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Design passion
Systems companies forget they’re not just designing products so installers can fill holes in
walls says Rob McGlennon (pictured), Deceuninck sales director.They are also in the
business of stirring emotions and satisfying desire. Do both and installers will sell a lot
configured to suit, and it takes up
no internal room space. For
example, a number of individual
frames can be separated to provide
gaps for ventilation. Top-tobottom concealed locking of each
frame to the next makes it much
more secure than a bi-fold. And
with built-in symmetry and almost
no visible hardware it looks
Fabricating is easy, as simple as making a square, so it
doesn’t need much factory space. Transportation and
handling are easy as each frame is stacked one on top of
the other, fitting comfortably in the back of a transit van
or estate car. Because of its patented operation,
installation is fast and uncomplicated. With minimal
hardware there’s very little to go wrong, so customer
satisfaction is high.
The slide and swing New Wave door is already available
in 18 colours from stock. And Deceuninck is adding even
more to its foil colour range with the introduction of its
new premium Heritage Colour Collection. So
Deceuninck’s fabricators can offer a full suite of products
in 25 colours with matching or complementary
ancillaries, cills and trims. I’ll repeat that: we keep all 25
colours in stock. So installers can sell colour with
confidence. Deceuninck’s slide and swing New Wave door
does everything a bi-fold does and much more. As soon as
homeowners see it, nothing else will do. ❐
See the slide and swing video at: WhyDeceuninck.com
The Fabricator 2015
t is all too easy to fix on the business of filling holes in
walls and lose sight of what turns homeowners on. To
miss what excites them and why they buy. What makes
them sign your order form there and then, because they
must have what you’ve shown them.
We know how we feel when we really, really want
something.When one product is different and better than
another, and we just have to own those benefits.
The truth is, we buy with our eyes and our hands, not
with our heads. We hear, we understand, and then our
minds start drifting on to something else. But when we see
a beautiful product and run our hands over it; when we
see it do new, really useful things; things we wonder why
no one has done before, we want it. Right now.
Good design combines the doing and the looking into
one perfectly beautiful whole. Apple did it with the iPhone
and iPad and the blend of new benefits and simply
beautiful cool looks blew the world away.
Fabricators and installers tell us we’ve launched the
equivalent in our industry. A door to get excited about.
Launched at last year’s FIT show, installers say
Deceuninck’s innovative slide and swing New Wave door
is the most exciting and stunning multi-pane patio door
on the market. It’s a ‘wow’ that evokes passion in
installers, and homeowners can’t leave it alone.
The slide and swing is a next generation multi-pane
patio door that operates in a totally different way. Each
frame locates and slides independently so the door can be
opened at any point.Then, one at a time the frames swing
to stack neatly outside, at the side. The opening can be
Installers say Deceuninck’s innovative
Slide & Swing New Wave door is the
most exciting and stunning multi-pane
patio door on the market.
Call Sales Director Rob McGlennon
07818 383 385
Follow @DeceuninckUK
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Rehau joins GGF
he Glass and Glazing Federation
membership with a presentation of its
membership certificate at a meeting in
Birmingham on 26th March.
Gareth Jones, Rehau marketing and
technical director says:“We are pleased
to have joined the GGF and are keen to
get involved in many areas of shared
interest. In the industry the Rehau
performance and technical excellence
and being part of the industry’s leading
trade body can only reinforce our
Rehau has already become involved in
the GGF infrastructure with the recent
election of Irene Smith, Rehau
marketing communications manager to
accepting the position, Smith says: “My
appointment coincides with Rehau
joining the GGF, so I hope I can bring a
fresh perspective and some new ideas,
as well as supporting all of the exciting
marketing initiatives which are already
being planned.”
James Lee, GGF head of group
marketing presented Rehau with its
certificate. He says: “We are delighted
to welcome Rehau into the GGF
membership. The Federation is
comprised of companies who pride
themselves on delivering the highest
professional and technical standards in
he Leeds City Centre regeneration
PFI project spans seven blocks of
high-rise apartments totalling 550
dwellings, together with almost 1,500
low-rise and new build houses. The
project is being managed by developer
Keepmoat, who’ve allocated the supply
of windows and doors to Liniar
fabricator Alternative Windows.
