2nd Grade Snow Day Math
Standard: 2.NS.7 (Quarter 3, Unit 3) Use place value understanding to compare
two three-digit numbers based on meanings of the hundreds, tens, and ones
digits, using >, =, and < symbols to record the results of comparisons. (CCSS
Lesson Plan:
Students will watch a video re-teaching the skill of comparing numbers and will
use comparison symbols to compete a level on
Student Materials:
Students will need access to the internet and a copy of the check for
understanding worksheet to complete after the internet lesson
Parent Directions: How to Support Your Child
Second grade students are learning to compare the value of numbers using place
value up to the hundreds. In this lesson, students will access an instructional
video demonstrating how to compare numbers by their value. After watching the
video, students will practice this skill on-line and complete a worksheet to be
turned in.
Completing the assignment
Students will go to the following website and follow the instructions to view the
video lesson and complete level one of the game.
Follow the prompts to lead you in to the lesson. Once you are in the lesson,
watch the video lesson to hear instruction for the skill.
Click on the X to close the video and start your practice
If you need help while you are practicing, use the Explain button
Keep playing until you reach 100 points to earn the cake! Once you get this
message, you will complete the worksheet. Do NOT click next at this screen to
create an account. The account is only a trial and is NOT free after 30 days.

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