How to upload videos onto YouTube:


How to upload videos onto YouTube:
How to upload videos onto YouTube:
1. Go to
2. If you already have a google account, you will see a blue “Sign In” button at the top right
corner of the window. Click on it to sign into your Google account and proceed directly
to step 5. If you do NOT have a Google account, you will find instead a “Create
Account” button. Click on it to create your Google account.
3. Once you have completed the steps to set up your Google account, you will be taken to
this “Welcome to YouTube!” page:
4. Click on the blue “Next” button and then click on “Save”. You have now completed the
sign up process and should be automatically signed in onto the YouTube page. You will
see your name at the top right corner of the page (as shown in the picture below). If you
don’t, and see a blue Sign In button instead, simply click on it to sign in.
5. To upload a video, click on the Upload button found next to the Search bar within
YouTube (see picture above). You will be taken to this page:
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6. On the dropdown menu, select “Unlisted” (see picture above).
Note: Your uploaded video will become property of the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI).
OBI reserves the right to use the video in publications and other types of media for
program and/or communication purposes (e.g. including without limitation in media
releases, annual reporting and advertisement). Therefore, do NOT disclose any
proprietary information about your idea/or invention anywhere in the video. OBI does
not hold any responsibility for the content uploaded by each applicant.
7. Now you’re ready to upload. Click on the up arrow found above “Select files to upload”
and choose the correct video file to upload. Please make sure your video does not
exceed 2 minutes. File formats supported by YouTube can be found here:
Note: On the right hand side of the YouTube upload page, you can also find Uploading
Instructions and Troubleshooting guides created by YouTube, as well as tools for editing
your video.
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8. During the upload, you can enter information related to your video such as Title,
Description, Tags, etc. Make sure to select “Unlisted” from the drop-down menu (circled
in red in the picture below) if you haven’t already done so. When you’re done adding
information related to your video, make sure to save the changes.
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9. You can also click on the Advanced Settings Tab to customize other options such as
Comments, License and rights ownership, etc.
10. Once the upload is complete, you’ll find the link to your video (shown in the red oval):
11. Copy and paste your video link into a new browser window to test whether the upload
was successful and to check the image and sound quality of your video. If everything
looks fine, copy and paste the link into the appropriate box of the OBI
Entrepreneurs Program application form.
A final note: Make sure your video has been set to unlisted. If you have forgotten to do
that during the video upload process, you can still set it by clicking on the “Video Manager”
button (in the red oval) below the video display window.
Clicking on the “Video Manager” button will take you to the Uploads page shown below:
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On the Uploads page, click the square little box found next to the video you wish to “unlist”.
Then click the dropdown menu above the list of videos called “Actions”. One of the options
in the dropdown menu is “Unlisted”. Select that option. When the program completes
processing the request, you will receive the message “1 video successfully updated”.
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