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Game Reporting Procedures
Game reports for all league games are submitted in Detailed instructions below for
submitting the game scores and incident/misconduct reports.
Referee Payment:
The final step in our job is to submit the game report details within 24 hours of the game. No game report = no
referee payment. Payroll is processed from the assignments & game reports. Payroll is processed by PTW/SC and
submitted to the club or league for payment, which is then disbursed via GOPay. Payroll is processed one time a
month during the season. Referees must be USSF certified for the current year in order to be paid for games
worked & reported correctly.
Game Reports
Referees will submit the game reports online at
Center referees for each game will receive a reminder notice from the Game system as a reminder to
submit the game score and incident.
Log in to your personal referee account
2. Click After Games
After Game Information : Select the day or date range to include the game(s) you need to report from the drop down menu (Day/Week /Month) Game Reporting on
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Click the game number -­‐ the following screen opens to record the score. Incident Report – Must complete one entry for each misconduct Game Reporting on
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Completed incident reports are saved for each game The scores and recorded incidents for the games will be saved in the Game system and
will be accessible to the leagues and administrators as needed.
The default format is the US Soccer Federation game report. From the system the game reports are
downloaded to Adobe format and can easily be saved, emailed, etc in the electronic format. Game Reporting on
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