Curriculum Vitae Jori Liesenborgs



Curriculum Vitae Jori Liesenborgs
Curriculum Vitae
Personal data
Last name:
First name:
Date of birth: July 11, 1978
Jori Liesenborgs
May 2015
(available upon request)
(available upon request)
Phone number:
E-mail: [email protected]
Place of birth: Beringen
Sex: Male
Nationality: Belgian
Hasselt University
PhD thesis: Genetic algorithms for the non-parametric inversion of
gravitational lenses
Ghent University
Fourth year physics
Result: 92.8%
Thesis: Niet-parametrische inversie van gravitationele lenzen
Result: 95.0%
Ghent University
Third year Physics
Result: 91.71%
`Limburgs Universitair Centrum' (LUC)
Second year Physics
Result: 94.58%
`Limburgs Universitair Centrum' (LUC)
First year Physics
Result: 92.4%
School for Knowledge Technology 1
Fourth year Knowledge Technology, option Computer ScienceMultimedia
Result: 91.1%
Thesis : Voice over IP in networked virtual environments
Result: 95.0%
School for Knowledge Technology
Third year Knowledge Technology, option Computer ScienceMultimedia
Result: 86.0%
`Limburgs Universitair Centrum' (LUC)
Second year Computer ScienceKnowledge Technology
Result: 80.4%
`Limburgs Universitair Centrum' (LUC)
First year Computer ScienceKnowledge Technology
Result: 79.9%
Dutch: Native language
English: Fluent
French: Basic knowledge
Swedish: Very basic knowledge
Richard Massey, Liliya Williams, Renske Smit, Mark Swinbank, Thomas Kitching, David
Harvey, Mathilde Jauzac, Holger Israel, Douglas Clowe, Alastair Edge, Matt Hilton, Eric
Jullo, Adrienne Leonard, Jori Liesenborgs, Julian Merten, Irshad Mohammed, Daisuke
Nagai, Johan Richard, Andrew Robertson, Prasenjit Saha, Rebecca Santana, John Stott,
`The behaviour of dark matter associated with 4 bright cluster
galaxies in the 10kpc core of Abell 3827', 2015, MNRAS, 449, 3393
Eric Tittley,
`Lensing time delays as a substructure constraint: a case study with the cluster SDSS J1004+4112', 2015, PASJ,
Irshad Mohammed, Prasenjit Saha, Jori Liesenborgs,
67(2), 219
1 Cooperation between the `Limburgs Universitair Centrum' (LUC)
and the `Universiteit Maastricht' (UM)
Pieter Robaeys, Francesco Bonaccorso, Emilie Bourgeois, Jan D'Haen, Wouter Dierckx, Wim
Dexters, Donato Spoltore, Jeroen Drijkoningen, Jori Liesenborgs, Antonio Lombardo,
Andrea C. Ferrari, Frank Van Reeth, Ken Haenen, Jean V. Manca, Milos Nesladek,
`Enhanced performance of polymer: fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells
upon graphene addition', 2014, Applied Physics Letters, 105(8)
osets in Abell 3827, 2218 and 1689: intrinsic properties or line-of-sight substructures?', 2014, MNRAS, 439, 2651
Irshad Mohammed, Jori Liesenborgs, Prasenjit Saha, Liliya L. R. Williams,
Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke,
`Lensing degeneracies and mass substructure', 2012,
MNRAS, 425, 1772
Adi Zitrin, Tom Broadhurst, Dan Coe, Jori Liesenborgs, Narciso Benítez, Yoel Rephaeli,
`Strong-lensing analysis of MS 1358.4+6245: New
multiple images and implications for the well-resolved z = 4.92 galaxy', 2011,
Holland Ford, Keiichi Umetsu,
MNRAS, 413, 1753
Adi Zitrin, Tom Broadhurst, Keiichi Umetsu, Yoel Rephaeli, Elinor Medezinski, Larry Bradley,
Yolanda Jiménez-Teja, Narciso Benítez, Holland Ford, Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke,
`Full Lensing Analysis of Abell 1703: Comparison of Independent Lens-Modelling Techniques', 2010, MNRAS, 408, 1916
Herwig Dejonghe, Philippe Bekaert,
strong lens inversion of SDSS J1004+4112', 2009, MNRAS, 397, 341
Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke, Herwig Dejonghe, Philippe Bekaert,
strong lens inversion of Cl 0024+1654: illustrating the monopole degeneracy',
Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke, Herwig Dejonghe, Philippe Bekaert,
2008, MNRAS, 389, 415
`A generalization
of the mass-sheet degeneracy producing ring-like artefacts in the lens mass
distribution', 2008, MNRAS, 386, 307
Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke, Herwig Dejonghe, Philippe Bekaert,
inversion of gravitational lensing systems with few images using a multiobjective genetic algorithm', 2007, MNRAS, 380, 1729
Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke, Herwig Dejonghe, Philippe Bekaert,
`A genetic algorithm for the nonparametric inversion of strong lensing systems', 2006, MNRAS, 367, 1209
Jori Liesenborgs, Sven De Rijcke, Herwig Dejonghe,
`Real-Time Watercolor Painting on a Distributed Paper Model', 2004, Proceedings of the Computer Graphics
Tom Van Laerhoven, Jori Liesenborgs, Frank Van Reeth,
International Conference 2004, 640643
`Designing a Virtual Environment for Large Audiences', 2002, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume
Jori Liesenborgs, Peter Quax, Wim Lamotte, Frank Van Reeth,
2344, 585595
`Voice over IP with JVOIPLIB and
JRTPLIB', 2001, Proceedings of the 26th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer
Jori Liesenborgs, Wim Lamotte, Frank Van Reeth,
presentations and
11th Granada Seminar on Computational and Statistical Physics
(September 13-17, 2010, La Herradura, Spain)
Poster: Breeding gravitational lenses
Seminar at the Institute of Astronomy, KULeuven
(December 4, 2009, Leuven, Belgium)
Darwin vs. Einstein: genetic algorithms & gravitational lenses
Identication of dark matter 2008
(August 18-22, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden)
The search for dark matter via strong lens inversions of galaxy clusters using genetic
Talk at Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Zürich
(November 9, 2007, Zürich, Switzerland)
Gravitational lens inversion using genetic algorithms
Prize Armand Pien 2005
Prize for the best master's thesis about an astronomical topic.
Physics Education Prize 2005
Prize for the best results obtained during the entire physics education.
PIMC prize 2000
The PIMC prize is a yearly multimedia prize of the Professional Interactive Media Centre
(PIMC), a multimedia company in Diepenbeek, Belgium.
Science Practice Foundation UM:
Student prize 2000 for the Faculty of General Sciences
Each year, the Science Practice Foundation UM gives a prize to a student of each faculty
of the UM for his or her research work.
Extensive experience in object-oriented programming
Knowledge of several programming languages:
Thorough knowledge of C, C++
Good knowledge of Python
Good knowlegde of JavaScript
Good knowledge of Java
Knowledge of Pascal, Delphi
Experience in programming in assembly language
Knowledge of SQL
High Performance Computing (HPC): experience with MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL
Experienced networkprogrammer
Years of experience with the administration of Linux servers
Development of open-source software, among others:
JRTPLIB: a successful RTP library.
EMIPLIB: lead programmer of this library which facilitates streaming of audio and video.
Worked on a H.264 video encoder.
Gravitational lensing
Genetic algorithms
Bayesian probability theory
Computational physics
Statistical physics
Optimization problems
Computer networks
Distributed computing
GPU computing
Digital physics
Work experience
October 2010
→ now
Postdoc at Hasselt University/Expertise Centre for Digital Media.
October 2006
→ September 2010
PhD scholarship at Hasselt University/Expertise Centre for Digital Media.
September 2005
→ August 2006
Researcher at Expertise Centre for Digital Media, a research institute of the Hasselt
October 2000
→ September 2001
Researcher at Expertise Centre for Digital Media.
Philippe Bekaert
Supervisor of my PhD work.
[email protected]
Sven De Rijcke
Supervisor of master's thesis in physics and one of the supervisors of my PhD work.
[email protected]
Wim Lamotte
Supervisor of master's thesis in computer science.
[email protected]
Jan Ryckebusch
Taught classes on statistical physics and computational physics when I was studying at
the Ghent University.
[email protected]

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