A Labor of Love



A Labor of Love
Sophisticated, Luxurious
Pure platinum, Exquisite natural diamonds
Rare precious gems, Hand-crafted in New York
A passion for precision... A Labor of Love
Since 1946.
7007-024 Shown with 10.69ct Cushion Diamond
0170-009 Shown with 5.67ct Oval Diamond
Stunning Gemstones...
N1730-004 Shown with 58.69ctw Cushion Sapphires
1693-043 Shown with 13.12ct Cushion Sapphire
E4905-053 Shown with 4.99ct & 4.77ct Cushion Sapphires
4506-002 Shown with 7.18ct Oval Sapphire
E xquisite di a monds...
E1199-023 Shown with 3.05ct & 3.02ct Cushion Diamonds
N1730-008 Shown with 40.73ctw Radiant & Heart Shape Diamonds
7067-001 Shown with 13.07ctw Radiant Diamonds
5004-002 Shown with 10.95ctw Emerald Cut Diamonds
2135-002 Shown with 10.04ct Cushion Diamond
P0779-005 Shown with 1.75ct Oval Diamond
B0184-001 Shown with 7.27ctw Round Diamonds
H a n d -C r a f t e d I n N e w Y o r k...
1693-044 Shown with 2.72ct Round Diamond
4912-076 Shown with 3.01ct Oval Diamond
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E2745-035 Shown with 8.24ctw Fancy Yellow Radiant
7007-023 Shown with 7.31ct Fancy Yellow Radiant
7007-023 Shown with 7.31ct Fancy Yellow Radiant
7007-041 Shown with 4.64ct Asscher Diamond
7134-002 Shown with 3.04ct Cushion Diamond
7113-008 Shown with 3.23ct Cushion Diamond
Br e at hta k ing di a monds...
7134-002 Shown with 3.04CT Cushion Diamond
7007-041 Shown with 4.64CT Asscher Diamond
7037-002 Shown with 5.04CT Radiant Diamond
Fa nc y C ol or D i a mon d s
B3923-002 Shown with 11.72ctw Fancy Yellow Oval, Fancy Yellow Round & Round Diamonds
6029-002 Shown with 9.12ctw Fancy Yellow Radiant Diamond
1219-003 Shown with 6.76ctw Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond
A L a b o r o f L o v e ...
0777-025 Shown with 4.32ct Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond
Th e Pa r a i b a . . .
7007-004 Shown with 3.40ct Mozambique Paraiba Emerald Cut
0780-003 Shown with 1.35ctw Paraiba Marquise Cut
1979-005 Shown with 3.06ct Mozambique Paraiba Cushion
Th e R a r e s t o f S t o n e s
2129-002 Shown with 10.35ct Mozambique Paraiba Oval
R e a c h f o r t h e ...
B2577-002 Shown with 26.27ctw Round Rubies & Round Diamonds
E6093-001 Shown with 2.38ct & 2.18ct Oval Rubies
2129-001 Shown with 6.04ct Oval Ruby
B1357-007 Shown with 18.37ctw Round Ruby & Round Diamonds
0777-002 Shown with 6.04ct Oval Ruby
1980-001 Shown with 6.36ct Natural Fancy Yellow Cushion
R e a l i z e t h e F a n t a s y ...
E2745-035 Shown with 8.24ctw Fancy Yellow Radiant
B3943-001 Shown with 11.00ctw Fancy Yellow Radiant, Fancy Yellow Round & Round Diamonds
1676-001 Shown with 5.67ctw Marquise, Baguette & Round Diamonds
1979-018 Shown with 2.73ct Marquise Diamond
4282-003 Shown with 4.72ct Round Diamond
B0312-001 Shown with 13.21ctw Baguette & Round Diamonds
1844-002 Shown with 2.50ctw Tapered Baguette & Round Diamonds
1217-021 Shown with 2.96ctw Round & trapezoid Diamonds
C h e r i s h e d f o r L i f e ...
0170-011 Shown with 8.20ct Oval Pink Sapphire
Ti m e l e s s G e m s t o n e s ...
P0512-018 Shown with 18.28ct Pear Shaped Sapphire
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E0779-016 Shown with 10.23ctw Cushion Sapphires
0170-003 Shown with 10.41ct Oval Sapphire
A Labor of Love
7061-013 Shown with 4.17ct Radiant Diamond
1219-039 Shown with 4.58ct Radiant Diamond
0890-003 Shown with 2.51ct Round Diamond
4978-009 Shown with 3.04ctw Asscher Diamonds
2234-003 Shown with 2.68ctw Cushion Diamonds
2280-002 Shown with 3.06ctw Emerald Cut Diamonds
0890-003 Shown with 2.51ct Round Diamond
2203-003 Shown with 6.37ctw Round Diamonds
6067-003 Shown with 2.18ctw Round Fancy Yellow Diamonds & Round Diamonds
1836-010 Shown with 1.05ctw Round Pink Diamonds & Round Diamonds
0238-008 Shown with 3.87ctw Round Diamonds
2028-004 Shown with 2.13ctw Oval & Round Diamonds
2073-006 Shown with 2.01ctw Radiant & Round Diamonds
0613-001 Shown with 3.96ctw Round Diamonds
7032-013 Shown with 2.36ctw Round Diamonds
2043-003 Shown with 2.52ctw Emerald Cut & Round Diamonds
S t u n n i n g J e w e l r y ...
B1357-002 Shown with 15.58ctw Round Emeralds & Round Diamonds
0748-007 Shown with 3.41ct Oval Emerald
E7000-001 Shown with 9.19ctw Emerald Cut Emeralds
1210-006 Shown with 4.04ct Gublin-Columbia Emerald Cut Emerald
P0512-014 Shown with 4.25ct Pear Shaped Emerald
2129-006 Shown with 3.76ct Oval Diamond
Ti m e l e s s G e m s t o n e s ...
P4962-010 Shown with 6.37ct Cushion Sapphire
4912-043 Shown with 8.43ct Cushion Sapphire
B1357-010 Shown with 17.92ctw Round Sapphire & Round Diamonds
2072-010 Shown with 1.61ctw Round Sapphire & Round Diamonds
7061-006 Shown with 7.13ct Emerald Cut Emerald
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A passion for precision... A Labor of Love
Since 1946.
Attention to detail has made
JB Star one of the premier
and respected leaders of jewelry
craftsmanship. Passion, dedication and commitment
to being original and
timeless makes JB Star a true
assurance of enduring designs
handcrafted in New York in our
own state of the art factory.
Unparalleled service, a flawless
warranty and an incredible
reputation for the most beautiful
natural diamonds and gems make the experience
of owning a signed
piece of JB Star jewelry,
cherished for life.
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