Moruya 8 April 2015 - Rotary Club of Moruya


Moruya 8 April 2015 - Rotary Club of Moruya
Moruya 8 April 2015 Invoca on: For good food, for good friendship and the privilege to serve we give thanks. Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Keith’s Klatter
Last Week - Cinders
Welcome to our Club Assembly. This is an opportunity for all members to look over the activities
we have been involved in and take some time to
plan our future projects to benefit our community.
There are some regular things coming up that we
can plan for but we are always looking for new
ideas to interest the members. It is obviously an
opportunity to think about the new Rotary year of
2015-16. Please feel free to contribute your
thoughts and ideas to make the world a better
Last week we won the Cinders Trophy for the 7.5th
time according to the shield!!! It was a “fearsome
contest” between the Rotary Clubs of Moruya and
Narooma with 5 rounds of questions and one “all
nighter”! Despite numerous attempts at protest and
claims of unfairness all agreed in the end that it
was a wonderful night of friendship and community. Thanks go to Peter and Sharon Smith for the
questions, Terry Young for the smooth conduct of
the night and to Kelly in the kitchen for the effective finger food. Thanks also to all those who attended and brought their friends to boost our
We were pleasantly surprised with the activity at
the kiosk for the races on Easter Saturday. With the
help of Peter and Sharon’s daughter Bethany and
Tony and Therese’s son Thomas we were fully
staffed and run off our feet during the busy 11.30 –
2.00pm rush hours. Thank you to all those that volunteered for that work and particularly to Peter for
the organisation. If he can get a good offsider some
day soon who remembers to get the frozen material
out of the freezer on time it would be really
I would like to invite all Rotarians to the 2015 Rotary Success Conference and Youth Summit which
will be held at the Hellenic Club, Canberra on 5 – 6
September 2015. This conference is an affordable
conference as the price of $120 per person covers,
morning teas, lunch, afternoon tea and the Saturday
night dinner. It will commence at 8.30am on the
Saturday morning and conclude at 12.30pm on the
Sunday. Go to
success-conference.html to register.
Enjoy your Rotary,
Every Cinders we wrestle with the problem of finding
the winner using a formula which will be fair to all concerned. Last week we had 29 Moruya players with an
average score of 6.3 and 22 Narooma players with an
average score of 5.9. Moruya’s four tables scored 184,
an average of 46, Narooma’s three tables scored 131, an
average of 43.6. So we won.
The finger food arrangement worked well, with several
comments that we were better fed than on many an ordinary meeting. The questions covered a wide field - a
better memory for names would have helped the more
aged amongst us - Rohan and Pauline’s naming of past
District Governors led to the victory of the Fran’s
Friends table.
As always, this was an entertaining night of good fellowship, a real opportunity to keep in touch with our
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April 8
Next Week
April 15
Shirl Hayes
Ken McLeod
Invocation/toast Cletus Heffernan
Ligh ng the chip
fryers ‐ no easy
Saturday’s Races
Rain and a fairly miserable sort of day kept the numbers
short of the forecast bumper crowd and we ended up
with a fair amount of left over food. Our takings were
$3830.95, down on last year’s sell out which raised
$5,385.25. The coffee van was absent, which gave our
sales a boost. Last week it looked as though we were in
trouble with numbers, but help came from several quarters, including presidential grandson Tom Armstrong.
Thanks to all who helped and particularly the trio who
run the show - Peter, President Keith and Jan.
Tonight’s Assembly - a reminder
Graham Thomas, Community: Gerry Bussa, Ron Chesher, David Collis, Ross Hankins, Cletus Heffernan, Chris Manahan, Graham Ogilvie, Alan Shephard. Terry Young, Club: Phil Armstrong, Stuart Davis, Lee Gleeson, Michael Gold, John Nader, Michel Nader, Huw Owen‐Jones, John Sewell, Allan Veness, Steve Young. Ron Lunt, Interna onal: Barry Apps, Ward Hack, John Hayes, Shirl Hayes, David Pe s. Mike Dent, Voca onal: Geoff Fleming, June Mills, Rob‐
ert Richmond, John Spencer. Phil Smith, Youth: Derek Anderson, Clare Hack, Rohan Gleeson. Peter Smith, Catering: Merrick Bailey, Isabel Cu s, Col Jay, Allan Jennaway, Ken McLeod, Bill Olmos. News from Reuben Oddy in Germany
He a ended the Rotary Youth Exchange Chairs Conference with RYE Chairman Michael Fischer. June Mills
Meet & Greet
Col Jay
John Nader
Allan Jennaway
Ron Lunt
Michel Nader
Graham Ogilvie
4 Way Test
Chris Manahan
Bill Olmos
Club Assembly
Ken McLeod
Club Assembly
Lee Gleeson
Birthday: Ken McLeod
Anniversary: The McLeods
Program April 8 ‐ Board Mee ng ‐ Club Assembly April 15‐ Paul Johnson ‐ Submarines ‐ me to move on April 18‐19 District Assembly at Tumut April 22 ‐ Mayor Lindsey Brown April 29 ‐ Anniss Penning ‐ Work in India. MEAL NUMBERS: Remember that Steve will
assume that you will be attending unless you tell him
otherwise by Tuesday lunch time.
Email [email protected] or phone 44739246
or mobile 0438 739246
Attendance last week with a duty makeups for
Merrick,Clare and Allan Veness was 66.67%.
Community hours for March were 262
First Principles Review
Those of us who have worked in the Forces or for the Defence Department will recognise that we were always easy pickings for reviews by outside consultants ‐ there have been 35 published reviews in the last 40 years. Last week’s major review First Principles calls for “an end to end approach for capability development with capability managers having clear authority and accountability as sponsors for the delivery of capa‐
bility outcomes …... supported by an integrated ca‐
pability delivery func on and subject to stronger direc on se ng and contestability from the centre” For this to happen, there will need to be “enablers that are integrated and customer centric with great‐
er use of cross func onal processes, par cularly in regional loca ons.” Who could argue with that?