 2014’s full
history and ensure data integrity.