Alternative Windows is one of the
largest window and door manufacturers
and suppliers in the North of England,
with a turnover of over £7m 70 staff at
its Leeds headquarters and 12 teams of
Irene Smith with Gareth Jones
their sectors, and Rehau is no different.
With its vast experience from operating
in the industry for almost 70 years and
boasting state-of-the-art manufacturing
in the UK, Rehau will be a real asset to
the federation.”
Gareth Jones says: “We are delighted
with Irene’s recent election onto the
committee and we are keen to get more
involved with the GGF wherever
possible in particular in the technical
and relevant specialist groups.” ❐
Synseal’s new
WarmCore folding
sliding door system is
promised as the ideal
balance between the
linear rigidity and
strength of aluminium
and the exceptional
thermal performance
offered by PVC-U.
WarmCore is a ‘warm
aluminium’ system in
which the polyamide
core usually used as a thermal break in aluminium profiles is
replaced by a PVC-U section. The result is unrivalled thermal
performance amongst such products with U-values as low as 1.4
W/m2k using standard 28mm double glazed units or 1.0 W/m2k
when triple glazed units are used.
“The WarmCore folding sliding door is exceptional in respect of its
aesthetics and performance and it will be available through a
number of outlets,” says Quickslide’s Adrian Barraclough.“But an
exceptional product is reduced in value if it is not matched by
exceptional service and customer support.” ❐ www.quickslide.co.uk
The end of the recession has boosted
the new build and social housing
markets. Alternative Windows is ideally
placed to fulfil a large proportion of the
new contracts out for tender.
Sales director Darren Pratt says:“We
took the decision a long time ago not to
try to compete on price which means
we do lose out on some jobs. But it’s
clear to us that, when it comes to
choosing new windows and doors, price
isn’t always the prime factor. Local
developers are looking for thermal
efficiency, lead-free profiles and faster
supply and installation, all of which is
deliverable with the Liniar system.
“The interesting thing is that we’ve
recently picked up a couple of jobs that
we lost out on as we weren’t the
cheapest.We’d written them off, but the
developer has now come back to us to
finish the jobs as they’ve had problems
with the supplier they originally
chose… after all, you get what you pay
The Leeds City Centre project is
worth around £5m to Alternative over
two years; the project commenced in
December 2013 and is set to be
completed in late 2015. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
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Network’s AGM
round 240 people attended
Network Veka's AGM and
awards evening in Stratford-uponAvon.
Attendees were able to visit the
specially-built business centre where
numerous companies and industry
bodies were on hand to answer
questions and give suggestions on all
aspects of business; from finance and
training to marketing and more.
Visitors were particularly interested
in Network Veka's new training
offering - the Network Veka
Network Veka's MD John Ogilvie
In the business centre
was joined on stage by compere John
Meredith to present the official
AGM. Ogilvie was quick to praise the
many successes of the membership:
“It was a record year on a number of
measures... £64m pounds worth of
products fitted, in almost 18000
installations, which is up 9% over the
previous highest registration total.
That’s £1.25m fitted per week.
“Installations of Veka products are
up around 18%, which is more than
two and a half times the market
growth rate.
“Around £880m has been
A seventies disco ended the
iniar has published a new, full
colour, 94-page specification
The book contains all of the
information that anyone could
possibly need to know about
specifying the innovative company’s
windows and doors, making it the
perfect ‘bible’ for the Liniar range.
“It’s been a lot of hard work to put
together,” says Chris Armes, Liniar’s
design and development manager,
“But it was all well worth it once
everyone saw the final product.
“The isometric renders of our
Frames Conservatories Direct
national winner in the Network
Veka awards
installed since Network Veka was
formed and average installed values
are the highest for six years. All of
this.... and still customer satisfaction
rates remain around 97%.”
Ogilvie said that The Veka UK
Group's MD, Dave Jones, had joined
the Network Veka board as chairman
and invited him to say a few words.
Dave Jones also congratulated the
membership and articulated how
proud he was of the support offering
from The Veka UK Group: “As
managing director of the Veka UK
Group, people might say I'm
biased.... but I genuinely believe that
- between Network Veka and the
approved installer scheme - we offer a
scale of support that can't be
matched in the industry.
