Mr. Karafotas - International School of Prague


Mr. Karafotas - International School of Prague
Board of Trustees Election – AY 2014/2015
Candidate Information
Children at ISP:
Jack, Kate and Kira Karafotas
Length of assignment in Prague:
Languages Spoken:
Experience with School Boards(What type of experience do you have which would
be applicable to this position):
My professional experience is in the consumer products industry. I have over 20
years experience in marketing and management with Procter & Gamble and
Reckitt Benckiser. Most recently, I was Executive Director of a group called
Homebrands. Homebrands was sold to Unilever in 2013. I bring expertise and
insight in the fields of organizational management, public relations, marketing,
financial management/controls, market research, and advertising. Perhaps, most
importantly, I am also an engaged parent.
Reasons for applying for a Board position:
I have a sincere interest in maintaining and improving the educational
achievement of Prague’s premier international school. Over the years, I have
become impressed with the quality of education and learning opportunities
provided by the school. I think it is important to continually advance the mission
of the school and work with others on an even more successful future for I.S.P. I
hope at times that I can also be a good bridge between the parents and
Board of Trustees Election – AY 2014/2015
Candidate Information – Paul Karafotas
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Personal Statement:
My wife and I have sent our children to I.S.P. for five years now. We made a
deliberate choice to move them from another international school in Prague
because of the breadth and depth of educational opportunity at I.S.P. My
youngest, Kira, started in the Elementary School (2nd grade) and my eldest, Jack,
graduates from the Upper School this year. My wife and I have seen first hand
the undeniable strengths and (yes, at times) weaknesses of each school at I.S.P.
We believe intently in the school mission and think that there is always room to
make the school even better. For many of us parents, I.S.P. forms the
cornerstone of our community here in Prague. I see this position as a great
opportunity to give back to an organization that has had such a positive impact
on our lives already.
Board of Trustees Election – AY 2014/2015
Candidate Information – Paul Karafotas
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