Summer Internship Program Brochure


Summer Internship Program Brochure
Kirk’s Global Compass is a cultivated management company that
oversees the operational, marketing and sales strategies of the
Kirk Family of Businesses. We are a culture of individuals committed
to the perfection of our roles and growing the standards of our
industry. We are out-of-the-box thinkers that require a high level
of performance while managing our work-life balance. We
work in a world of accountability at the highest level.
We treat our internship process just like our
employment process. We are vested in you, so
you need to be vested in the process. Our
application and interview process is outlined
in this brochure and requires you to
adhere to the process in its entirety in
order to be considered for a position
within our organization.
Junior, Senior and MBA students that can devote
themselves to the following:
We are looking for candidates with the following
professional desires and skills:
1. Three-Day Orientation & Project Assignment Marketing/Advertising
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Public Relations/Communications
2. 10-Week Internship Program
Event Planning/Tradeshow Management
(Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
Social Media Planning
3. Must have a personal email address and laptop with Copywriting/Editing/Blogging
wireless internet capabilities
Graphic Design and Illustration
4. Ideal candidates have led successful projects and have quality managerial skills
Web Design and Programming
5. Understanding of all major social media platforms
Videography and Animation
Our Application Process:
1. Complete Employment Application
2. Provide a College Transcript
3. Cover letter to include:
a. 500 word essay answering these three questions:
The projects that you will work on will be LIVE projects. You
will be either building a client project or creating and owning
one of our internal projects. We do not stick our interns in
a file room, so you will learn and grow. Some examples of
projects you will create in a team environment may include
the following:
Video/Movie Production
Photography Project
Graphic Design Project
Flash Mob Project
Event Creation/Management Project
Social Media Viral Campaign
Marketing/Advertising Campaign
i. If you could be any animal in the world what would you be and why?
ii. What song best describes your work ethic and why?
iii. How would people communicate in a perfect world?
b. Essay should be typed and approximately 500 words.
4. Resume to include:
a. Career History
b. Non-profit or trade association/volunteer position(s)
c. One professional recommendation
d. Three letters of recommendation from university contacts
e. Provide where applicable:
i. Designer Portfolio
ii. Writing Samples
iii. Video Portfolio
iv. Case Histories of Successful Projects
Our internship program is dedicated to the success of giving
you a real corporate experience. The value you will be
able to add to your resume will be immeasurable. We are
dedicated to growing not only your professional presence but
your skills and talents. Here is a taste of what is to come!
Submit all necessary forms to [email protected]
v. Awards and Accomplishments
Why should you apply?
Three-Day Orientation Training Outline (Friday, Saturday and
Sunday Commitment):
1. Our Internship Program: What’s in it for you?
2. Great Leaders/Bad Leaders Training
about a company?
We believe that the interview process is a two-way street. We
want you to feel comfortable with our team and our core values
so that you can grow professionally within our organization.
Our interview process is designed so you can get to know your
potential manager, team members and the design of our culture.
6. Team-Building Activities
Our Internship Program Interview Process:
7. Networking & Business Etiquette: Your Personal Branding
1. Scheduled Conference Call Interview
8. Show Me the Money: Phases of the Sales Cycle
2. Team Interview with Departmental Team Leaders
9. Strategic Social Media Planning
3. Scheduled Conference Call
10. Strategic Marketing Planning
4. Reference Check
11. Strategic Elements of Web-Sites
5. Our Decision
3. Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Training
4. Building and Maintaining a Corporate Culture Training
5. Core Values/Mission/Vision Statements: What they say A KIRK’S GLOBAL COMPASS PUBLICATION
The 10-week program will be built around your talents and skills. You may work as a team lead or as a team member on a client
project or one of our internal marketing projects. We will understand your passions and develop a project that will fuel those
passions while accomplishing a project that will add value to the company. You will be provided a mentor during the program that
will help you cultivate your professional development during the process.
Your final week of our program is designed to give you solid takeaways as you enter the workforce.
The assets given this final week will set you up for a successful launch into the job search process.
1. Job Performance Review
2. Project Performance Review
3. LinkedIn Profile Critique
4. Leverage LinkedIn for Job Search Training
5. Cover Letter, Resume & Portfolio Critique, and Copywriting & Editing Assistance
6. Two-Hour Interview Practice Session
7. DISC and/or Caliper personality profile.
(A great asset to include with your resume)
8. Graduation Day: We celebrate the close of our program with a cool company experience and a certificate of completion.
We compensate our interns at $10.00 per hour, including
your orientation training. We limit our internship candidates
to only those who comply with all application requirements.
Interns who miss more than two days with unexcused
absences will be eliminated from our program with or
without notice.
Special Note: Any materials
developed while employed with our
organization are considered the
intellectual property of
Kirk’s Global Compass, LLC.