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Storytelling for Business:
Putting Emotions to Work for Your Benefit
Programme with actor and producer Kevin Allison,
The Story Studio, New York
May 7 – 8 2015 Riga, Latvia
In your career, every day, you want to move someone -- a customer, co-worker, client.
You want to grab her attention, appeal to his emotions, inspire their actions. But if you don't know
how to turn information into a compelling and memorable story, you will not move people as effectively. Powerful storytelling is not magic. It's a craft to be learned, step-by-step. In this workshop,
you will master a foolproof method of creating a story for full emotional impact - a method that
you can use again and again.
You'll create your own stories here. Meaningful and engaging narratives built from the moments in
your professional and personal life that will persuade, instruct, and inspire colleagues and clients.
This is an investment that will last a lifetime. You can become a great communicator -- one who
doesn't just speak, but gets results. So be heard! Be remembered! And create the change you wish
to see in your business with clear and compelling storytelling.
Use the 6 Senses to trigger
emotional responses.
Master the 5 Beats of classic
story structure.
Drive a narrative arc toward
a surefire selling point.
Move listeners through your
body language, facial expressions and vocal range.
• Work on prepared stories
AND off-the-cuff improvised
• Cut the clutter by zeroing in
on the most essential moments.
• Walk away with a method for
brainstorming on and creating
new stories whenever you like.
This programme is suited for experienced business leaders seeking new techniques for winning
results; emerging leaders who seek innovative ways to create value; and sales people seeking to improve their storytelling skills for daily business activities.
What Is a Story?
Two elements that separate stories from non-stories.
What Makes Stories Told For Business Special?
Knowing your story's message before you start to
Choosing the right story for your audiance
Grabbing attention with story scenes
Scene, Summary and The 6 Senses
Bringing emotions to life in stories.
Scripted Tales
Using your body, your voice and your smarts to address a specific audience.
How Do You Prepare To Share A Story?
Structuring a Satisfying Narrative
Inciting Incident Rising Action, Main event and
Speaking to Listeners
Envisioning the hopes, fears and biases of your audience.
The 5 Beats of Classic Story Structure
How Do You Hone Your Skills In Storytelling?
Kevin Allison is the founder and head instructor of The
Story Studio in New York City. The Studio trains corporate business executives for more engaging storytelling.
Some of his recent clients include Chanel, IBM, The New
York Stock Exchange, American Express, UN General
Assembly, and more.
Trained as an actor, Kevin Allison was a member of the
legendary sketch comedy group ‘The State’, which had an
acclaimed series on MTV from 1993-1996. In 2009, Kevin
created the popular live show and podcast RISK!, where
people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to
share at His other film and TV appearances include Reno 911!, The Ten, Stella,
and Flight of the Conchords.
Behind the scenes, Kevin has written for Blue Man Group, JibJab, and SomeEcards. In the print
world, his writing has appeared in The Village Voice, Giant, Premiere, and Film Journal. He has
served as the Artistic Director of The Peoples Improv Theater in New York, and taught comedy
writing at New York University.
Kevin really knows how to tease out your hidden storytelling skills. If you want to produce more magnetic,
meaningful stories, take this course!
Will Ruehle, Television Writer
This course will help you shape even your simplest experiences into their most interesting versions. Kevin
Allison really knows how to pass his skills on to his students. This is, by far, one of the most memorable
classes I've ever taken.
Michele DeBella Lewis, Manager
Kevin’s approach will keep the tone of your stories very natural and lively. This course gave me a solid
foundation while staying dynamic & spontaneous in my presentation.
Andrew Grosso, Entrepreneur
Time: May 7 - 8, 2015
Early Bird Fee: 1090 EUR + VAT per person
(before Apr 30)
Fee: 1290 EUR + VAT (before May 1)
Fee includes: Tuition, materials, lunches
Location: Albertvilla Residency, Riga
Anda Klavina Consultancy
Executive Education Network Director
[email protected]
+ 371 26880458
Your business is in your stories - tell them
with all your heart!
Kevin Allison, comedian