August 2012 - Temple Israel



August 2012 - Temple Israel
kol yisrael
4901 Providence Road Charlotte NC 28226
President’s Message
Summer is often
a quiet time in
Temple Israel,
when both our
members and
our clergy take
their vacations,
religious school
is out for the
summer, and the main activity for
our staff is making plans for the High
Holidays that begin in September.
Despite this seeming lack of activity, I
wanted to share with you three inspiring
events that occurred at Temple Israel in
the past few weeks.
The first was how well you responded
to our congregational survey. We had
over 300 respondents, an outstanding
response rate. That so many of you
chose to participate tells me how much
“We will be taking
additional steps to hear
what you have to say,
and to learn more about
what engages you.”
you all care, and how much you want to
play a role in strengthening our temple.
We’ve just begun analyzing the results,
and I plan to discuss them with you
further in the near future. Many of you
contacted me regarding your interest in
providing more detailed and qualitative
responses. We will be taking additional
steps to hear what you have to say, and
to learn more about what engages you.
In the meantime I want to thank you
all for taking the time that you did to
complete the survey. This response rate
was truly inspiring to me and our board.
The second inspiring event of the past
few weeks was the success we had in
finding a new Education Director for
Temple Israel Religious School. I will
confess to you that I was very nervous
about our ability to fill this position,
particularly given the short time frame
until school begins. There are very few
things we do at Temple Israel that are as
important as educating our children.
Finding the right leader for our school
was my highest priority these past
two months. Finding someone as
experienced and as compatible with
our Temple as Rabbi Tracy Klirs was
great fortune for us. I spent a great
deal of time with her throughout the
search process, and I came away truly
inspired by the vision and energy
she brings to our school. Thanks
again to Alison Lerner and the search
committee for taking time during
your summer vacation to help us find
the right person to lead TIRS.
Lastly, for those of you that missed
it, July 7 was an amazing Shabbat
experience. On that day we helped
celebrate the 90th birthday of one
of our stalwart members, Julius
Goldman. Julius has been one of our
most active and influential members
since moving to Charlotte and joining
Temple Israel in 1975. For over 35
years he has been involved in every
facet of temple life, serving on
our board of trustees, leading our
minyans, and being there to support
us as we have celebrated our simchas.
July 7th was the day on which we had
an opportunity to celebrate him.
Julius was joined on the Bimah by
his wife Mae, his son Bruce Goldman
and his daughter Pam Silberman,
and a representative sampling of his
57 grand and great grandchildren.
He chanted a flawless Haftorah, and
invited everyone for a wonderful
kiddush luncheon after services.
Julius epitomizes all that is good about
Temple Israel. I was truly honored and
inspired to have a front row seat from
the Bimah for this wonderful moment
in Temple Israel’s long history.
I hope your summer is as inspiring as
mine, and I look forward to seeing you
all soon for the High Holy Days.
Barry Bobrow, President
August 2012 Av-Elul 5772
Welcome to
Rabbi Tracy Klirs
We are extremely pleased to announce
that we have a new Director for Temple
Israel Religious School, Rabbi Tracy
Klirs. Rabbi Klirs and her family will
be relocating to Charlotte from Great
Neck, New York, and will officially join
our professional staff August 1. We hope
you all take the opportunity to welcome
them to Charlotte and to the Temple Israel
Rabbi Klirs is known for her ability
to form strong personal connections
to religious school students, and for
mentoring and developing teachers. She
is also known for taking a family oriented
perspective on religious education. Rabbi
Tracy Klirs received a bachelor’s degree in
Yiddish literature from the University of
Chicago and attended the Hebrew Union
College-Jewish Institute of Religion’s
rabbinical school in Cincinnati where she
was ordained in 1984. Rabbi Klirs was the
first woman rabbi to lead a congregation
in Canada and served congregations
and Jewish educational organizations in
Texas, California, Virginia and Maryland.
She recently served as the Director of the
First Day of
Temple Israel
Religious School
Sunday, September 9
Religious School of Temple Israel of Great
Neck, New York.
Rabbi Klirs is the primary author of
The Merit of Our Mothers: A Bilingual
Anthology of Jewish Women’s Prayers
and has published a number of articles,
primarily on Yiddish literature, including
a chapter entitled “Tkhines for Rosh
Chodesh: Women’s Prayers of Devotion”
in Celebrating the New Moon: A Rosh
Chodesh Anthology.
Rabbi Klirs is a member of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis,
the Jewish Educators’ Assembly, and
the Women’s Rabbinic Network, and
recently served as Co-president of
the Conservative Principals’ Council
of Queens and Long Island. She has
participated in Jewish choruses and
played cello in an amateur klezmer band
called Shoresh.
Rabbi Klirs and her husband,
Elisha, have three children: Lior and
his wife Ariella, of Nashville, TN;
Carni of Washington, DC and Talya,
who is moving to Charlotte along
with her daughter, Callie (Rabbi Klirs’
The search committee, Executive
Committee, and Board of Trustees are
very excited about having Rabbi Klirs
join our community and our staff. As
we pray at the conclusion of every book
of the Torah: Hazak Hazak V’Nithazek!
May our congregation continue to go
from strength to strength under the
educational leadership of Rabbi Tracy
See Page 2 for our
Welcome Back to Schul Picnic in
honor of Rabbi Klirs!
Check out our
updated website
and bulletin!
News and Events
Temple Israel Welcome Back to Schul Picnic
Friday, September 7, 2012 at 6:15pm
Join us as we welcome Rabbi Tracy Klirs,
our new TI Religious School Education Director!
Temple Israel Informational Open House
Sunday, August 26 12:00pm-2:00pm
Have you recently joined Temple Israel or know someone considering joining?
Clergy and representatives from Temple Israel Religious School, various
clubs and committees will be available to answer your questions. For more
information, please contact the Temple Israel Office
at: 704-362-2796.
Social Action News
During services Saturday morning, September 8th, 2012,
Dr. Heath Morrison, new Superintendent for CMS will
address the congregation at Temple Israel. He came from
the Reno, Nevada school district making great strides in
increasing the graduation rate in all schools and all groups
of students. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the College
of William and Mary and a Master’s and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from
the University of Maryland. Recently, the American Association of School
Administrators named Dr. Morrison the 2012 National Superintendent of the
Please join us as he shares his vision for CMS and explains why partnerships
like ours with Huntingtowne Farms Elementary is so important to the success
of our public schools. Learn about why volunteers are so needed in the schools
and how Temple Israel can make a difference in the lives of students.
