Vinícius R. P. de Carvalho



Vinícius R. P. de Carvalho
Vinícius R. P. de Carvalho
• Bachelor in Communication Sciences.
• In progress: Master degree in Communication
Sciences: Contemporary Culture and New Technologies.
• 7 years - working experience with multimedia design,
marketing and advertsing.
• 2 years - working experience with UX /UI design.
Vinícius Rodrigues
Piva de Carvalho
[email protected]
Graphic Design: Branding, offset and digital production.
Photography, Video & Motion: Photo and video edition, motion design, compositions
and animations;
Web: User Experience and Interface design, Frontend Implementation: HTML5 // CSS3 //
JS // LESS; SEO and Acessibility; Mobile Apps with Phonegap.
Currently working with:
After Effects Dreamweaver Experience
Recent Projects
Corollarium Technologies
Focused on technology for visualization, Corollarium
works with virtual reality, augmented reality and
computer graphics.
I worked for this company on several projects, from
the conceptualization to the development of
communication and marketing campaigns.
Brazilian Cultural Ministery representative at Paris
Museum Connections 2016 (achievement made
possible with projects and communicational
Branding and stationery
• Company based in São Paulo, Brazil.
• Remote work.
• Freelancer since 2014.
Responsive website
view it live at
Museum / Zcult
Web Interfaces
• Museum is a Custom CMS (Content Management
System) made to empower museums and galleries.
• Zcult- is a free directory of museums, art galleries
and cultural centers worldwide. It was created to be
an up-to-date site which contains all information
about art in just one place. All data is provided
automatically, and the interface should organize it
visually independent from the origin.
Museum CMS: Responsive and customizable web interface
Zcult - Responsive website
Museum CMS
Web interface // Mobile App
Quiz is an educational mobile app- the chalenge here
was to make possible a ludic experience with a
lightweight and easy-to-use app. There is also a web
interface for the teacher (statistics and student data).
New website design: Responsive frontend and backend
New website design: Responsive frontend and backend
Camerata Jovem Beethoven
Joomla Responsive website designed for a social project.
Website // Mobile App Concept
Expandlore (in development
with UFU University - Brazil )
is a state of art Serious Game
app to motivate and improve
learning. It explores
Augmented Reality and
recent technologies such as
contextual image recognition.
App Prototype
Social Media // Website // Communication Campaign
Imagination is a music festival that occurs annually in
Brazil. With a efficient communication campaign
(digital and print) and branding experience efforts, it
became one of the most notable festivals in his region.
Interface for online ticket selling
Each festival edition comes with a different hotsite layout
Other Works
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