20 FREE PR SITES 4 Rules for Navigating the Business



20 FREE PR SITES 4 Rules for Navigating the Business
Vol. 1 No. 4
The Industry's Leading Business Opportunity - Distributorship - Licensee - Franchise Matching Specialists
4 Rules for
the Business
Build Awareness by Sending
Free Press Releases
u The Perfect Sales Pitch
Watch Mad Men’s
Don Draper sell ‘Mark
Your Man’ lipstick to
a skeptical CEO....
It just might be the
greatest sales pitch
Feed yourself with ideas and let your imagination run wild.
We’ve researched the ways on how you can be successful in what you do.
4 The Engine Returns to Merge with
7 4 Rules for Navigating the Business
Opportunity Market
8 Buzzwords to Purge from Your Vocabluary
10 Characteristics of Top Sales Professionals
12 20 Ways to Get Free PR!
14 8 Clients Share Their Experience with
10 Business Notes 11
11 Must-See Video
11 Good Reading
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The Engine Returns to Merge with
Better Leads, Customer
Service and Instant
Lead Delivery
ounded by Todd Hatch in 2004, BusinessOpportunity.com is one of the nation’s leading portals that
provides free business opportunities, distributorships, licensee opportunities and franchise information. We’re proud to announce of the merger with
The Brickell Media Group, LLC (BMG) headed by Kevin James
Culp as of November 1, 2014 known to be able close sales
when others couldn’t.
Culp, was the former Director of Sales for BusinessOpportunity.com, and has returned from a half-year hiatus spent
working to refine the BMG Agency Platform. The new platform has a new spin the competition will hate, you will love
and is unique to the industry.
“I come back recharged, refreshed and refocused, with the
main goal of providing the best possible customer service
and the best product suite in opportunity industry. Basically,
our teams are more powerful working together to provide an
expansion array of experience directly in the lead generation
business for the last decade. Thus, offering more products,
services under one roof aligned with unparalleled flexibility
I‘ve come back recharged, refreshed and
refocused, with the
main goal of providing
the best possible customer service and the
best product suite in
opportunity industry.”
will save our advertisers time and will act as a byproduct to
create a better user experience for the shoppers who use the
site - some every day,” said Culp, the company’s President and
The merge will also bring another element that many opportunity owners will be sure to take notice of. BMG specializes
in the sale of your opportunity often for less than you can do it
“Needless to say, I am very excited to continue to provide
affordable lead generation that has been proven over the
years to convert for opportunity owners. The merge will allow
for customized outsourced sales, expert advice & marketing
solutions for our current and future partners who are offering
legitimate franchises and business opportunities, and for a
price nobody can beat,” said Todd Hatch, BusinessOpportunity.
com’s President/Founder. }Read online
4 Rules
for Navigating
the Sea of
For Sale
ith dozens of categories and industries
to choose from, today’s marketplace of
business opportunities for sale can be
overwhelming for anyone who knows they
may want to start a small business of
their own, but who is unsure where to begin. There are online
options, work-at-home options, retail options and even low
and no-cost options. In fact, when it comes to the realm of
business opportunities for sale today, the sky’s the limit.
Thankfully, there are a number of resources available to help
you in narrowing your search, not the least of which is the U.S.
Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Business Center. It provides
prospective business opportunity owners with important information and guidance to help them make a final decision on
their most suitable option and evaluate their potential success
in any given industry.
In the meantime, here are four quick tips for how you can begin to make sense of the exciting and yet somewhat daunting
task of selecting which one of today’s business opportunities
for sale is right for you:
1. Do your background research
Each of the business opportunities for sale today represents
the age-old principle of supply and demand. You’ve got something to sell, and people want it. Or do they? Just because
someone says that what they are selling is going to make you
money, that doesn’t mean you should believe it—not without
doing your own homework anyway. So never take anyone’s
word for anything when it comes to business. Do your research!
When it comes to the
realm of business
opportunities for sale,
the sky’s the limit.
3. Ask for the Business Opportunity
Disclosure Document up front
The FTC mandates that any business opportunity seller provide the prospective buyer with
a one-page Business Opportunity Disclosure
Document that provides you with five critical
pieces of information: 1) it identifies the seller;
2) it tells you about any pertinent lawsuits or
legal actions, if any; 3) it explains the seller’s
cancellation or refund policy, if one is available,
and explains its terms; 4) it stipulates whether or not the seller makes any claim regarding your potential to earn money, and if so, it
mandates that the seller furnish you with an
earnings claim statement; and 5) it provides
you with a list of references. Ask for it. Get it.
Read it. And…
4. Talk to references
2. Find a mentor to guide you
Studies show that the majority of successful entrepreneurs
agree having a mentor is one of the most critical pieces to
starting a small business and making it successful. Find someone who is or has been a successful business owner in their
own right and who can and is willing to guide you in making
this very big decision. If you can’t find someone on your own,
you need to consider contacting SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground,
grow and achieve their goals for nearly fifty years. Supported
by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE has
a nationwide network of 12,000-plus volunteers who provide
services at no charge or very low cost.