“Network Veka is the pinnacle
organisation for installers in the
glazing trade.
“Myself and the team at Veka
remain committed to helping
promote the Network and to building
upon its reputation. I couldn't be
more impressed by all that has been
achieved over the last 12 months:
registrations.... and more milestones
than ever before. You should all be
very proud of yourselves.We couldn't
promote the Network in the way that
we do, without all your hard work.” ❐
profile, created with 3D software, lifts
the images off the page and gives
representation of how our products
would fit into their projects.
The Specification Guide contains
full details of Liniar lead-free PVC-U
technical data and measurements on
every different window and door in
the range, ancillaries, case studies
and follow up information.
An online version of the Liniar
Specification Guide can be viewed in
http://bit.ly/LiniarSpecGuide and
specifiers can order their own free
hard copy at:
To accompany its Specification
Guide, Liniar has also launched an
online resource centre for specifiers
and developers, containing a wide
range of information and resources
to assist with specifying Liniar
on-line at
The Fabricator 2015
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Green windows
erbyshire-based Wheeldon Homes
housebuilder to specify the new Modus
window and door profile system from
Modus is claimed to be the UK’s first
fully integrated window and door
system, available with three stunning
sash design options. The standard
rebate, slim rebate and fully flush sash
styles offer developers like Wheeldon
Homes a much wider range of design
All 47 of the properties at Hopton
Rise feature Modus windows with the
flush sash option, in a white ash
woodgrain finish. This offers a genuine
windows, without creating an ongoing
maintenance burden for homeowners.
50% of the Modus frames are made
from post-consumer recycled PVC-U,
from the dedicated Eurocell recycling
facility in nearby Ilkeston. This material
is made into the new Modus window
profiles, at the Eurocell production
plant in Alfreton. The fact that the
windows are then subsequently fitted in
properties in the local area helps
exceptionally low carbon footprint on
this development – a total of just 53
miles travelled.
The post-consumer recycled material
is concentrated in the central core of
the profiles, where it is completely
invisible in an installed window or door.
Complementing the low carbon
footprint on these properties is the
75mm Modus multi-chamber profile
system that locks heat inside the
properties to deliver optimum energy
homebuyers. This design is capable of
achieving a U-value as low as 0.7 from a
triple glazed window and 1.1 from
standard double glazed units.
Being in a conservation area meant
that planners had to agree on all
external elements of the 47 properties,
including the windows. ❐
An intrepid team from Rehau will
be taking to the skies in June as
part of a world record skydiving
Irene Smith and Faye Tompkins
from Rehau’s marketing
communications team, applications
engineer Edward Kodia and
marketing and technical director
Gareth Jones will all be jumping
15,000 ft from planes over Honiton
airfield in Devon in a giant charity
skydive raising money for Prostate
Cancer UK.
They hope to be part of the team
which breaks the world record for
the highest number of fundraisers
jumping in tandem over a 24 hour
period. The current record is 281 and the target this time is 333.
The four are joining with colleagues from across Rehau’s other UK
divisions and are part of a group organised by the Underfloor
Heating Manufacturers Association, of which Rehau’s underfloor
heating division is a member.
Customers, industry colleagues and friends can sponsor them here:
straseal recently supplied products
for an ongoing refurbishment
project in Newport,Wales.
Part of the Pillgwenlly Regeneration
Project to revamp Newport’s town
centre, a number of Astraseal
manufactured Rehau vertical sliding
windows were installed by White
Brothers and Speed, along with the
installation of heritage style facades to
21 properties on Commercial Road.
The new windows were to replace
existing timber sash window styles, and
as a specialist in replacement
installations for heritage style buildings,
local company White Brothers and
Speed were an ideal choice to carry out
the work to a professional standard, inline with the original appearance of the
Mark Legge, a director at White
Brothers and Speed says: “We had
tendered for and won previous
refurbishment contracts in Newport’s
town centre, so when it came to
additional work needing to be done we
were put forward by Pillgwenlly’s
regeneration manager because of our
reputation for quality of installation and
“It was important the new windows
replicated the style of the originals and
Astraseal were able to meet these
requirements. They supplied us with
colour-matched heritage style windows
which had all the traditional design
details of a timber box sash.The quality
was superb and we were very
impressed with the service we
received.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015

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