Kevin Wanzer - Parent Discussion Guide copy


Kevin Wanzer - Parent Discussion Guide copy
empowering audiences – one laugh at a time
You s c h o o l a s s e m b l y s p e a k e r
30 years experience • Over 2,500 Presentations
Reaching Over 1 million audience members
“So...what happened in school today?”
Kevin Wanzer spoke to the students today at your school.
He has addressed thousands of school audiences during
the last three decades, sharing an uproarious and
empowering message to students of all ages. Kevin
focuses on the importance of living with authenticity,
making positive choices, embracing and celebrating
diversity, and looking out for those who may be left behind
or forgotten. Chances are, your child laughed while
listening to Kevin. A lot. And our goal is for the message
to last long after the laughter. To help continue the
conversation, here are some questions you may want to
ask your son or daughter about Kevin’s program.
Ask your child…
What is something about Kevin’s program that really made you
laugh? What was your favorite story?
What did Kevin mean when he talked about removing pebbles
from your “bowl of light?”
What pebbles do you have in your life right now?
Is there a situation in school in which you know someone needs
a friend? What can you do to make a difference?
Kevin talked about discovering things in your life you love, that
you are passionate about. What is your passion in life right
now? What do your really love?
What was something you took away from Kevin’s message?
Why do you think Kevin was invited to speak at your school?

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