Parent and Chaperone Essentials



Parent and Chaperone Essentials
Parent and Chaperone Essentials
Welcome to PASSPORTkids!
We are excited to have you join us this summer for four action-packed days of fun, faithbuilding camp. PASSPORTkids! is designed with the total well-being of each camper in mind.
Here is some information to help you make the most of your time at PASSPORTkids!
What NOT to Bring:
• Prank items like shaving cream or water balloons. Campers will be held responsible
for property damage or clean up costs incurred.
• We ask that all electronics be switched off and put away while at camp. This is a rule
designed to allow campers to focus on God, camp, relationships and themselves not games or music.
• Cell phones are not permitted during PASSPORTkids! programming.
❏ Passport Medical Release
Forms (2 copies signed by a
Notary Public so a hospital
can treat your child in the
unlikely event they are
❏ Clothes: T-shirts, shorts,
modest swimsuits, at least
1 pair long pants, jacket/
sweatshirt, Variety Show
costume, closed-toe shoes
(two pairs recommended)
❏ Towels and Linens:
Sleeping bag, pillow, washcloth, towels (for swimming,
bathing, drying hands)
❏ Toiletries: Soap (for sink
and shower), shampoo,
deodorant, toothbrush,
toothpaste, etc.
❏ Bible and pen/pencil
❏ Sunscreen, bug repellant,
❏ Water bottle (a must!)
❏ Lightweight backpack/bag
for wet things
❏ Some money for the
mission offering and
camp store
Dress Guidelines:
Campers should dress modestly and appropriately, according to their size and developmental
stage, the entire week of camp. While at camp, please take into consideration the following
• Modest shorts, shirts, and modest one-piece swimsuit (bikinis or tankinis are only
allowed paired with large dark t-shirt)
• Properly fitting clothes
• Please avoid low-riding and/or revealing clothes
• No clothing with inappropriate language/advertising
PASSPORTkids! empowers the individual Group Leader to monitor the dress guidelines
according to the cultural norms of their community. PASSPORTkids! Staff will not monitor
clothing choices.
How To Prepare For Camp:
• Talk about the fun you expect to have at camp! There will be games, parties, interactive Bible
studies, and creative worship times that everyone can enjoy. You will even get to choose a
special interest activity for each day from options such as soccer, basketball, drama, crafts,
worship leadership, nature hikes, and more!
• Be sure you have everything you need for 4 days of camp, but pack lightly. Heavy or bulky
luggage is no fun to carry.
• Remember to bring a pair of long pants, Variety Show costume, and clothes to get messy in!
• Parents, send an encouraging note in your camper’s luggage, or mail one in advance.
• We recommend that you discourage calls home during camp. Trust our experience
that your child will have the most positive time by focusing all his or her energy and
attention on the fun at hand. Plan to talk about the exciting camp session when your
camper gets home!
• Pray before, during, and after camp—for your camper’s faith to grow, for the many
wonderful children and dedicated adults who will share the camp experience, for the
caring PASSPORTkids! staff, and for the mission offering.
R volutioN
L o v e
i n
A c t i o n
Jesus preached an upside down, turn-it-around gospel. The first will be last and the last first. Touch the unclean person and eat
with the outsider. To be part of God’s Kingdom, become like a child. This is not only Good News, it’s a Revolution!
This summer, you’re invited to join Jesus in seeing the unseen person, standing with the lonely, speaking up for the unheard,
and loving the unloved. As the writer of James says,
“…I’ll show you my faith by putting it into practice in faithful action.” James 2:18b (CEB)
Do you want a Revolution?
Daily Schedule
Morning Celebration
Morning Devotion
Bible Study
Rest Time
(Sixth Sense for 6th Graders)
(Missions & Camper’s Choice)
Free Time
(Swimming, games & more)
Worship Response Gathering
Night 1:
“Revved Up” Rec Party
Night 2:
El Salvador del Mundo Night
Market and Fiesta
Night 3:
“Just Us Heroes”
Variety Show
Bedtime Devotions
& Lights Out
Mission Offering:
There are many references in the Bible that teach us to offer hospitality to the stranger.
This summer, PASSPORT campers will learn about ministries across the United States
whose job is to offer welcome and kindness to newcomers. Specifically, campers will hear
the stories of women and children fleeing violence in Central America who seek refuge
and safety. We will learn about the cooperation between local ministries in McAllen, TX,
and support work among Internationals in Fredericksburg, VA, and Miami, FL. The camp
offering will help provide these existing ministries with resources such as new language
learning tools and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, as well as food and clothes
needed to help people restart their lives.
Open Casting!
This year’s Variety Show is “Just Us Heroes”! Campers wishing to present an act must
attend a screening with full costumes, props, etc. Please remember that any songs must be
karaoke-style—no singing to someone else’s vocal track allowed.
Everyone is encouraged to dress up in hero costumes. See your group leader about
costume ideas and ways your child can participate!
To Adult Chaperones - Thank You for Serving!
We appreciate the time and effort you are giving to make a difference in the lives of
your church’s children. Your number one priority as a chaperone is to build healthy
relationships with the campers in your group, modeling Christ’s love to them. We also
ask that you ensure every camper’s safety. Once you arrive at camp, we’ll provide you
with details about how you can make the most of your time at PASSPORTkids!
For the wellbeing of campers and adults, PASSPORTkids! requires all participating
churches to conduct a background check on their chaperones. Your group leader will
give you more information. Thanks for your help keeping all our participants safe!
Camp Contact Information
Camper Name, Church/Group Name
PASSPORTkids! at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center
1 Eagle Eyrie Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24503
Camp Phone: (205) 588-6937