Just do it! Yes, the Disclosure Document will give you references, but they mean nothing if you don’t contact them. Just
because someone is likable, believable and tells you what you
want to hear doesn’t make them reputable. Check references.
Make phone calls. Talk to people. It’s probably the most important piece of the puzzle to increase the likelihood that you
make the right decision when it comes to navigating the sea of
business opportunities for sale today. Good luck!
We want to hear from you! What other key factors are involved in choosing from among the incredible marketplace of
business opportunities for sale? What do you think any savvy
aspiring small business entrepreneur needs to think about
when they’re shopping for just the right fit? Tell us what you
think… } Read online
What’s Your Follow
Up Strategy?
I constantly ask people about their connection rates,
sales cycles, email marketing cycles and drip systems,
sales strategies and so much more. The purpose is to get
to know their business along with the client and a combination of their needs both individually and in combination.
When I begin to ask questions, almost always the connection rates of their telemarketing program has fallen
flat. They call and call and even by the ninth call they still
the dreaded voicemail picks up, they leave a message with
no return call.
So, if I was asked what was the chief compliant I have
been hearing for the last seven years I’ve been working
on the BusinessOpportunity.com project is “low connectivity” with business opportunity leads, in general that are
generated online.
One of many secrets to getting more people to ‘pick up
the phone’ -- and that leads to a much higher connection
rate -- the secret to getting a higher connection rate is to
call from various phone numbers or block your call if you
employ only one phone/number. Often this will result in
75% voicemails, but 25% connection rate. If 25% is higher
than what you are hitting right now, employ this method
and see how many people you get on the phone today. It
is also very important to know that it takes up to a half
dozen calls to get in a pitch. Keep calling! } Read online
5 Buzz Words
to Purge from
Your Vocabulary
uzzwords. We hear the terms all the time and rarely do we think of ourselves over using certain terms
when we sell or converse with others. I feel like pulling my hair out each time I hear someone say, “customer
centric” because I wonder if the person actually knows what
that buzzword means.
So, here is my top five to stop using today:
1. Customer centric (if you don’t know what this means
and can use it in context stop using it)
2. At the intersection of… (and that guy in that commercial
that used to be on the show- oh please stop!)
3. Moving or Going Forward (eww! - Presumptuous word.)
4. Build Your Exit Strategy (no comment - it is obvious)
5. Organic Growth (seriously? Are people still using this
HERE IS A BONUS: ‘Directionally accurate’ is to me another way of saying, “I don’t my know my ass from a hole in
the water or the answer to boot, but boy did that just sound
good!” It is also important to note that many customers you
come into contact with do research prior to your call with
them. They are haters of the term “directionally accurate”
because what it really means, “I can’t back this up at all, I still
know I’m right though.” Oh, and BTW, stop using BRB and
BTW via instant message. }Read online
Sir Richard Branson on Taking Risks
In the end
you just
have to say,
“Screw it.
Just do it!”
The Opportunity
Analysis Canvas
by James V. Green
From the author of Developing Innovative Ideas for New
Companies, the #1 course in entrepreneurship with
over 600,000 learners from 175 countries, comes a
new book, The Opportunity Analysis Canvas. in it Dr.
James V. Green shares how to become more effective
in identifying and analyzing entrepreneurial opportunities, and building sustainably competitive companies.
Dr. Green helps answer questions like:
¡ Why are entrepreneurs successful?
¡ How can we understand and develop our thinking to be
better entrepreneurs?
¡ What are the keys to developing winning entrepreneurial
Distilling vast amounts of research in psychology, sociology, and economics into a practical how-to guide for aspiring
and active entrepreneurs, Dr. Green
presents a whole new understanding of entrepreneurial mindset and
action. At its core, The Opportunity
Analysis Canvas contains a powerful argument that anyone can be a
successful entrepreneur by thoughtfully examining themselves and the
business opportunity. By harnessing
these insights, we can transform our
ideas into businesses that are lasting
successes. }Read online
The Characteristics of
Top Sales
ive two salespeople the same product, the same tools and
the same territory, and you’re likely to see different results.
This has long been a quandary for sales organizations.
What makes certain sales people rise to the top? Well, as it turns
out, there are five primary “sales profiles,” based on the main
ways that sales representatives interface with potential customers. One of these sales profiles is most likely to succeed.
DOWNLOAD this fascinating guide and learn how to
groom your sales team for success. With the right
approach, you can help to shape behavior, attitude,
skills, and activities in a way that’s proven to get
better results. Read on to determine which sales
type is most common in your organization, and what
you can do to build a stronger team. } Read online
Do You Fit the
Profile that Wins
More Sales?
