the baron in the trees il barone rampante


the baron in the trees il barone rampante
“On a fig tree, though, as long as he saw to
it that a branch could bear his weight, he
could move about forever; Cosimo would
stand under the pavilion of leaves, watching
the sun appear through the network of twigs
and branches, the gradual swell of the green
fruit, smelling the scent of flowers budding
in the stalks. The fig tree seemed to absorb
him, permeate him with its gummy texture
and the buzz of hornets; after a little Cosimo
would begin to feel he was becoming a fig tree
himself, and move away, uneasy.”
Italo Calvino - The Baron in the Trees
plan of the garden (1:100)
This monument of the book of Italo Calvino
represent the idea of seeing the world in a
different way. A physical platform hanging
in the trees, creates two different worlds to
experience the garden. On the ground the
world like painted by Gustav Klimt, rigid static
structures of the treetrunks. On the platform
it’s completely the opposite; it’s like the worlds
of Henri Rousseau. Here people can walk
in the treetops and see, feel, hear and smell
the nature in a more direct way. It gives the
visitors a place detached from the ground, to
doubt questions, like Cosimo did. A place to
form your own opinion. A garden.
Henri Rousseau - The Merry Jesters (1906)
Gustav Klimt - Beech Grove I (1902)
tree tops
rope ladder
The construction of the platform can be made
by prefabricated CNC milled multiplex parts.
By using ratched straps to hang the platform,
the trees will stay unharmed and at the same
time they will be an important part of the
bearing construction. Il Barone Rampante
will be all up in the air.
tree trunks
detail (1:20)