Assignment 1- Unit 35 Activity 1 P1 P2 P4 M1


Assignment 1- Unit 35 Activity 1 P1 P2 P4 M1
Assignment brief
Unit number and title
Unit 35 Assessment Activity 1 (Page 364)
BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Engineering
Start date
6 January 2015
Assignment title
Unit 35 Assessment Activity 1
Criteria Point(s)
P1, P2
P4, M1
Purpose of this assignment
Analyse components and complete circuits. Determine their function and describe the component function and improvements that could be
You work for a small electronics company that was recently purchased and taken over by an investment firm. You have been asked to explain
some of the more complicated aspects of the circuits the company produces and outline expansion options in the circuit designs to increase
the company’s circuit portfolio.
Explain to the board of investors the diodes in Circuit A & B. Explain how each diode is different and its specific function in electronics and the
respective circuits. Additionally explain and identify the function and type of transistor in Circuit B. (P1,P2)
As well as analogue circuits the company also builds digital circuits using logic gates. The investment firm is struggling to understand the
difference between the analogue Circuit B and the digital Circuit C’s transistor. (P2)
Using simulation software and real world components build working models of the circuits A & B and describe/document them in operation. (P4)
Some of the investors want some more in depth information on Circuit B with a view to adapting it to other uses. They would like you to measure
the minimum and maximum values for darkness and bright light of the LDR. They have then asked you to modify the circuit by changing just one
component, documenting the change with notes and diagrams, to change the level at which the circuit functions depending on light. (M1)
Useful Links/Sources
Yenka Simulation Software – Downloads Page
G. Shorten 2015
Circuit A
Circuit B
G. Shorten 2015
Circuit C
G. Shorten 2015