Carolyn Rodd, Principal of Huntingtowne Farms Elementary, will also be
attending along with some of her staff. Following services, she will speak
with us regarding her vision and goals for the upcoming year and how we, as
volunteers, can best help the students and support the teachers.
Lake Norman Jewish Congregations Merge
After 6 years of having 2 Jewish congregations in the Lake Norman area, the
boards of Lake Norman Jewish Congregation and Beth Shalom of Lake Norman
have decided to merge into a single congregation. The merger reflects the
community’s desire to be unified, pool resources and combine religious schools.
The transition will include developing a new name and branding, merging
the governing boards, launching a combined religious school and Bnai Mitzvah
program, and affiliating with the Union for Reformed Judaism.
For more information contact:
Slade Goldstein at 704-701-4454 or [email protected]
August Calendar
TI Social Club Dinner Program 8/2
6:00 pm
Choir rehearsal8/27:30 pm
TI Board of Trustees Meetings
6:30 pm
Tuesday with Torah8/79:30 am
Conversion Class8/77:45 pm
Choir Rehearsal8/97:30 pm
Tuesday with Torah
9:30 am
Points of View8/141:00 pm
Conversion Class8/147:45 pm
Choir Rehearsal8/167:30 pm
Fine Bar Mitzvah
9:30 am
Rubinstein Bar Mitzvah
5:30 pm
TI Sisterhood event
9:00 am
TI Executive Committee Meeting
6:30 pm
Tuesday with Torah8/219:30 am
Conversion Class8/217:45 pm
Choir Rehearsal8/237:30 pm
Bernanke/Vaughn B’nai Mitzvah
9:30 am
TI Open House
12:00 pm
Social Action8/262:00 pm
TI Sisterhood Tea and Meeting
2:30 pm
Tuesday with Torah8/289:30 am
Points of View8/281:00 pm
Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class
6:30 pm
Choir Rehearsal8/307:30 pm
TIRS Teacher Orientation
Bring your own dairy dinner, blankets, lawn
chairs, friends and family and we will provide
the drinks.
Join us for Shabbat services under the stars after dinner and
stay for dessert after services!
Temple Israel and Huntingtowne Farms Elementary
School Continue their Partnership
For the past 5 years, volunteers from Temple Israel’s congregation mentor, tutor,
are classroom helpers and lunch buddies for the students at Huntingtowne Farms
Elementary. Last year, we had 28 volunteers and for the 2012/2013 school year,
we are hoping to provide a volunteer for each and every teacher. That would be a
total of 65 volunteers!
Though Huntingtowne Farms is a progressive school utilizing an “International
Baccalaureate” program, it is a high poverty school where 80% of the students
receive free or reduced lunch. Their dynamic Principal, Carolyn Rodd, and her
impressive staff are looking for us to provide them with one more piece of the
puzzle to help these kids be successful.
If you can commit 2-3 hours (or more) per week to spend time with these adorable
students, please let us know. Just like our kids, they deserve every opportunity.
What a great thing you will be doing for them and what a wonderful contribution
to our community. The extra bonus…you’ll love it too!
If you have questions and would like to volunteer, please contact the volunteer
coordinator for this project, Harvey Barer, at [email protected] or call him at
704-443-7631. For additional information about our school partnership, please
see the Temple website Click on “get involved” to see
the social action page. All volunteers will receive an orientation and training.
Huntingtowne Farms
Social Action Committee
Harvey Barer [email protected]
Linda Levy [email protected]
Susan Rabinovich [email protected]
Candle Lighting Times
8/3/12 8:06pm
8/10/12 7:59pm
8/17/12 7:51pm
8/24/12 7:43pm
8/31/12 7:33pm
Shabbat Service Times
Friday, 6:15pm
Saturday, 9:30am
Minyan Times
Sunday 9:00 am
Saturday 5:30 pm
Monday 7:30 pm
Tuesday 7:30 pm
Wednesday 7:30 pm
Thursday 7:30 am and 7:30 pm
High Holy Day Schedule
9/8 9/16 9/17 9/18 9/25 9/26 Selichot Service 8:30pm
Erev Rosh Hashanah 6:15pm
Rosh Hashanah Day 1 8:30am
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 8:30am
Kol Nidre 6:45pm
Yom Kippur 10:00am
For complete schedule visit
Kol Israel is published monthly for members and
friends of the community. Due to preparation time,
printing, and mailing deadlines, articles must be
received by the first of the month preceding the
month of issue. We reserve the right to edit for
length and consistent editorial tone. Email your
submissions to: [email protected]
Calendar Notice
Temple Israel strives to ensure that the calendar information is complete
and accurate. However, event information may change. For up to date
information, please visit our online calendar on our website. Thank you.
Rabbi Ezring’s Column
As a congregational Rabbi, I have spent the past
34 years of my life trying to provide for the ever
changing spiritual needs of Jews in a world that is
forever evolving. It is as if every decade brings new
challenges to the spiritual and religious life of the
Jewish People. One of the ways we respond to the
changing times and needs of our congregants is to
provide alternative prayer opportunities throughout
the year. Hundreds of you have tasted the flavors
of our service options. Whether our members are
comfortable with our traditional Shabbat Services,
Java ‘n Jeans-an entryway into the world of Jewish
prayer, Kavannah, a return to the ancient and modern forms of meditation and
spiritual self examination of the early Kabbalists, Torah Tots- a family experience
for parents with their pre-school and primary grade children, or Rock HaShabbatgreeting the Shabbat with the most modern style of Jewish liturgical music,
there is a place for all of us.
It is interesting that many view alternatives as less than traditional. Yet the
Kavannah Service returns us to fundamental meditative and study practices from
the beginnings of Rabbinic Jewish experience. Rock HaShabbat actually adds not
only music, but prayers into our service, some of which have already infiltrated
our weekly services. Our offerings of services provide us different gateways to
express our spiritual connections with God. In a world in which many people are
turning away from religious life we are offering multiple pathways to connect
with God and our Temple Israel Family.
I am often asked how we develop our alternative services. The answer is simple.
