Welcome to the 2015 Office Depot Foundation Invitational


Welcome to the 2015 Office Depot Foundation Invitational
Welcome to the
2015 Office Depot Foundation Invitational
Registration Site!
From the Invitational Registration site home page, you will find links
to each of the five exciting Invitational events as well as information
about Additional Support Opportunities.
By hovering over “Invitational Information,” you will find links to a
special Message from the Foundation, a page with information
about available hotels for Invitational participants, and a link to a
Contact Us form that you can use to send questions to the
By clicking on an event, you will be taken to a page with information
about the venue as well as the available Individual Sponsorships,
Product Sponsorships and Special Sponsorships. You will begin the
process of registering for your sponsorship on one of these pages.
TIP: For a quick look at what sponsorships are available at each venue, check out the “At-A-Glance”
menu. To begin the registration process, click the Register button at the bottom of the At-A-Glance page.
You can also begin the registration process by clicking on the Register buttons on the Individual
Sponsorship and Special Sponsorship pages.
Registration Process
The first step of registration will ask you to submit information for the Primary Registrant. The
primary registrant should be someone who will be attending the Invitational and will be the main
point of contact for additional guest information and billing details. If you are registering on behalf
of this person, please check the appropriate box to include your information with the registration.
The second step will be to select the Registration Category (Individual Sponsorship or Special
Sponsorship) and the Registration Type. The Registration Type will provide options based on the
Registration Category selected.
• If you select Individual Sponsorship for the Registration Category, you will be shown the
Individual Sponsorship levels available for that venue (Silver, Gold, Emerald, etc.).
• If you select Special Sponsorship for the Registration Category, you will be shown the
categories of Special Sponsorships and Product Sponsorships that are available. Please
note: The Special Sponsorship Registration Types are classified according to
the number of attendees associated with the sponsorship.
The next page will ask for more personal and contact
details of the primary registrant. These details will also
be used for billing purposes.
All fields in bold red are required.
Each event has a set of registration questions to collect
important information for each of the attendees.
When finished, click next.
The next page will allow you to select the person or item that you would like to sponsor.
If you would like to increase the amount of your sponsorship donation beyond the amount listed,
please enter the amount in the “Additional Sponsorship Donation” box. Thank you!
Depending on the number of participants included with the sponsorship you select, you will
be asked to submit registrant information for each of your additional complimentary registrants (guests). If
you are not ready or able to provide answers to all of the registration questions for your complimentary
registrants at this time, you can return at a later time to submit the information.
You will be required to submit all complimentary registrant information no later than May 22, 2015.
Review your registration summary to confirm that the registration details for you and your guests are
correct. If you wish to make any changes, click “Edit.”
The Office Depot Foundation will accept the following payment methods for Invitational sponsorships:
• Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Credit card
payments can be made using US funds only.
• Check: Please make checks payable to Office Depot Foundation.
• Wire Transfer: Instructions for wire transfers will be included on your invoice. International
sponsors will be required to pay by wire transfer.
For payments by check and wire transfer, the primary registrant will receive an email
invoice for the sponsorship amount. Payment will be due 30 days after invoice.
Confirmation Page and Confirmation Email
Once you complete your sponsorship registration, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your
order and payment details. The email will also contain a confirmation number that can be used to reenter
the system to add or update your complimentary registrant information. Each complimentary guest will
receive a confirmation email with the event details and a summary of the answers to the registration
questions that you submit on their behalf.
Important Information and Next Steps
• Submit your company logo to be included on the event website and on event signage as soon as
possible to [email protected]. The deadline for inclusion on signage is May 8, 2015.
• The deadline for submitting complimentary registrant names and additional information is
May 22, 2015.
Please direct questions to [email protected] or 561-438-8747
or Bob Gittlin at [email protected] or 561-901-3030.