10 |
12 |
Need Back Links?
Top 20 Easy Ways to Get Listed Free
ack-links post Panda has become critical to your websites rankings. The one method that I have found that
works really well is writing 100% unique content press
releases and then popping them onto free pr sites with the
proper tagging and a logo.
Below I list not only pr sites, nut I tossed in some PR9 sites
as well that you can get links back from:
1. www.1888pressrelease.com
2. www.24-7pressrelease.com
3. www.addpr.com
4. www.techprspider.com
5. http://express-press-release.com
6. www.free-press-release.com
7. www.i-newswire.com
8. www.mediasyndicate.com
9. www.myfreepr.com
10. www.newswiretoday.com
11. www.pagerelease.com
12. www.pr.com
13. www.pr9.net
14. www.pr-inside.com
15. www.prlog.org
16. www.prurgent.com
17. www.pressabout.com
18. www.pressreleasepoint.com
Each site has
their own set of
rules, regulations,
and ability for
hyperlinks, images, logos and so
much more. Take
your time, set up
an account for
all twenty press
release sites and
send your next
release FREE! I
can’t say don’t
also pay to get
your press out
there. It can be a
great thing, but
so is free.
u Read online
19. www.bizeurope.com/pressrelease.htm
20. http://theopenpress.com
| 13
8 Clients Tell Their Experience with
“I just wanted to express
my heart felt appreciation
to everyone at BusinessOpportunity.com, especially
Kevin Culp! He went above
and beyond my expectations
in helping me with ALL of
my questions and concerns.
Every email and phone call
was returned almost immediately and his knowledge
and friendlyness is second to
none! He took all my doubts
away with his professionalism and sincere help with
getting my business opportunity posted in a very quick
and timely fashion. I couldn't
be more pleased with every
aspect of your company!
Thanks again & best regards.”
Sam Corn
Stain Solution System
14 |
“As a Business Credit expert,
I’m always looking for a way
to reach the masses. I found
a program that would allow
me to offer my Business Opportunity for Free. I contacted BusinessOpportunity.com
to see how they would help
me market this opportunity
and they far exceeded my
expectations at every turn. In
sixty days I received over 500
requests for information and
over 75 individuals signed up
for the opportunity. WOW!
Thanks Kevin - this was LIFE
CHANGING FOR MY BUSINESS. You guys are clearly
the answer to getting an opportunity to the masses.”
J. Whitner, President of Clear
Financial Concepts
“I’ve been advertising with
the last 3 months and so far I
have received 342 leads. The
individuals who have joined
my business off of BusinessOpportunity.com could potentially bring me millions of
dollars in revenue. I experienced a 550% ROI within my
first two weeks of advertising. Without question, this
is the best source for high
quality, low cost leads in the
entire marketplace.”
Josh Zwagil, Vice President of
Fuel Authority International
“Surfing the Internet one
evening looking for home
based business ideas, I found
businessopportunity.com. I
was intrigued by their ‘Candles’ category and requested
more information from Linda
at GetGoodScents.com. Now
I’m a gourmet scented candle distributor too and have
created a fabulous business
representing a wonderful
product while earning money
for myself.”
Vicki Corrier – Maristelli
*My Experience* “I started
advertising with BusinessOpportunity.com several
months ago and have had
tremendous success with
the quality of leads I am receiving, made several sales,
and the service reaches the
results I desire for my business. The staff has been so
professional and helpful with
any questions I have and
never hesitate to get back to
me with answers or suggestions.” Way to Go BusinessOportunity.com
Teresa K, Massachusetts LifePath
“I’ve been advertising and
making money with Kevin at
BusinessOpportunity.com for
over five years now and have
no plans to stop anytime
soon, the leads I receive from
the site are of high quality.
Great work Kevin and welcome back you were sorely
Leland von Syring, President
Charter Financial
“I’ve been working with
Kevin and BusinessOpportunity.com for the past 3 years
with multiple opportunities
we have developed and I’m
happy to report that we’ve
made dozens of sales of
the years. I have not found
a better source of qualified
leads anywhere. Kevin is
very responsive and gets
your advertisements setup
quickly and effectively. If you
are looking for the best place
to advertise your business
opportunity than look no
Jeremy Tyler – Founder, Loyal
“Honestly they are the best
business opp. portal I have
found. And I’ve advertised
with quite a few others over
the years including Franchise Gator as well as offline
advertising. You will find
their site and communication
excellent. I subscribe to their
daily emails and I actually
take the time to read their
articles because they are of
real value.. The number of
leads and quality are consistently better than the other
advertising methods we use.
I have not been working our
leads as I should but we still
seem to close a fair amount
by driving them to our site
with email and sending them
a sample through the mail.
Kevin is simply top notch and
knows his stuff. So you can’t
go wrong.”
John Trapani, Personal Touch
Products, Inc.
| 15