We listened to our congregational family members. The Kavannah service was
a response to members asking for a more meditative service that allowed for
interactive Torah discussions. We added the beautiful spiritually uplifting music
provided by members of our synagogue. The response to the music and a desire
expressed by many of our congregation for a vibrant modern musical style of
service were met.
Another Shabbat offering which will begin after the summer, is the Rabbi’s Tish.
A number of our congregational participants have asked for a study session after
services. We will begin studying the next week’s Parashah together after Shabbat
Morning Services. Keep letting us know what you are seeking in your spiritual life,
and we will continue to do our best to meet your needs.
Walking with God
New Adult Education Course
Rabbi Ezring will be facilitating a new fall adult education course. Walking With
God features commissioned essays from scholars and thinkers reflecting the
breadth of Conservative Judaism’s best insights. For more information, please
contact Denise Johnson, Clergy Assistant at 704-362-2796.
Youth News
USY Board Election Results
Each one of these USYers is bringing a special talent or interest that
will continue to make our Chapter stronger and more vibrant.
USY Board
President: Michael Roochvarg
Vice President: Eliana Berger
Secretary: Open
Religious Education: B.J. Weinstein
SATO (Social Action and Tikkun Olam): Leah Newman
Historian: Aliyah Tuckman
MemKad (Membership and Kadima Liaison): Alana Stillitano
*At Large: Josh Good *At Large: Josh Listhaus
*(These two are newly created positions that will have
special projects, assignments, etc as the year moves forward).
I am really looking forward to working with our new Board next
year, we are going to have a full and exciting new year planned!
Reuven Green, Youth Director
Temple Israel welcomes all area college students for the
High Holy Days and year round.
Once again this year, Temple Israel will welcome area college students for all of
our High Holiday services and activities by offering them complimentary seats/
Each year, we seek to reach out to students in the Charlotte area to include
them in our High Holiday celebrations and to help them connect to our local
community. All Jewish students at Charlotte area colleges and Universities are
invited to join us for all of our various services for the High Holiday season. We
will also help to arrange transportation to services for any students who need it .
We would also like to extend an open invitation to students who would like
to join us for all of our Shabbat services, weekly activities, and our Social Action
programs all during the year. If you are an interested student, or know of an out of
town student that would like High Holiday hospitality, please contact:
Reuven Green
[email protected]
Upcoming Youth Events
September 9, 2012
Open House
Beauty is...
September 11, 2012
Jr. Kadima Lounge Night
September 23, 2012
Kadima & Jr. Kadima Kick Off
2823 Providence Road
C h a r l o t t e , N C
email:[email protected]
p 704.364.2014
f 704.364.2013
c 917.208.3116
Life Events and Announcements
Our Condolences to:
Ralph Besnoy on the passing of his brother, Harry Besnoy. The
Funeral was held in San Diego, California.
Renee Steiner on the passing of her mother, Estelle Perlowitz, on
May 25, 2012. Services were held in Florida.
Sue Aizenman on the passing of her mother, Beatrice Kleinman,
on May 24, 2012. Services were held in New York.
Craig and Michal Goldstein welcomed a baby girl, Yael Julie
Goldstein, into their family. Her grandparents are Shel and Ellen
Goldstein and Shlomo and Annie Wolf. Her great-grandmother is
Margi Goldstein.
Marna and Jesse Mortimore welcomed a baby boy, Cayden
Theodore Mortimore, into their family on June 13, 2012. He
weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and measured 20-1/4 inches. Proud
grandparents are Susan and Benjamin Aizenman of Charlotte and
Mary & Gordon Butler of Saratoga Springs, Utah.
Stacie and Philip Coblenz welcomed a baby girl, Dylan Lily, into
their family on May 25, 2012. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and
was 18-1/2 inches. Her grandparents are Dan and Nancy Coblenz
and Sharon Katz and the late Donald Katz.
Brandon and Renee Levine welcomed a baby boy, Sherman
Asher, into their family on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. He weighed
7 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 inches long.
Deedee and Gene Daumit joyfully announce the birth of their
twin grandchildren, Camden Chase and Bryce Skylar on May 24,
2012. Camden weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce and Bryce weighed
7 pounds 1 ounce. The proud parents are Debbie and Jordan
Klingsberg of Boca Raton, FL.
Temple Israel Religious School Registration
Available Online
Registration has begun for the 2012-2013 school year.
For your convenience registration is now available
online! To register online, please go to http://www.
If you
prefer, you can choose to download a form or pick one
up at the Temple Israel office. We hope you will enjoy
the new options!
Social Club
Meet friendly people and enjoy our interesting programs and trips. For more
information, please call Irving Bienstock, 704-542-0094, or Ruth Goldberg,
704-366-8903, co-presidents.
Upcoming Event
Sunday, September 23, at 2:30 pm at Theatre Charlotte,
501 Queens Rd. The Award Winning Acclaimed “Fiddler on
the Roof”. Cost per ticket:$2l.50 each; non-members $25.50.
Reservation deadline is September 13. Mail checks to:
Douglas Mann, 137 N. Canterbury Rd., Charlotte, NC. 28211.
For more information call Ruth Goldberg, 704-366-8903.
Dinner at Restaurant after the show.
Temple Israel Book Club Meeting
September 12, 2012 at 7:30pm
Book Selection: To the End of the Land by David Grossman
Contact: Linda Levy at 704-366-6362 or [email protected]
Torah on Tap
Torah on Tap is a monthly program for
young adults in their 20s and 30s, to come
together, socialize, and study teachings of
Torah. We will be discussing and learning
with Rabbi Noam Raucher. Beer, drinks,
and snacks are always provided. Events
are being planned.
Elizabeth and Adam Greenhagen welcomed a baby girl, Eliana
Lior Greenhagen, into their family on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.
She weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long.
Audrey Madans is happy to announce the engagement of
her grandson, Ari Klenicki, to Erica Trachtman. Both are from
Washington, DC. Ari is the son of Maxine and Barry Klenicki
of Newton Mass. and Erica is the daughter of Lisa & Richard
Trachtman of Potomac, Md.
Thank You:
Thank you to all who remembered me on my 90th birthday by
sending cards and good wishes.
Julius Goldman
For more information about the next upcoming events,
please contact the Temple office at 704-362-2796.
