Where is Weagamow? What happens on the trip? What kind of help


Where is Weagamow? What happens on the trip? What kind of help
Where is Weagamow?
Weagamow Lake is located in the Canadian province of Ontario and
goes by at least 3 different names: Weagamow, North Caribou and
Round Lake. On the map to the right, you can see the location
listed as “North Caribou” Lake. The community is currently only
accessible through winter ice road or air. According to the most
recent census in 2011, the total population was 810 people with a
median age of 23 years old.
What happens on the trip?
Each year, the Weagamow Evangelical Fellowship Church hosts
an evangelistic gospel tent meeting. People come from not only
the local community, but also surrounding communities for the
meetings. They are held in the evenings and are primarily
geared for adults.
The purpose of the trip is to help provide children’s
programming and care so that the adults can attend the evening
sessions throughout the week.
Weagamow Evangelical Fellowship Church
What kind of help is needed?
The primary goal of the trip is to work with the children of those
attending the gospel tent meetings. On the first trip, we started the
week with approximately 25 kids and grew to almost 75 by the
week’s end. The kids ranged from kindergarten age up to about 12
or 13 years old. Each night consisted of a short lesson, a craft and an
activity. In addition, afternoon and daytime activities are offered to
the kids in the community as needed. Flexibility is huge as the
numbers can change rapidly depending on the day!
Nations One For Christ • 4604 Airpark Blvd. • Duluth, MN • 55811 • PHONE (218) 260-4747 • E-MAIL [email protected]
What can I expect as a group member?
The first thing you should expect is that plans change rapidly
and that we will be serving in an area where deadlines, exact
plans and timelines are somewhat fluid. For example, we
went the first year to do an afternoon basketball camp with
the kids only to find that there were no basketball hoops in
the gym much less in the community! We improvised, but it is
very important to be flexible.
Living accomodations the first year included mattresses on the
floor of the local Christian school building that had been
vacated for the summer. Meals are generally provided as
family-style and are cooked by members of the community
and the team. A separate packing list will be provided to team
members. A big part of the trip is a willingness to “go with the
flow” and to be able to change as plans change or as requests
for team members change; remembering we are there to
serve the community.
Weagamow Christian School
There is also some time available for rest and relaxation in a
very beautiful community. Fishing, swimming and hiking are
all options while in the community.
I’m interested in going, what do I do?
This year’s trip includes room for 12 people. Specifically, we
are looking for 2 individuals with musical talent that would
join to help do some music with the kids. If you are
interested in going on the trip, please contact Alana Hatfield
at [email protected]. The cost per person for the trip is
$600. This fee covers travel, food and lodging. Once the
team slots are filled, additional information will be provided
to participants, including information on fund raising,
packing lists, etc.
The dates for the 2015 Weagamow Lake Missions Trip are:
Wednesday, July 22 to Tuesday, July 28 2015
Additional Information and Updates about the Trip can be
found on the Weagamow Lake Missions Trip Facebook
page at:
Nations One For Christ • 4604 Airpark Blvd. • Duluth, MN • 55811 • PHONE (218) 260-4747 • E-MAIL [email protected]

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