Poster File Upload Manual creditials : Email / Password


Poster File Upload Manual creditials : Email / Password
Poster File Upload Manual
1 – Login at using your
creditials : Email / Password
This credentials were sent to you, in the E-poster Aceptence letter that
was sent to your mail box.
2- After you are logged in, you have to accept the invitation to present
your work, pressing in the “Accept” button.
3 – After aceppting your invitation, you will receive a success message.
Now you are ready to upload your E-Poster File. You can upload it through
this screen by pressing the “Upload File”. Alternately you can hit the home
button and do the upload through the main page.
3 – At the main page you can do the upload by pressing in the “Upload
File” button or click on your assignation at the left side.
4- Once in the upload page you just need to click in one of the two
“Upload File” buttons so you can choose your file and upload it to the
When your file is uploaded, the task is done! You can now logout from
your account.

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