Life Events Announcements
If you would like to have your happy event, wedding,
engagement, or birth announcement published In the Kol
Yisrael, please submit your written information via email to
[email protected] or fax it to 704-362-1098 Attn:
Candy Love. If you have an illness or a death in the family,
please contact the Clergy Office at 704-362-2796.
The family of Bea Kleinman (OBM) would like to thank all those
who expressed their condolences through cards, donations,
attending shiva minyans, bringing food, sharing stories of Bea
and offering their friendship. All of these very special people have
helped us through this difficult time. Please know that everything
you did is appreciated.
Susan & Ben Aizenman and Family
Mention this ad and Vintner Wine Market will
donate 10% of your non sale purchase to the
the Rabbi’s Tzedakah Fund
Mazel Tov!
Margaret Musa held a second grade book drive as one of our
Tzedakah Projects, and collected more than 1,000 (one thousand!)
books for Huntingtontowne Farms Elementary School.
8128 Providence Road Ste. 500
Mazel Tov to our B’Nai Mitzvah
Billierose Tacher, daughter of Ellen and Steve
Tacher became a Bat Mitzvah on June 2, 2012.
She is a honor student at JM Robinson Middle
School and has one brother, Aron, 14.
Aron Tacher, son of Ellen and Steve Tacher
became a Bar Mitzvah on June 2, 2012. He’s a
rising a 9th grade student at Providence High
School and has one sister, Billierose, 12.
His grandparents are the late Bill and Rhoda
Segal, formally of Charlotte; Aron Tacher, and
Trudy Tacher all of Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Aron was inducted into the National and International Honor
Societies. His interests include writing and composing music,
soccer, and charity work. Proceeds from his Bar Mitzvah were
donated to children’s charities. He was a member of Kadima,
Hebrew High School Student Council and attended Camp
She is the granddaughter of of the Late Bill
and Rhoda Segal; Aron Tacher and Trudy
Tacher all of Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Billerose’s interests are competitive volleyball, music, and
working with special needs children and adults. She donated
proceeds from her Bat Mitzvah to special needs children’s
charities. She was a member of Kadima, starts Hebrew High
School this year and attends Camp Ramah.
Mitchell Fine, son of Robin and David Fine, will
become a Bar Mitzvah on August 18, 2012. His
grandparents are Lorraine and Richard Rose of
Bethesda, Maryland, and Beatrice and Richard
Fine of Delray Beach, Florida.
Joshua Rubenstein, son of Paul Rubenstein
and Susan Rubenstein became a Bar Mitzvah
on June 16 in Israel. He is a rising 8th grader
at Jay M. Robinson Middle School and has one
brother, Benjamin, 11.
Boca Raton, FL.
His grandparents are the late Meyer & Gloria
Rubenstein and Lewis & Irene Messulam of
On having his Bar Mitzvah in Israel:
“I can’t express how happy I was to be in Israel, for the first time
ever, with my brother and father. That was one of the happiest
days of my life. Israel is a very beautiful country and makes me
feel proud to be a Jew.”
Joshua enjoys swimming and basketball. He has attended TIRS
since kindergarten and has attended both Camp Mindy and
Barney Medintz over for the past 9 years.
Karinne Bernanke, daughter of Ellen
Goldberg & Seth Bernanke will become a Bat
Mitzvah on August 25, 2012. She is a rising
eighth grader at South Charlotte Middle
School and has one sister, Mariah, 17.
Her grandparents are: Philip & Edna Bernanke
of Charlotte and the late Ed & Maxine
Goldberg and Judy Goldberg of Reno, NV.
Karinne plays soccer for her school and for CUFC and swims
for the LJCC summer league. She has attended Camp Barney
Medintz for five summers and is a CJP graduate. All her TIRS
teachers have helped to make her Bat Mitzvah experience
age 15.
Mitchell is a rising seventh grader at Community
House Middle School and has one sister, Rachel,
Mitchell’s interests include lacrosse, music, history, and
spending time with good friends. He will be exploring the
history of London and Paris this summer on a trip there with
his grandparents.
For his Mitzvah project, Mitchell collected toiletry items from
homes in the South Charlotte area to donate to Jewish Family
Services of Greater Charlotte.
Shelby Vaughan, daughter of Emily & Jeff
Vaughan will become a Bat Mitzvah on
August 25, 2012. She is a seventh grader at
Providence Day School and has one sister,
Rachel, 16.
She is the granddaughter of Jim Montag
of Hilton Head and the late Ethel Montag;
Thomas Vaughan of Cary, NC and the late
Janice Grossman Vaughan. She is the great granddaughter of
the late Louis & Jane Montag; the late Harry & Helen Grossman
and Gus & Emily Straus.
She enjoys acting and swimming. Her mitzvah project was
helping at Special Olympics and volunteering two summers
at Cynzer with preschool children with special needs. She will
attend Hebrew High and is a student at TIRS. She attended
Camp Mindy, Jewish Preschool on Sardis and Charlotte
Preschool. She plans on being a madriachem this year.
Introducing a Special Needs High Holy Day Service
Temple Israel will be introducing a new service on Rosh
Hashanah for people with special needs lead by Cantor Elias
Roochvarg. This Ma’ariv Service will take place on Monday
evening, September 17, 2012 at 6:15pm in the Morris & Sylvia
Speizman Sanctuary.
Temple Israel is planning a service that is accessible and
interactive, in an environment that is safe, respectful and
comfortable for all. It will be livelier than most Rosh Hashanah
services, with a much higher energy level. It will be spiritual
and inspiring.
Our goal is to raise Temple Israel congregants’ awareness to the
presence and needs of people with autistic spectrum disorders
and other developmental disabilities, ensuring that all feel that
their spiritual home is at Temple Israel.
Please plan to attend a service which we hope will engage,
empower and inspire.
There will also be a simultaneous traditional Ma’ariv Service in
the Mindy Ellen Levine Chapel at 6:15pm.
