Certificate III in Meat Processing



Certificate III in Meat Processing
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Certificate III in Meat
Response Learning
Processing (Boning Room)
Program Information
This qualification covers work activities undertaken by workers in boning rooms or in meat
wholesale enterprises which prepare meat cuts from whole carcases.
Customised Training
We design our training programs to provide:
 Flexibility in the delivery times to fit in with shift times if required,
 Spaced workshops of only two day duration so learners are not away from the workplace for
extended periods,
 Flexible spaced workshops so real ‘workplace application’ of learning can take place,
 On site coaching to ensure continuity of learning, and
 Customise delivery material and approach to suit individual organisational needs.
Entry into Training:
Pathways into the qualification may be by direct entry without prior meat industry skills or knowledge,
after completion of a Certificate I or II Meat Processing qualification or through Recognition of Prior
Response Learning Victoria works with meat processing employers to assist their staff to gain skills and
knowledge directly relevant to their job roles and work environment.
This training program is undertaken over 1-2 years depending on individual circumstances.
Recognising your previous work experience and learning:
Response Learning Victoria ensures that a training participant’s skills and knowledge gained through formal
and informal education, training, work experience, and/or life experience is recognised. Talk to us about
how you can apply for Recognised Prior Learning or Credit Transfer (at no cost if no gap-training involved).
Pathways to further study:
After achieving this qualification, participants may undertake any other Certificate III or IV in Meat
Processing qualification, with credit for units already successfully completed. Specialist areas may include
Leadership, Meat Safety, Rendering, Slaughtering and Quality Assurance.
Pathway to further employment:
After achieving this qualification, participants may go on to the following job roles: Boner, Slicer or
Bandsaw Operator.
Training Materials
Your employer will provide all the Personal Protective Equipment you will require throughout your
training. Response Learning Victoria will provide all of your training manuals, record books,
handouts, presentations and assessment documents.
We also work with your employer to ensure necessary training equipment, such as knife
sharpening machines, are available for your use, are modern and well-maintained for your
Training Location
It is preferable for all training, coaching and assessment to be undertaken within the
workplace so as to benefit both the participant and their employer.
Contact us for more information on ph. 03 5744 3352
Certificate III in Meat
Response Learning
Processing (Boning Room)
Training and Assessment
Training is delivered through face-to-face workshops, individual coaching, simulated activities in
workshops and practical activities within the workplace; using up-to-date customised training manuals and
Assessment is undertaken through questioning, observation and provision of workplace referee reports.
The below schedules of training delivery are indicative. Additional units may be chosen based on training
package requirements. Timings may vary according to individual circumstances.
All Participants
1st Stage (core units) – 6 months
Maintain personal equipment
Apply hygiene and sanitation practices
Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP practices
Follow safe work policies and procedures
Communicate in the workplace
Overview the meat industry
Note: The above core units may be credit transferred if you already possess a Certificate II in Meat
Processing (Abattoirs).
Sharpen knives (*this unit is a prerequisite for all following electives listed)
Plus, a minimum of 2 electives chosen from below
MTMP3055C *Bone large stock carcase - forequarter
MTMP3056C *Bone large stock carcase - hindquarter
MTMP3057C *Slice and trim large stock forequarter
MTMP3058C *Slice and trim large stock hindquarter
Learning Support
Language, literacy and numeracy needs will be taken into
consideration in the delivery and assessment of this qualification.
Response Learning Victoria is committed to ensuring that people with
a disability are able to participate in the training programs on offer.
We utilise training facilities that are suitable for access and negotiate
with employers on participants’ behalf to ensure any specific needs
can be catered for.
Adjustments can be made to the training environment, methodology
and/or materials to ensure equal opportunity for all participants in
performing the inherent requirements of their training.
We are happy to provide program proposals and quotes based on
individual circumstances and employer needs. There may also be
government funding available for you to complete this training.
Contact us for more information on ph. 03 5744 3352
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