Men’s Club News
Sisterhood News
News & Notes from Men’s Club President,
Nicholas Rose
President’s Column, Teresa Brenner
I am composing this now in the hot and lazy dog days of July
after having just returned from a two week trip to a rather
wet and congested London which is girding itself for the
challenges of the Olympics. By the time you will be reading
this it will be August and the games will be in full swing. As
5772 winds down, we will begin to contemplate the meaning
and relevance of the forthcoming High Holidays to our lives
and wondering whether perhaps we deserve any medals. The
summer is the perfect time to get contemplative and take
stock of our lives, where we have been, where we are going,
and to think about any changes we may want to make. So
here are a few thoughts:
Whether you support the Mens Club by “just” paying dues, or
if you attend an event occasionally, or if you are more involved
in club leadership and making our programs happen, we value
and have a place for all our members.
It has been my experience that the more involved with
Men’s Club I have been, the more I have gotten out of my
membership. Friends, positive feelings from accomplishing
good deeds, and closer ties to my Jewish Faith have grown
along with my Men’s Club involvement.
Men’s Club are a group of guys or maybe a band of brothers…
who get together to help Temple Israel and the greater
communities of whom we are a part, make new friends and
have fun in the process…it provides a sense of community, an
ability to influence events, and live Jewishly.
So as we approach the Days of Awe and contemplate
the changes we might wish to make in our lives, I ask the
question …”Will you join us?” Just tick the box in the Men’s
Club membership form and for the bargain rate of $36, your
name and contact details will be added to the list and we will
keep you posted with details of our many events planned for
the year. You can be assured of a warm welcome. And who
knows, maybe you might win a medal next year…Unlike the
Olympics, the Men’s Club is here every year!
Next up for the Mens Club:
•TIRS First Day Breakfast-Sunday, September 9: Volunteers needed to shop for breakfast, set up the Social Hall, serve TIRS families, and help clean up.
•Temple Sukkah Building and Schach Harvest-Sunday,
September 30: “Jewish Men with Chain Saws” will venture out
to cut down Sukkah greenery while others will quickly erect
the Temple Sukkah so it can be decorated for the Festival.
Drivers with pick-up trucks, guys with ladders, and tall men are
needed. We will be working with the TIRS 6th grade families
on this project, but all are welcome.
•Membership drive: If you didn’t check off the Mens Club box
on your TI membership form, please send your check for $36
(or more) to TI Mens Club to the Temple Office.
Thanks in advance for all your participation and help in
making 5773 another “Gold Medal” year for Temple Israel
and the Mens Club!
Successful leaders include individuals with many different styles
of leadership. Some are command leaders; some, consensus
building leaders. Some are effervescent and charming; some,
quiet and intently listening. And a few are “behind-the-scenes”
leaders. Barbara Ezring is one of the few. Barbara is a kind
and gentle soul, a smart and dedicated teacher, and a patient
and calm leader. She has been a member of Sisterhood for
34 years. She has served, among many other roles, as a Board
member of Women’s League, President of the Southern Region,
and an Executive Board member of Temple Israel’s Sisterhood.
She currently serves as a Board member of Masorti. She has
also taught at Temple Israel’s Religious School and volunteered
as a tutor at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary. Barbara has
created opportunities for women to come together to worship,
to express themselves, and to work for the betterment of their
children, families and community.
Temple Israel’s Sisterhood nominated Barbara Ezring for
Women’s League’s “Light of the Torah” Award, its highest
individual honor. During Women’s League’s Southern Region
Spring meeting in Atlanta, I had the privilege of presenting this
award to Barbara, and Rabbi Ezring had the pleasure of seeing
her receive this award. Barbara joins a long list of distinguished
recipients, including Rhoda Gleiberman, Lois Benjamin,
Audrey Madans, Rose Luski, Judy Miller, Marcy Mehlman,
Rose Weisman, Lorrie Klemmons and Tess Berger. Please join
me in extending Mazel Tov to Barbara and her family, and to
expressing our thanks to her for all she does for our synagogue
family, Women’s League and our community.
No matter what your leadership style is, Women’s League
provides leadership opportunities for all Sisterhood members
of Conservative synagogues, including twenty-four synagogues
in the Southern Region, of which ours is one. An exciting
opportunity for leadership training and other seminars will
occur at Women’s Leagues’ National Convention to be held in
early December in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are interested in
possibly attending this convention, please feel free to contact
Barbara Ezring or me for more information.
As always, please contact me at any time with ideas, inquiries
or opportunities. We warmly welcome your involvement and
hope you can discover or refine your leadership style while
becoming involved in Sisterhood events and activities, whether
locally, regionally or nationally.
Paid-up Member Event
Sunday afternoon, August 19
Look for more details to be available soon in: Sisterhood pages
on Temple Israel’s website, synagogue weekly emails, and in the
Shabbat Service announcements.
The Sisterhood Gift Shop During the month of August please
call Tess Berger to schedule your appointment, at 704-708-4857.
Sisterhood High Holiday Parking Spot Raffle
Enter the Parking Spot Raffle to win a prime parking spot.
Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25. Three parking spots will be
given away for Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur. Each
winner gets the use of the spot for one service time….for a total
of 9 winners! Deadline for entering is September 9. Entry form
is available at
See Sisterhood Torah Fund Donors on page 9
Temple Israel gratefully acknowledges these donations
Etz Chaim Prayer Book
Abe & Rose Luski
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Julius Goldman
By: Irving & Lillian Bienstock
Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Marvin Barman
Lawrence Schaen & Teri Seidman
Siddur Sim Shalom Book
Abraham and Rose Luski
By: Rose Weisman
Assistant Rabbi
Tzedakah Fund
Honor of Rabbi Noam Raucher
By: Jeri Gertzman
Margi Goldstein
Birth of great granddaughter
By: Irving & Sylvia Swartz
Wilma Asrael
Speedy recovery
By: Irving & Sylvia Swartz
Julius Goldman
By: Steven & Sharon Hockfield
Fred & Ilse Bergen
Prayer Book Fund
Renee Steiner
Memory of Estelle Perlowitz
By: Anna Langman
Building Endowment
Honor of Marc Gordan
By: Eugene & Elena Zilber
Cantor’s Music Fund
Baila Pransky
Speedy recovery
By: Audrey Madans
Honor of Cantor Elias Roochvarg
By: Gary & Jodi Michel
Cantor Elias & Linda Roochvarg
By: Melvin & Caren Frank
Audrey Madans
Engagement of grandson
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Julius Goldman
By: Lewis & Toby Spitzer
Education Endowment
Berta Straz
Birth of grandaughter
By: Ron & Janice Weiner
Renee Steiner
Memory of Estelle Perlowitz
By: Bob & Ann Abel
General Fund
Alvin Goodman
By: Paula Musler
General Fund
Baila Pransky
Speedy recovery
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Dan & Nancy Coblenz
Birth of granddaughter
By: Jared & Diane Schwartz
Dorothy Madans
Speedy recovery
By: Bunny Bramson
Gary & Maxine Silverstein
Birth of granddaughters
By: Jared & Diane Schwartz
Henry Hirschmann
Granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Julius Goldman
By: Bob & Ann Abel
Samuel & Nancy Bernstein
Jerry & Sheila Fisher
Florence Jaffa
Howard & Julie Levine
Pearl Rosenthal
Stuart & Jodi Cohen
Edward & Arlene Karp
David & Shirley Klein
Stephen & Heidi Kramer
Robert & Joyce Stoll
Rose & Abe Luski
By: Irving & Lillian Bienstock
Florence Jaffa
Margi Goldstein
Birth of great-granddaughter
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Dan & Toby Ruda
Monty Bennett
Audrey Madans
Rabbi Murray Ezring
18th Anniversary
By: Jared & Diane Schwartz
Renee Steiner
Memory of Estelle Perlowitz
By: Florence Jaffa
Jared & Diane Schwartz
Honor of Sharon Hockfield
By: Jared & Diane Schwartz
Steve Hoagland
Speedy recovery
By: Bunny Bramson
Susan & Donald Jacobs
Marriage of son
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Anne Weiss
Speedy recovery
By: Monty Bennett
Audrey Madans
Speedy recovery
By: Monty Bennett
Karen Himebaugh
Terri Cathcart
Brandon & Renee Levine
Birth of son
By: Barbara Sklut
Alvin Goodman
By: Margi Goldstein
Deedee & Gene Daumit
Birth of grandchildren
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
General Fund
Alan & Ruth Goldberg
By: Abe & Rose Luski
Audrey Madans
Abe and Rose Luski
By: Ruth Silverman
Edward & Arlene Karp
Mae Goldman
By: Abe & Rose Luski
Bunny Bramson
By: Audrey Madans
By: Steven & Janice Zacks
Rabbi Murray & Barbara Ezring
By: Audrey Madans
Honor of Lynne Sheffer
Becoming TI First Vice President
By: Holly Levinson
Frank Rosen
Honor of becoming a TI Life
By: Audrey Madans
Wilma Asrael
Speedy recovery
By: Audrey Madans
Sue Aizenman
Memory of mother,
Beatrice Kleinman
By: Abe & Rose Luski
Audrey Madans
Ed & Roberta Bograd
Sam Levy
Memory of Bertha Levy
By: Audrey Madans
Memory of Raymond Bennett
By: Monty Bennett
Memory of Beatrice Kleinman
By: Ben & Sue Aizenman
Marcia Solomon
Memory of mother, Leah
By: Audrey Madans
Monty Bennett
Andrew Roby
Renee Steiner
Memory of mother,
Estelle Perlowitz
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Aaron Gleiberman
Simchat Torah Fund
Julius Goldman
By: Eugene & Elena Zilber
Berta Straz
Birth of granddaughter
By: Rhoda Gleiberman
Rose & Abe Luksi
Birth of great-granddaughter
By: Rhoda Gleiberman
Marilyn Shapiro
Speedy recovery
By: Rhoda Gleiberman
Aaron Gleiberman
Simchat Torah Fund
Rose Weisman
Birth of great grandson
By: Rhoda Gleiberman
Sue Aizenman
Memory of Beatrice Kleinman
By: Rhoda Gleiberman
Renee Steiner
Memory of mother
By: Audrey Madans
Marcia Solomon
Memory of mother, Leah Solomon
By: Rhoda Gleiberman
Memory of Sheri Bressman
By: Abe & Rose Luski
Shelton Gorelick
Family Endowment
Margi Goldstein
Birth of great-granddaughter
By: Scott & Dana Gorelick
Shel & Ellen Goldstein
Birth of granddaughter
By: Scott & Dana Gorelick
William & Patricia Gorelick
Membership Endowment
Bill & Patty Gorelick
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman
Steven & Barbara Weiner
Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Paul & Lynn Edelstein
Edwin & Jill Newman
Rabbi Murray & Barbara Ezring
By: Bill & Patty Gorelick
Leon & Sandra Levine
By: Bill & Patty Gorelick
Margi Goldstein
Birth of great granddaughter
By: Bill & Patty Gorelick
Etta & Louis Greenspon
Celebrating Life Senior
Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Mond
Memory of mother, Susan Breines
By: Roslyn Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum
Emily Vaughan
Memory of mother, Ethel Montag
By: Roslyn Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum
Jim Montag
Memory of wife, Ethel Montag
By: Roslyn Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum
Memory of Susan Breines
By: Roslyn Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum
Renee Steiner
Memory of Estelle Perlowitz
By: Roslyn Greenspon & Marty Birnbaum
Leonard Dietz
Memory of Ester Dietz
By: Stanley Greenspon
Hospice Fund
Sue Aizenman
Memory of mother,
Beatrice Kleinman
By: Ron & Janice Weiner
Temple Israel Donations recieved between 5.19.12-7.6.12
Kiddush Fund
Julius Goldman
By: Audrey Madans
Shirley and Sol Levine
Religious School
Teacher Endowment
Sue & Ben Aizenman
Birth of grandson
By: Ron & Janice Weiner
Barbara and Jerry
Levin Religious
School Endowment
Barbara Levin
By: Mark & Linda Goldsmith
Honor of Jerry Levin
By: Mark & Linda Goldsmith
Julius Goldman
By: Jerome & Barbara Levin
Sam Strause
By: Jerome & Barbara Levin
Memory of Wendy Block
By: Jerome & Barbara Levin
Tzedakah Fund
Honor of Rabbi Murray Ezring
By: Gary & Jodi Michel
Rabbi Murray Ezring
18th anniversary
By: C. David & Risa Miller
Paula Musler
Sam Strause
By: Ellis Levinson
Sue Aizenman
Memory of mother,
Beatrice Kleinman
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Joel & Sandy Hirschman
Robert & Joyce Stoll
Renee Steiner
Memory of mother, Estelle
By: Steven & Sharon Hockfield
Richard and Susan Brophy
Honor of speedy recoveries
By: Julius & Natalie Farber
Memory of Sheri Bressman
By: Bernard & Teri Ackerman
Religious School
Sam Lerner Sukkah
Garden Fund
Julius Goldman
By: Harvey & Shellie Barer
Abe & Rose Luski
Birth of great granddaughter
By: Ron & Janice Weiner
Stuart Ostrow
Youth Fund
Frank & Wendy
Rosen Endowment
for Rabbinic
Fran Schuler
Speedy recovery
By: Paul & Lynn Edelstein
Memory of Spencer Pitts
By: Paul & Connie Ostrow
Rabbi’s Tzedakah
Rabbi Murray Ezring
18th Anniversary
By: Dave & Andrea Gamlin
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan
By: Julius & Natalie Farber
Craig & Michal Goldstein
Birth of daughter
By: Shelton & Ellen Goldstein
Julius Goldman
By: Franklin & Ruth Paul
Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Margi Goldstein
Birth of great granddaughter
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Andy & Tamara Cohen
Renee Steiner
Memory of Estelle Perlowitz
By: Andy & Tamara Cohen
Shel & Ellen Goldstein
Birth of granddaughter
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Shel & Ellen Goldstein
Birth of granddaughter
By: Andy & Tamara Cohen
Renee Steiner
Memory of mother, Estelle
By: Frank & Wendy Rosen
Janet Jaffa
Sammy Strause
By: Frank & Wendy Rosen
Shel & Ellen Goldstein
Birth of granddaughter
By: Frank & Wendy Rosen
Abe & Rose Luski
By: Janet Jaffa
Harvey & Shellie Barer
Frank Rosen
TI Life President
By: Donald & Susan Jacobs
Steven & Sharon Hockfield
Joshua Rosen
Honor of Rabbi Murray Ezring
18th Anniversary
By: Joshua Rosen
Celia Scher
Holocaust Fund
Sandra Goldman
Memory of Fritz Baum
By: Steven & Janice Zacks
Sick & Visitation
Julius Goldman
By: Evelyn Hochstat
Memory of Herbert Seidel
By: Paul & June Hirschmann
Sisterhood Youth
Program Fund
Marcia Solomon
Memory of mother,
Leah Solomon
By: Tess & Jonathan Berger
In honor of Aliyah Tuckman
Being awarded the Men’s Club Youth Leadership Award
By: Mike & Marilyn Tuckman
Social Action Fund
Olivia & Steve Cohen
Honor of daughter’s Bat Mitzvah
By: Morey & Lynne Sheffer
Sam Strause
By: Morey & Lynne Sheffer
Fran Schuler
Speedy recovery
By: Morey & Lynne Sheffer
Sadie Starr Silver
The Kronovets
Grandchildrens’ graduation
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Simon & Mary Wojnowich
Granddaughter’s graduation
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Alvin Goodman
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Leon & Sandra Levine
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
N. Levin and M.Friedman
Honor of marriage
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Paul Edelstein
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Julius Goldman
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Wilma Asrael
Speedy recovery
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Memory of Ethel Montag
By: Lee & Wendy Pake
Denyse Kirsch
Speedy recovery
By: Mark & Jean Kirsch
Memory of
Arline Miller & Sidney
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Margi Goldstein
Birth of great-granddaughter
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Sadie Starr Silver Fund
Marvin & Anita Shapiro
By: Bill & Patty Gorelick
Memory of Susan Breines
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
Memory of Sadie Shapiro
By: Marvin & Anita Shapiro
David Silverman
School Scholarship
Endowment Fund
Alvin Goodman
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman
Burt & Donna Greenspon
Granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman
Leon Levine
B irthday
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman
Ann Slesinger Education
Endowment Fund
Honor of Leonard Slesinger
By: Cathy Slesinger
Meg Slesinger
Mona Radiloff
By: Bob & Leigh Jacobson
Sue Aizenman
Memory of mother,
Beatrice Kleinman
By: Bob & Leigh Jacobson
Steve & Sharon Hockfield
By: Leonard Slesinger
The Slesinger Childern
Marcia Solomon
Memory of mother, Leah Solomon
By: Bob & Leigh Jacobson
Renee Steiner
Memory of Estelle Perlowitz
By: Bob & Leigh Jacobson
Memory of Shirle Horowitz
By: Bob & Leigh Jacobson
Pransky Family Camp
Ramah Fund
Baila Pransky
Speedy recovery
By: Irving & Sylvia Swartz
Ruth Silverman
Irving & Lillian Bienstock
Florence Jaffa
Shai & Ruth Richardson
Alene and Samuel Strause
Emergency Endowment Fund
Alvin Goodman
By: Lucky & Lisa Levinson
Sam Strause
By: Leonard Slesinger
Julius Goldman
By: Sam Strause
May their Memories be a Blessing
Alene and Samuel
Strause Emergency
Endowment Fund
Myra Framm
By: Sam Strause
Lynne & Morrey Sheffer
By: Samuel Strause
Dan & Nancy Coblenz
Birth of granddaughter
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Philip & Stacie Coblenz
Birth of daughter
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman
Memory of Ann Hoffman
By: Samuel Strause
Sunday Morning
Marcia Solomon
Memory of mother, Leah Solomon
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Les & Mary Gordan
Son’s marriage
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Renee Steiner
Memory of mother, Estelle Perlowitz
By: Alan & Ruth Goldberg
Norman Steinberger
Yahrzeit Fund
Abraham Bramson
By: Bunny Bramson
Alene Strause
By: Deane Boxer
Bertha Lewin
Sarah Seff
By: George & Lois Schneider
George Solow
By: Robert Solow
Ida Weinstock
By: Barnet & Harriet Weinstock
Irving Gross
By: Leon & Ellyn Gross
Larry Boxer
Lottie Ashendorf
Wolf Ashendorf
By: Deane Boxer
Shimon Kaufman
By: Esther Kaufman
Sisterhood Torah Fund
Thank you to these contributors:
Robin Husney
Beth Listhaus
Jane Lowell
Pearl Mann
Baila Pransky
Ginger Snitz
Marcia Solomon
Nancy Strunk
Elena Zilber
Week of August 3
Shlomo Arazie*
Lewis Arenson*
Sidney Ashendorf
Sadie Ashendorf*
Adolph Barer
Pauline Bernanke
Abraham Bramson
Judy Brickman
Nancy Danberg*
Abraham Ezring*
Estelle Feldman*
Rose Feldstein
Debbie Fisher
Shirley Fisher*
Louis Glickman
Nancy Goldstein
Max Gubin
Nena Heiman
William Kennedy
Marc Kootsher*
Sherman Levine*
Howard Levine*
Bessie Litwak*
Alan Nozick*
Annette Powell
Jacob Pressman*
Harry Rosen
Bessie Rosen
Morris Rosenfeld*
Frances Sahn*
Charles Saltzberg*
Samuel Schneider*
Jerry Schuler
Molly Levine Schwartz*
Joe Shone
Ethel Solomon
Esther Steinman*
Esther Teller*
Janet Tyler
Meyer Wingrod
Adrian Zahavi
Joel Zelin Week of August 10
Dora Abramovitz*
Sadie Finkle Baumrind
Richard Bedrick*
Benny Blitzer*
Ethel Stern Cohen*
Albert Edelstein
Rose Cohen Fisher*
Helen Friedman*
Harry Frohman*
Irwin Glucroft
Samuel Goldberg
Anna Goldberg*
William Goldberg*
Ernest Golden*
Sarah Greenfield
Sophia Greenfield
Rose Grill*
Betty Elbaum Grobstein
Esther Gumnit
Max Harris *
Nettie Heifler
Ida Hockfield*
Bessie Kalchman
Noah Kobrin *
William Koralek*
Paul Labovitz
Week of August 10
Iris Ruth Levy
Mildred Malman
Joseph Millman
Beatrice Nozick*
Jacob Polakavetz*
Max Putterman
Jeanne Rauch
Nathan Arnold Rauch*
Ida Roochvarg*
Morris Rosenfeld
Sylvia Rudin
Sharon Sherr
Anita Silver
Mary Jane Silverman*
Gerald Sinkoe*
Meyer Strumwasser*
Ted Valenstein *
Stanley Wasserman*
Sophie Watnik*
Sidney Wollman*
Gale Wollman*
Week of August 17
Leon Benveniste*
Manfred Berger*
Ruth Boxer
Sophie Bursack
Dave Butler
Hilde Cohen
Faiga Cohen *
Hersh G. Cohen*
Sally Levine Corzin
Irene Faber*
Lester Feldman*
Josephine Frankel
Sarah Fries*
Freida Frucht*
Isidore Garten
Isadore Gaynor
Rosa Gerson
Max Goldberg*
Barnet Goldberg*
Sam Goldstein*
Marcia Gottlieb
Julio Granda
Fannie Gromadzyn
Florence Grossman
Harry Grossman*
Sam Hochstat
Jurgen Kaunitz
Albert Koralek*
Barbara Kweskin*
Eva Lebowitz
Meyer Leiberman
Sally Lepek*
Ann Lerner*
Faye Leven*
Bernice Liesman
Israel Mordyhovich
Rose Mackler Newman*
Daisy Olshan
Bennett Oxman
Judith Resnik
Ada Schattner
Benjamin Schwartz*
Anne Settles
Louis Shapiro
Edith Shomstein
Josef Sklut *
Martin Sussman
Mary Swerdlick
Sam Turk
Bernard Udell*
Irving Yale
Week of August 24
Minda Baikovitz
Lorri Barman*
William T. Bennett
Mildred Berlinsky
Julius Brenner
Ruben Bruck
Morris Buxbaum*
Arthur Collins*
Bernie Coran
Billie Eisner
Al Fisher*
Terri Frankel
Martin Glass
Blossom Glickman
Frank Gordon
Paul Grossman
Ernest Heuman
Sophia Kantor*
Boris Karlin
Isadore Klatzkie
Max Klein*
Irving Krieger
Louis Lan
Sidney Levin*
Alice Liling
Harry Maltz
Harry Myer
Louis Myers
Ephraim Nagel
Samuel Silverman*
Ezie Isadore Sinkoe*
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Jacob A. Sosnik*
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Elaine Stiefel
Bernhard Teller*
Rose Tuckman
Louis Valenstein*
Anna Weatherston*
Lou Wernick
Rose Wolkoff*
Arnold Wollman*
David Zibel
Week of August 31
Ethel Abrams
David Arazie*
Betty Belicove
Rita Bernanke
Joseph Besnoy*
Theodore Bojum
Pincus Boxer
Edwin B. Clein
George Culiner
Jeanette Diamond *
Sophie Edelstein
Morris Farber
Hazel Flash
Harry Fogel*
Rose Goldman*
Betina Green
Jay Greenburg
Harold Jacoby*
Lillian Kaller
Wille Kaplan*
Stanley Kaufman*
Martha Kessler*
Rosalind Leckerman*
Isaac Litwak *
Rosalyn Ludensky
Michael Malkin*
Peter Mathews*
Pesi Nagel
Blanche Palley
Donald Porter
Louis Seitlin
Henry Seitlin
Samuel Sodden*
Jacob Spil*
Tauba Spil*
Rabbi Jerome G. Tolochko *
Morris Turk
Abraham Usilowitz*
Pauline Yale
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fellowship in order to further Jewish ideals,
identity and community.
Temple Israel 2012-2013 Board of Trustees
Barry Bobrow, President
Lynne Sheffer, 1st VP
Adam Petricoff, 2nd VP
Kevin Levine, Treasurer
Michael Eisner, Secretary
Stuart Breidbart, Immediate Past President
Michael Abadi
Irving Bienstock
Teresa Brenner
Dedee Cygler
Peggy Gartner
Margi Goldstein
Michael Koss
Alison Lerner Beth Listhaus
Josh Loewensteiner
Audrey Madans
Allan Oxman
Nicholas Rose
Frank Rosen
Stacey Schuler
Steven Starr
Temple Israel Staff
Rabbi Murray Ezring Ext. 12
[email protected]
Rabbi Noam Raucher Ext. 26
[email protected]
Cantor Elias Roochvarg Ext. 15
[email protected]
Anne Weiss, Executive Director Ext. 20
[email protected]
Rabbi Tracy Klirs, TIRS Education Director
[email protected]
Elka Bernstein, Preschool Director
704-944-6776 [email protected]
Roz Cooper, Consolidated High School Director
704-944-6782 [email protected]

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